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«Intentions do matter.»
«Intentions do matter.»

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the unexamined life is not worth living…

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Following the quiet, dark mornings of the New Year holiday period, when I was feeling very introspective, the past month has been an intensively active time. Denis and I ran retreats three weekends out of four, and it has been a great counter-balance to focus my energy on our clients and to take a moment to appreciate the commitment, persistence and dedication it takes to hold our common and individual mission for Dharma House and for our respective opportune reminder (again) that no collective, community, business, or service can create genuine value and be a win-win outcome without the heartfelt support and encouragement of others.

Hence, in this unusually brief February missive, I'm doing some unabashed advertising for my wonderful husband, who also happens to be a skilful and inspiring teacher. As many of my clients are women, I would like to promote the "Women Only Spring Retreat",
which is running in English, and is scheduled for the weekend of 18th - 19th March 2017.

"Our mission is to inspire and show by example that it is possible to create another way of life, free from ordinary pettiness, free from complaining about our circumstances and free from mental rigidity." At Dharma House, we are passionate about opening our home to welcome anyone who wants to reflect, to question, to heal, to explore...

Come and stay in a tranquil environment, surrender to being looked after with love, and give yourself the opportunity to slow down and have space and time. Please feel free to contact either Denis or myself if you wish to have more details.

The attached blog is title On Writing Pages

Have a nurturing month!

+Fariyal Wallez

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To believe or not to believe…

The term for “belief” in Pāḷi is "diṭṭhi."

Unfortunately, the meaning seems much richer: thus, diṭṭhi also refers to "views", "dogmas", "opinions" and "theories" —potentially correct, or at least useful!

Hence we find in the Canon not only that we must transcend or uproot (uttāreti) any "belief," as in the Brahmajāla sutta (DN 1)… but also that we must cultivate sammā-diṭṭhi, the "right view" of the eightfold path!

Same word diṭṭhi, translated differently depending on the context, perhaps to designate a phenomenon that ought to be abandoned and cultivated at the same time? How to make sense of this?

#Buddhism #Dharma

« The madness of mindfulness » by Hattie Garlick is a sad article in the FT, from someone who not only has little understood what mindfulness is… but also has certainly been more hindered than helped by the tools she checked out.

« With more than 1,000 to choose from, meditation apps have become a thriving industry. But can the path to inner peace really be downloaded? Hattie Garlick reports on a wellness backlash »
She doesn't actually "report", this is primarily a first-person narrative. Witnessing is not the same as reporting… It seems a current disease of journalism to confuse personal opinion / experience, with proper research…

This being said, yes, meditation apps are crap… and a symptom of dysfunctional society where people want easy solutions and quick fixes. It doesn't work that way, wake up!

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Le terme pour « croyance » en Pāḷi est « diṭṭhi. » Malheureusement, le sens semble bien plus riche : ainsi, diṭṭhi renvoie également à des vues, des dogmes, des opinions et des théories —potentiellement justes ou, au moins, utiles ! Dès lors, on trouve dans le Canon non seulement qu'il faut transcender ou déraciner (uttāreti) toute « croyance, » comme dans le Brahmajāla sutta (DN 1)… mais aussi qu'il faut cultiver sammā-diṭṭhi, la « vue juste » de l'octuple chemin ! Même mot diṭṭhi, traduit différemment selon le contexte, pour peut-être désigner un phénomène qu'il faudrait à la fois abandonner et cultiver ? Cela se complique.

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F*ck! I was about to publish some analysis on knowledge, internet and social media I had been thinking about, and writing about, for a few days… then +Gideon Rosenblatt posted about and now I have to adjust many points ;-) Iterating is a big part of the game!

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