G+ and youtube integration?

I believe the videos I posted in my stream were posted in a specific context, which —I think— is not reflected when google suddenly considers it's okay to display my post and  the associated thread on youtube…

While my posts are 'public', I believe that there's still a context… and I believe that several of you share 'openly' on my posts because you trust that I'm 'moderating' my posts to a safe extent. Most of you also are acquainted to (and/or had previous exchanges with) the other people following me and susceptible of engaging on my posts.

"People following Denis Wallez" is a filter that doesn't apply to youtube, but I do not think it's a meaningless filter (in terms of intention, in terms of interest, or even in terms of who interacted with who but without necessarily 'following' each other directly).

I also believe that a video might satisfactorily illustrate a Buddhist teaching, while a buddhist comment on youtube isn't particularly illustrative.
Again, this relates to 'context': several of my posts are series, implicitly or explicitly (many of you have noticed a post easily includes links to previous posts). Isolating one post to make it a comment on youtube is breaking any teaching progression… I don't believe in the symmetry (video relevant to a post = post relevant to the video) that google assumes. This is very simple: I might mention videos as illustrations, rather than because I write or comment about the video itself (cf. e.g. gplus.wallez.name/gyr4iNrYS58)!

So, following this despicable move by google, I consider myself forced to adjust my posting policy.

All previous posts which had a youtube video are still available but (unless it was a direct reshare without introduction, and without conversation thread) the video is now unlinked: it is no longer directly visible on the post and was replaced by a simple (text-)link to youtube. Apparently, this is enough for the "comment thread" on youtube to disappear.
Some posts I deleted the comments instead, and disabled any new comment.
I had to delete one post (I could not edit the reshare to unlink the video, so had to delete the original… I reposted the content, gplus.wallez.name/g7achUU7wci, and I updated all the outdated links I could (in posts and comments), but this obviously doesn't cover reshares of my own post by others).

I apologise for not having protected your privacy enough, by simply electing to post on g+… and I hope you'll be satisfied with the editing of all my previous posts in order to minimise the consequences of the new google policy.

I suppose, in the near future, this means no youtube video on my stream anymore ( or no intro and comments disabled). I was not abusing of videos anyway… but I still think it will be a loss. I'll try to find new videos on vimeo instead (and hope for google not to buy vimeo in the future).

For the longer term, I guess I may have to consider link-littering if google continues the trend toward world-dominance via abuse of position… I hate this solution (I thought it was great to post directly  on the g+ platform) but most bloggers rely on this already, merely posting links to their websites rather than posting directly here, so I guess readers are used to it.

The other possibility is to only share to circles (if I can, I'm not entirely sure given the 80k+ followers…) and no longer 'publicly'.
In theory, this would be better, but I'd have to trust google to honour this limited distribution… which I don't. They'll just adjust a privacy policy sneakily then play the "oh, didn't you read the update?" (and counting on me to be lazy and not to review every single one of my posts over the last two years). Sharing with the NSA is one thing, copy-pasting every g+ contribution onto youtube is another!

Let me know what you think!
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