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Create+ for Work, Business & Entrepreneurs
Get inspired, collaborate, find your audience, and learn to Create+ with my collection, +Denis Labelle >

l. Create+ with Google
First, Meet +Denis Labelle by +Google+ >

+ The Future Of Google >
With Google CEO +Sundar Pichai: AI, Hardware, Monetization And The Future Of Search

+ ALPHABET by Google >
A Collection Of 24 Ambitious Projects

+ ReWork with Google >
Practices, research, and ideas from Google and other organizations to put people first.

+ Talent Revolution >
Launched in 2015 by Google's Digital Academy, the Talent Revolution Survey provides a comprehensive 'health check' of your organisation's digital marketing skills for a digital world.

+ Research at Google >
Research at Google tackles the most challenging problems in Computer Science and related fields. Being bold and taking risks is essential to what Google does, and research teams are embedded throughout Google allowing our discoveries to affect billions of users each day.

+ Learn how to leverage powerful tools on >

+ Search >
Search is a barometer of consumer intent. Explore insights and search trends revealed by Google data to see how people navigate purchase paths and seasonal events. And learn what this means for your search engine marketing efforts.

+ Social >
If you want people to talk about your brand, a dynamic social marketing strategy can make all the difference. Explore successful examples of social media campaigns, and learn new ways to build social engagement among your audience.

+ Holiday >
Holiday shopping used to be synonymous with long days at the mall. Now, it happens in countless micro-moments throughout the season as shoppers turn to mobile to go, do, and buy. Stay on top of the latest consumer trends to build a strong holiday marketing plan.

+ Measurement >
Want to see the big picture? Analytics tools can help you understand how consumers interact with your brand across platforms. Learn more about the latest in data analytics to gather audience insights, improve your attribution modeling, and optimize your campaigns.

+ Government & Education >
The government and education industries have found new ways to connect with consumers online from reaching voters with online video to employing new technology in education programs. Explore research, campaign insights, and case studies on trends in political advertising and education technology.

+ Healthcare >
The rise of mobile and new digital technology has enabled consumers to take health and wellness into their own hands. To help inform your healthcare marketing efforts, explore healthcare trends, campaign insights, and case studies.

+ Fashion >
Style-conscious consumers use search and online video to find inspiration year-round. Explore the latest beauty trends, fashion marketing case studies, and fashion trend reports to see how brands and YouTube creators are reaching this key audience.

+ Financial Services >
Consumers research banks and financial services online to find those that fit their needs. To develop your bank marketing and financial services marketing plans, look through our collection of data, insights, and case studies on the financial trends shaping the industry.

+ Creative >
Digital has ushered in a new creative era in which real-time results allow for experimentation and optimizing on the fly. That means the best storytellers can use content marketing to connect with consumers and drive brand engagement in new ways. Learn more with the latest research, campaigns, and industry leader insights.

+ Display >
Innovative digital marketing is creative, data-driven, and dynamic. As you put together your display advertising strategy, take a look at case studies and research to learn more about remarketing and increasing viewability.

+ Consumer Electronics >
Keep track of the latest technology trends with case studies and insights related to consumer technology.

+ Consumer Goods >
People rely on online video and mobile search to find information on the products that fill their fridges and medicine cabinets. Learn more about these connected consumers with CPG marketing case studies, consumer insights, and search trends.

+ Automotive >
Shopping for a car starts way before a visit to the dealership. Automotive marketing is now about meeting people in real-time as they use mobile to research models, find deals, and get advice. Through case studies and auto industry trends, learn more about connecting with consumers in their micro-moments.

+ B2B >
Are you keeping up with the latest B2B marketing trends? Check out our case studies, research, and insights as you develop your B2B advertising strategy.

+ Advertising >
Advertising used to be synonymous with print and TV ads. But mobile, programmatic, and online video have created new ways to engage with consumers. Explore the latest digital advertising trends and insights from industry leaders to build a cutting-edge marketing strategy.

+ Apps >
From strategy to UX design, how can you ensure your app stands out? This collection of insights and best practice guides can help you drive mobile app engagement and build a strong app marketing strategy.

+ Retail >
Mobile has changed the way consumers shop—both in the store and outside of it. Discover tools, insights on retail trends, and case studies to help you reach the omni-channel shopper and develop your local marketing plan.

+ Sports & Entertainment >
The rise of the second screen means brands have more opportunity to connect during big cultural events and moments—from the big game to awards season. To build a strong entertainment or sports marketing strategy, explore the latest trends and insights from popular YouTube personalities.

