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Exciting times ahead, indeed.
The tide is rising for Google+ (NEW BLOG)
This Google+ thing is going to happen folks...
Check out this timely post on adoption rates, a little speculation, and a lot of 'ocean' metaphor.
With Plus Post ads now starting to roll out, we will see the bar to entry for brands to enter lower - they simply won't have to work 'as hard' on building Pages to gain 'eye balls'; at the same time, the field of 'social ad optimization' will begin to emerge on Google+. Exciting times.
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Do you see Google+ really starting to fly? Well, here is one way to look at how the tide is rising on this incredible experience.
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Mindful Museum Series #4: Meditation = Painting (and vice versa)
If you are finding it hard to embark on a successful meditation practice, maybe you should try painting…

Trying to define meditation is a bit like trying to define art. Both are millenary practices with definitions in the dictionaries of several languages and yet there are infinite ways of describing both. The definitions of these practices are truly subjective, intricately personal and thus, infinite and... intertwined?

Sure, there is art about meditation, the art of meditation, yogis that make art and artist that practice meditation… but does it make sense to combine these two practices?

We think the answer is a definite YES.
Let’s take the act of painting and meditating.

Tips from two wise women:
Susan Florence and Patty Van Dyke wrote an essay titled Art as Meditation: Ways to Peace and Awareness through Painting. They compare painting to meditating and assure that whether you consider yourself an artist or have never touched a paintbrush, you can paint as a way to just be with your own self.

1. Setting up to begin painting is a lot like setting up to meditate:
- You block out the outside world, hide your phone, turn off the t.v and log out of the internet.
- You forget about your to-do and focus on the task at brush
- You heighten your senses and grow more aware of your surroundings.

2. When you paint, like when you meditate, it is important to give up control. Try painting outside, where you cannot control the sun casting its shadows or the bee landing on the flower you are painting. 

3. Be the painting. Ok, this may sound funny or cheesy, but it is a great way to build awareness –the key to meditation. Notice the colors, shapes, textures and the light and dark of what you are portraying. Discover all the details and try to illustrate how it feels, how it smells, how it looks.

It’s been done
Art is awareness. 

The Abstract Expressionists, for instance, were true masters of awareness, capturing the world around them in all its colors, shapes and textures.  Google grand painters like Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock or Willem de Kooning.

Joan Miró, one of the most famous surrealists of all times, was convinced that less is more and felt compelled to paint in a minimalist approach that can only be achieved through thorough meditation.
He explained:
“I feel the need of attaining the maximum of intensity with the minimum of means. It is this which has led me to give my painting a character of even greater bareness.”

Antoni Gaudí had a keen aptitude for observation and he was able to apply it to his art, by inventing unique methodologies in engineering and design, like his upside-down 3D models. Thanks to this intense awareness, we now have beautiful iconographic buildings like the Sagrada Familia or the Casa Batlo.

So, if you are finding it challenging to meditate, why not try painting?

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Ways to Peace and Awareness through Painting: 
Joan Miró quotes: 
Antoni Gaudí: 
Image: El carnaval de Arlequín, by Joan Miró
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+Denis Labelle No, I paint with  too much guts and brain and soul plus my hands plus...When I paint, I half dance, half fight with the painting. 
Haiku writing is my form of meditation.  
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My #WomenWednesday  G+ User: +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales
Social Media Developer, Marketer, Teacher
Voice of +SEOWiSE / 
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My #Super8  Circle
They are my plus on Google+. Thanks!
1. +martin shervington  - the great mind behind +Plus Your Business! 
2. +Michael Bennett - creator of Google Drive Presentations which take thought leaders and power users' content and repurpose it via Drive.
3. +Thomas Morffew - my #1 reference when it comes to Google products and services.
4. +Yuko Nakamura - IMHO, one of the best when it comes to Google(+) Business coaching, strategizing and marketing innovation.
5. +Jaana Nyström - Google+ Queen. Enough said. ;)
6. +Louis Gray  - my online role model. 
7. +Amanda Rosenberg - marketing maven for +Google Glass ... and the one to circle if you want to enhance your sense of humor. 
8. +Beth Foster - Google+ Lead for Brands and one of the most friendly Googler on Google+.
In this Circle:
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To have you in my corner is a great feeling +Denis Labelle. It's been fun to watch you create consistent high quality content and grow your network and impact.
3 Must-Read Articles / Reports
1. Facebook Is Still Failing Marketers:
2. Search Engine Ranking Is All About Social:
3. YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn & Twitter Are All Better Than Facebook For Post-Click Engagement [Report]:
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This is fantastic info, Denis! Thank you for sharing. You might also like this theoretical piece that I wrote. Your data is a nice validation of my theory.
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Please meet +Stephanie Latour 
Stephanie is one of the influential person in Montreal when it comes to Digital / Social Web Marketing. 
#sundaypost  Perhaps the sun has a really good influence on me! I feel like, you know, one of those days when you had the chance to ride a really special bicycle ;-) Enjoy your sunny Sunday (especially here in Montreal ;-)
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Yes! Like a child. It was my first trip in California but unfortunately, it was Christmas so the office was closed. But I enjoyed the ride over the campus. And I also played with all the Android sculpture ;-)
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Denis Labelle

