Right mindfulness (of what's going on), right intention, right effort… Does this sound familiar? In a Buddhist-oriented collection, it would, to most followers. But does it sound like an "extra" to the ordinary "I need to pay my bills"? Or does "right livelihood" kick in, in modern world terms, to make the spiritual path actually relevant?

« You can’t help Uber build Greyball during the day, or help Palantir design databases to round up immigrants as your main gig, and then buy ethics offsets by doing a non-profit side hustle. We need you to work ethically during that day job much more than we need you working with that non-profit. »

« _If you want to do good work, and I really hope you do, start doing it at your day job. Start asking questions about what you’re building. Start asking questions about who benefits from what you’re building. Start asking questions about who gets hurt by what you’re building. And take a look at your team._ »

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