The #AskMeAnything  silly "Thank you" celebration!

Following my active engagement in "Buddhism and Meditation", "Buddhism Q&A" and "Zen Buddhism" #communities , plus the visibility given by a few enthusiastic circle-sharers (+Dede Craig King+Laura Sanna+AyJay Schibig and others) and many post-sharers, it would seem there is now 2,000+ people interested in my posts on Buddhism. Even if this number clearly is inflated, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your consideration and for the many active conversations that arose in comments. Any success of this stream of consciousness is thanks to your contributions!

As a light-hearted way to celebrate this milestone of interest in the Dharma,
and inspired by poet +Allyson Whipple, this post is where you can
Ask Me Anything.

Photo is one of my over-exposed photos of a swing ride in Paris (France), a few years ago, and entirely unrelated. Unless you ask me about Paris.
Then it would be related.

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