I have a strong feeling that there's no  long text in my stream today… There are photos, videos, and links to other sites (possibly with text), but no text on g+ directly.

   It seems the "war on words" is over.

   Many reasons why text is dying on g+ have been highlighted already:

1. the introduction of the "read more" to crop any text longer than a few lines without  introducing any "read later" functionality (basically a clear signal "this is too long to read now" but without a tool to read later —notably a tool which would allow to browse quickly on a mobile and e.g. read later on a desktop),

2a. the persistent lack of formatting options (e.g. impossibility to insert an image or video at a particular point of the text where it's relevant: it has to be at the end),
2b. the persistent lack of clean links (i.e. URLs appear directly, impossible to give them a title/text instead —nor to edit their titles if imported from youtube— even though this is e.g. possible in the 'about' part of one's profile),
2c. compare the effort to beautify / auto-enhance / manipulate photos (and give some of them a large visibility in the stream) vs. the effort to beautify texts,

3. one can monetize video creations on youtube (a notoriously bad deal, but still better than nothing —at least for some) but cannot monetize textual creations (even if text also provides information to google about the readers, so that 'relevant' adverts can be better targeted): no 'tip' mechanism (not even via "google wallet"),

4. on a personal note, the lack of 'complete' and clean webfont, which means several people have issues reading my posts when I use specific characters in Pali (e.g. "Samsara" normally written "Saṃsāra" becoming "Sa s ra" or other joyous misrepresentations).

   Has Google+ become a link litter or a Pinterest board? Is the sole value left (better than nothing, but less than full use of the platform's potential) in the comment threads?

   I'm a bit at a loss regarding what to do now, to best serve the community: litter more links? In theory, this goes against what google suggests to do but, as per the list above, it seems google advises some behaviour only to then work hard at making it worthless.

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