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Google+: Looking Behind The Scenes of Profiles and Posts

I love Google+. In addition to using it for content discovery, this rapidly growing social network is an incredible tool for micro blogging, networking and relationship building.

While Google+ can effectively be used as a micro blogging platform, it lacks many of the features that give blog owners using a CMS more control of the HTML elements, tags and styling of their blog.

To help Google+ users understand what is happening behind the scenes, I’ve dug into the source code of Google+ posts and pages to show you elements that affect how your posts appear in Google+ and in Google Search. In this guide, you’ll learn what tags are added automatically and how to optimize the elements you have control over including:

☞ Titles
☞ Meta descriptions
☞ Canonical tags
☞ Alt attributes
☞ No follow attributes
☞ Rel=author
☞ Target="_blank" 

Read the full post here:

Pinging +Denis Labelle, +martin shervington  

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Denis Labelle

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Congratulations to my former athlete, +Axelle Lemaire, for her nomination as the new Secretary of State for Digital Economy, Affairs / France - European Union.
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Bravo +Axelle Lemaire! 
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My #WomenWednesday G+ User: +Yuko Nakamura
Yuko's Curious Mind collection:
1. Google+ success stories & insights -> 
2. YouTube Video Insights ->  
3. Why go Multi-screen with Google ->  
4. Why do some ideas spread like wildfire while others don’t? ->
5. The Secret to Discovering your talent via YouTube ->
6. What products consumers are sharing their opinion about? ->
7. What is the Meaning of Open ->
8. Explore more with In-depth Article ->
9. Why we need inspiration? ->
10. Discovering your WHY(Qualitative research) ->
11. Why there are visuals that matter? ->
12. What's Collaborative Diversity? ->
13. Google in Motion Infographic ->
14. How Visual Influence What We Engage ->
15. What’s Next and Not Next ->
16. Google Stories ->
17. Not So Fast? ->
18. Search patterns (Keywords & Results) ->
19. Collaborative inspiration ->
20. The Olympics:
20. Learning Yoga ->
21. The 48 Laws of Power -> 

GDrive Presentation - The Curious Mind:
by +Michael Bennett 
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Thank you +Thomas Finley and +Stephanie Latour ! 
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Live Life at the Limits: How to Hack Your Flow
#WellnessWeekend ->

"Flow states have triggers—i.e., pre-conditions that lead to more flow. and they fall into four categories–psychological, environmental, social, and creative:

Environmental Triggers
. High consequences
. A rich environment
. Deep embodiment

Psychological Triggers
. Clear goals
. Immediate feedback
. The challenge/skills ratio

Social Triggers
. Serious concentration; shared, clear goals; good communication 
. Equal participation and an element of risk
. Familiarity
. Blending egos
. Sense of control
. Close listening
. Always say yes

Creative Triggers
. Creativity

Image via +Yuko Nakamura and +Lolë Women 
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Very interesting how immediate feedback is needed to keep skills sharp- especially among medical professionals. A good reminder to observe the outcome of our treatments. 
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