+ Mobile >
In a mobile-first world, marketers have the opportunity to be highly relevant by considering a consumer's intent, context, and immediacy. Discover the latest mobile trends, research, and insights to hone your mobile marketing strategy and meet your audience in all their moments of need.

+ Programmatic >
Programmatic buying isn't only efficient—it also helps you craft more sophisticated and targeted campaigns. Keep up with the latest research and case studies on real-time bidding and data-driven creative to connect with consumers in their micro-moments.

+ Micro-Moments >
Learn more about this new consumer behavior, and what it means for brands.

+ Video Insights >

+ Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool >
Test how mobile-friendly your site is. Find out how well your site works across mobile and desktop devices.

+ ABCs Digital Marketing Jargon >
A list of regularly used digital marketing words and phrases

+ Display Benchmark Tool >
This tool lets you pull up-to-date industry benchmarks to help you better plan and measure the success of your display campaigns.

+ Consumer Barometer >
Google's global interactive tool, the Consumer Barometer, has been updated with 2015 data and now covers more than 45 countries and ten product categories. Explore some of the top stories on our insights pages or create your own easy-to-export charts.

+ Consumer Trends >
By mining Google search trends and YouTube watch behavior, you can uncover a wealth of insights on consumer behavior. Here, take a look at the latest consumer research we've culled together across audiences.

+ Marketer's Almanac >
Mobile has changed the way consumers shop—both in the store and outside of it. Discover tools, insights on retail trends, and case studies to help you reach the omni-channel shopper and develop your local marketing plan.

+ Google Trends >
Business, Entertainment, Health, Sci-Tech, Sports

+ Customer Journey To Online Purchase >
Choose an industry, business size and region, then use the data to uncover the moments where you need to be there and be useful.

+ Active View >
Measuring Ad Viewability

+ Zero Moment Of Truth >
Whether we're shopping for corn flakes, concert tickets or a honeymoon in Paris, the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy. We call this online decision-making moment the Zero Moment of Truth or simply ZMOT.

+ Google Insights >
Go beyond the data, with insights that matter.

+ Google Primer >
Primer is a fast, easy way to learn new marketing skills. You can take the bite-sized lessons wherever and whenever you have 5 minutes free.

+ Google BrandLab >
BrandLab is a custom workshop experience designed to help brands think digital first.

ll. Create+ with Google Products and Services
+ Google >
On Google+: +Google

+ Google Contributor ->
Contributor is a new source of revenue for your sites, funded directly by your site visitors. With Contributor, users sign up to pay a monthly contribution, and those funds are used to pay for your site—instead of ads. The result is that users see fewer ads and you still get paid.
. Start here:

+ Google Fonts ->
Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography
. Reimagining Google Fonts >

+ Google Local Guides ->
Local Guides is a global community of explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. Help others find the best spots in town, make new friends, and unlock exclusive benefits along the way.
. Getting Started With Local Guides >
. Support >
. Communities >
. Tips >
. YouTube >
. Local Guides Connect >
On Google+: +Google Local Guides

+ Google VR >
Google provides two virtual reality (VR) platforms: Cardboard, the world's most popular and accessible mobile VR platform, and Daydream, a new platform for low-latency, immersive, and interactive mobile VR.
On Google+: +Google VR  

+ Post with Google >
Publish on Google: verified individuals and organizations can now communicate with text, images and videos directly on Google. Creating content is fast and simple, and once published, posts will appear instantly in search results related to the publisher. Each post can also be shared on popular social networks.

+ Firebase ->
The tools and infrastructure you need to build better apps and grow successful businesses
. Introducing Firebase >
. Support >
. Firebase overview (video) >
On Google+: +Firebase  

+ Google Home ->
Google Home is a voice-activated home product that allows you and your family to get answers from Google, stream music, and manage everyday tasks.
. Video >
. Google App: Ok, Google >

+ Google+ Create >
Get in front of the people who get you

+ Google Duo >
Duo is a one-to-one video calling app for everyone – designed to be simple, reliable and fun so you never miss a moment.

+ Google Allo >
Google Allo, a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. Allo also brings you the Google Assistant, preview edition.

