The war on words continues on g+

The latest contribution is a "read more"  (on posts and comments) which now tells you how many lines more only when it's "a lot" (by comparison to a usual mindless facebook comment about how good a pizza looks, or a tweet)…

Some have presented this as « good UI » (e.g. and in a sense  it is, but it is also the reinforcement of social media shallowness and the promotion of "tl;dr".

• If "good UI" is the twitter or facebook UI, then what's the difference of g+?
• If it's an author rank signal, it obviously doesn't need to be publicly visible. Most signals are not.
• If it was to help "foster engagement" by helping people know what to "read later" because it is long, then a system of bookmark, or the ability to tick a post to make it "stick near the top of the stream (until unticked)", would be good UI…

Because it doesn't provide a mechanism to "read later", this UI change is only sending you one signal: "don't read now, it's too long".

Do I need to switch to Is g+ continuing its trend toward: more images (Pinterest), more one-liners (Twitter), and more link-littering (to separate blogs or articles, of which the word count won't be displayed) because this will be the only posts not getting the official "tl;dr" badge?

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