The #AskMeAnything  silly "Thank you" celebration!

   My previous "Ask Me Anything" were in February and July 2013, when 2,000+ and 3,000+ people (respectively) seemed interested enough in my posts on Buddhism to "follow" my stream.
   Since then, the number of followers has become a lot more inflated due to my inclusion in the Suggested User List(s). Moreover, some of early adopters of g+ have lost interest in the platform; while technically they're still among my followers, they rarely check in and rarely interact anymore. Therefore it has become difficult to assess how many people are actually interested: based on the notification circle, I'll conservatively assume 4,000+ people (out of 310,000+).
   Even if 4,000 is inflated, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your consideration and for the many conversations that arose in comments.

   As a light-hearted way to celebrate this milestone of interest in the Dharma, and given the rather-insightful success of the first editions, this post is where you can Ask Me Anything.
   Like on the earlier occasions, personal questions are okay too.

   Photo is a tree recently spotted in Chennai (India), near the Theosophical Society: I wouldn't expect the middle of the road to constitute the most convenient location for a tree… but who am I to judge? Photo entirely unrelated to the post. Unless you ask me about trees… then it would be related.

Previous editions (even though I wouldn't necessarily reply the same way today to the same questions… impermanence, impermanence!):
• February 2013:
• July 2013:
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