+ Made with Code >
To empower young women in middle and high schools with computer programming skills.
On Google+: +Made with Code  

+ Google Spaces ->
To let people get people together instantly to share around any topic.
. Web version >
. Support >
. Chrome extension >
. Spaces Collection >
. More >

+ Google for Nonprofits ->
Google for Nonprofits offers organizations like yours free access to Google tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Ad Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits and more. These tools can help you reach new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and tell your nonprofit’s story.
. Start here >
. Blog >
. Forum >
. YouTube >
On Google+: +Google for Nonprofits  

+ ->
Tech entrepreneurs are using innovation to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. We invest in teams with bold ideas that create lasting global impact.
. Google Ad Grants >
On Google+:

+ Google Ad Grants >
Share your cause with the world.
. Start here >

+ Google Cloud Platform ->
Use Google's core infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning. Secure and fully featured for all enterprises. Committed to open source and industry leading price-performance.
. Start here >
. Blog >
. YouTube >
+Google Cloud Platform /
. Start here >
. Community >
. Blog >
. Get Started Documentation >
. Cloud Webinars >
. Training courses >
Google Cloud Platform Print:
. Start here >
On Google+: +Google Cloud  

+ Google Top Contributors >
Interested in becoming a Google+ expert and get special perks and help others? Learn more about Top Contributor program.

+ Rich Media Gallery ->
The new design provides a seamless experience across screens, and makes it easier to find the right product and ad format you need to build your campaign.
. Ressources >

+ YouTube >
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
On Google+: +YouTube, +YouTube Creators, +YouTube Advertisers+YouTube Space, +YouTube EDU     
. YouTube Products & Services >
. YouTube for Developers >
. YouTube Fan Finder >
. YouTube Space >
. YouTube for Artists >
. YouTube Creators >
. YouTube Capture >
. The YouTube Director for business app >
. YouTube Ads >
. YouTube Heroes >

+ Google Domains ->
Find a domain, create a site, and get custom email
. Start here >

+ Google Webmasters ->
Track your site's search performance with Google Search Console and browse around for more webmaster resources.
. Start here >
. Support >
. Learn >
. Connect >
. Forum >
. Blog >
. On YouTube >
. Webmasters Guidelines >
. Webmasters Academy >
On Google+: +Google Webmasters  

+ Google Design >
A place for designers everywhere to learn about design at Google and how to create amazing products on platforms like Android and the web.
. Material Design >
. Resources >
. On YouTube >
On Google+: +Google Design  

+ Google+ (How To G+) ->
On Google+: +Google+ 

+ Google Sites ->
Easy-to-create websites for your teams. Launch an intranet for your company, a project site for your team or a portal for customers with our site builder. All without writing a single line of code.
. Start here >
. Support >
. Forum >

+ Google for Education >
A solution built for teachers and students
On Google+: +Google for Education  

+ Google Web Designer >
Bring ideas to life across screens
On Google+: +Google Web Designer  

+ Google My Business >
Get your business on Google for free
On Google+: +Google Small Business  
. Grow Your Business Online >
. Google Business Groups >
. Google My Business >
. Google Business Solutions >
. The Digital Garage >
. Google Maps I Business photos >
. Google for Retail >
. Google Shopping Campaign >
. Google Shopping Partner >
. Google Local Inventory Ads >
. Google Merchant Center >
. Google Trusted Stores >
. Google Express >
. Android Pay >
. Google Manufacturer Center >

+ Google for Work >
Google for Work is a set of pioneering cloud technologies that enable millions of people to work the way they choose and build what's next. Google Apps includes tools like Gmail, Drive & Calendar that we use to run Google globally, and Google Cloud Platform is made up of the solutions that power services like Search and YouTube. Google for Work products help teams work together, and companies innovate faster with the scale and security of Google infrastructure.
On Google+: +G Suite 
Google for Work
. Google for Work I Enterprise >
. Google for Work I Retail >
. Google for Work I Android >
. Google for Work l Search >
. Google for Work I Chrome >
. Google for Work Partners >
. Google Maps for Work >
. Google for Work I HR >
. Google for Work I Manufacturing >
. Google for Work I Connect >

Google Apps
. Google Apps Administrator Fundamentals >
. Google Apps for Nonprofits >
. Google Apps for Government >
. Google Apps for Education >
. Google Apps for Retail >
. Economic Impact of Google Apps for Work >
. Google Apps for Work >
. Google Apps Learning Centre >
. Google Apps for Work l Recommended Applications >
. The Apps Show >
. Google Apps Insights >
. Google Apps Training Resources >
. Google Apps Setup >
. Set-Up Google Apps >
. Google Apps for Healthcare Businesses >
. Google Apps for Technology Businesses >
. Google Apps for Professional Services Businesses >
. Google Apps for Manufacturing >
. Google Apps Admin Console >
. Google Mobile Management >
. Google Vault > 

+ AdWords, AdSense, AdMob, DoubleClick >
On Google+: +AdWords, +Google AdSense+AdMob by Google, +DoubleClick
. AdWords >
. Google AdWords Editor >
. Google AdWords Express >

. Google AdSense >
. Google AdSense for Shopping >
. Google AdSense for Shopping >

. AdMob by Google >

. DoubleClick Revenue Management >
. DoubleClick Digital Marketing >
. DoubleClick Solutions >
. DoubleClick Insights >
. DoubleClick - Certified Marketing Partners >
. DoubleClick for Publishers I Small Business >
. DoubleClick for Publishers >
. DoubleClick Search >
. DoubleClick Ad Exchange >
. DoubleClick Bid Manager >
. DoubleClick Video >
. DoubleClick Search Management >
. DoubleClick Programmatic >
. DoubleClick Mobile >
. DoubleClick Measurement >
. DoubleClick Creative Solutions >
. DoubleClick Campaign Manager >
. DoubleClick I Video for publishers and broadcasters >

. Google Ads Display Network >
. Google Digital Team >
. Google for Publishers >
. Control Your Google Ads >
. Google Global Advertiser >
. Google for Experienced Advertisers >
. Google for New Advertiser >
. Google Advertiser >
. Keyword Planner >
. Google Online Marketing Challenge >
. Mobile App Advertising >
. Measure Site Satisfaction in Real Time, for Free >
. Monetize Your Website's Content >
. Google Consumer Surveys >

+ Google Consumer Surveys /
Custom market research made easy.
. Start here >
. Survey Tips >
. GCS Best Practices >
. For Website Owners >
. For Publishers >
. Examples >
. News >
. On YouTube >
On Google+: +Google Consumer Surveys  

+ Google Analytics >
Get stronger results across all your sites, apps and offline channels. Google’s analytics solutions help you turn customer insights into real gains.
On Google+: +Google Analytics 
. Universal Analytics >
. Crowd Source Google Analytics Insights >
. Google Analytics for Mobile Apps >
. Google Analytics I Demo & Tools >
. Tag Manager >
. Google Analytics I Partners >
. Google Analytics Academy >
. Google Analytics Standard >
. Google Analytics 360 Suite >
. Google Data Studio >

+ Hangouts >
Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free. Connect with friends across computers, Android, and Apple devices.

+ Google Partners >
Program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts.
On Google+: +Google Partners 

+ Google Keep >
Save your thoughts, wherever you are.

+ Think with Google >
Compelling data. Big ideas. Creative juice. Put Google research and insight behind your thinking.
On Google+: +Think with Google

+ Google Translate >
Instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.
On Google+: +Google Translate  

+ Android >
Android is the customisable, easy-to-use operating system that powers more than a billion devices across the globe – from phones and tablets to watches, TV, cars and more to come.
On Google+: +Android

+ Google Docs >
Create and edit web-based documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Store documents online and access them from any computer.
On Google+: +Google Docs 

+ Google Calendar >
Keep track of life's important events all in one place.

+ Google Photos >
Find and share your memories easier.
On Google+: +Google Photos 

+ Google News, Google News Lab, Jigsaw >
. Comprehensive, up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from sources all over the world by Google News.
. News Lab supports the creation and distribution of the information and provides tools, data, and programs designed to help.
. Jigsaw is a technology incubator focusing on geopolitical challenges.

+ Google Drive >
Get access to files anywhere through secure cloud storage and file backup for your photos, videos, files and more
On Google+: +Google Drive 

+ Google Search >

+ Gmail, Inbox by Gmail >
. Web-based email service provides details of storage, options and links to related services.
. An organized place to get things done and get back to what matters. Bundles keep emails organized.
On Google+: +Gmail , +Inbox by Gmail  

+ Google Maps, Google Earth >
. Know, share, and map your world.
. The world's geographic information at your fingertips
On Google+: +Google Maps , +Google Earth 

+ Google Chrome >
A browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.
On Google+: +Google Chrome  

+ Google Play >
Explore the world’s greatest stories through movies, TV, music, games, apps, books and so much more.
On Google+: +Google Play  

+ Blogger >
Weblog publishing tool for sharing text, photos and video. Free templates/ themes and gadgets/ widgets included.
On Google+: +Blogger 

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About Denis Labelle by +Google+
He has been voted by the users as the
+ Top 3 people who should be Google+ spokesperson
+ #10 Most Recommended Person to Follow on Google+ >
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+ Top Digital Strategist >
+ Selected as an official Google+ Ambassador & Creator by Google.
+ Denis Labelle in +Forbes Magazine: Is Google + A Cut Above The Competition? >

Meet Create Member +Denis Labelle

"Denis Labelle's influential work on Google+ is recognized worldwide for its pioneering approach, continuing to define and lead the industry. He's an entrepreneur passionate about coaching/applying Google solutions/products to new markets and works with world class companies and some of the world’s largest brands."

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+Research at Google >
"Research at Google tackles the most challenging problems in Computer Science and related fields. Being bold and taking risks is essential to what we do, and research teams are embedded throughout Google allowing our discoveries to affect billions of users each day."

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Denis Labelle

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Deep Learning Goes Wide
A company called joins a movement to democratize machine learning. Get ready to build your own neural net.
by +Steven Levy via +Mike Elgan
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Also, have a look at:
. - How to Enable Every Human in the World to Train and Use AI
. - Open Source Software Library for Machine Intelligence
. What are the main differences between artificial intelligence and machine learning:

Denis Labelle

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Story Of An Olympic Medal   
From a napkin sketch to the Olympic Museum

Six years ago, while sitting in a coffee shop, I heard about a global contest to design the next Olympic medal. I grabbed the nearest napkin and began to sketch immediately, inspired by Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. When I finished, I partnered with my friend Setsuko to create the final graphic design, and launched a campaign on social media with my business partners at, +Serge Labelle and +Yuko Nakamura, to raise awareness around it. We called it 'Yes, Youth Can', and it led to a unanimous vote from the Olympic committee jury to vote for our design as the winner!

I wanted the design to be very clean and modern; for me this means simplicity to deliver a clear message. ‘Yes, Youth Can’ represents every young athlete in a victory stand, celebrating. Simple, but powerful.

These are photos from my Olympic medal experience. It was truly an honor to have my work be shared around the world in this truly special way.

Photos: 1. Serge Labelle, Yuko Nakamura and Denis Labelle by Simon Séguin-Bertrand, LeDroit 2. The Olympic Medal 3. At the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland

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Google+'s profile photoMike Crumpler's profile photo
Wow. What an awesome story. Who would have thought that one day, many years ago I would come across a random guy called +Denis Labelle​​ on G+ who would then go on to design the medals that the Olympic athletes now go on to win.

Absolutely fascinating. And well done, obviously!

Denis Labelle

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ABCs Digital Marketing Jargon
A list of regularly used digital marketing words and phrases

. Analytics or Web Analytics Tools > The analysis of data generated by people’s activity on websites or mobile apps, for the purpose of discovering ways to improve websites and marketing campaigns.
E.g. “I’m using web analytics tools to come up with ideas to redesign my website.”

. App (Application) > A program designed to run on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
E.g. “My house needs painting, so I used a local app to find a reputable service near me.”

. Banner Ad > A form of advert found on web pages and mobile applications, usually in image format.
E.g. “I’m using banner ads to bring new customers to my website.”

. Blog > A regularly updated website written by an individual, typically in a conversational style, and focused on a specific subject.

. Browser > A computer program used to navigate the Internet on computers, tablets and smartphones. Examples include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
E.g. “I’m not sure why my website looks different depending on the browser a person is using.”

. Clickthrough Rate (CTR) > The number of times people click on an item of interest, like an advert, in comparison to the number of times users are exposed to that item.
E.g. “My clickthrough rate on ads about external painting is 2%, but my CTR on ads about indoor murals is less than 1%.”

. Content > The digital material available to users, via text, video, audio, images, etc.
E.g. “I’m adding more image and video content to my site, so it’ll be more engaging.”

. Conversion or Goal > The action you want visitors to perform. Examples include ecommerce purchases, form submissions, phone calls, and video views.
E.g. “My main goal is for people to book a consultation on my website, but signing up for my email newsletter would also be a conversion.”

. Conversion Optimization > The process of increasing the percentage of visitors who complete your goals.
E.g. “Once I add a new line of faux finishes to my website, I’m going to start focusing on conversion optimization.”

. Conversion Rate > The ratio of conversions to visits, often used to measure digital performance.
E.g. “I’m not sure why, but my conversion rate on external painting is very low for male visitors.”

. Cost per Click > The amount of money required to produce a single click on a digital advertisement.
E.g. “Cost per click prices seem to be higher during weekends, so I’m only running my campaigns during
the week.”

. Crawler or Spider > A program designed to systematically browse content on the Internet and collect information about it to help searchers find what they’re looking for.
E.g. “I’m scared of spiders, but not the ones that help my website appear in search engines.”

. Desktop > A non-mobile device like a personal computer or laptop computer.
E.g. “I prefer to use a desktop computer at home, but when I travel I use my tablet.”

. E-commerce > The sale of products and services online.

. Email Marketing > The process of using email messages to share information and promote products and services.

. Homepage > The introductory or “main” page of a website.
E.g. “On my homepage, visitors can see examples of my most beautifully painted houses.”

. HTML > Hypertext Markup Language. A language used by web developers to create websites.
E.g. “My website was written using HTML.”

. Impressions > The number of times an advert is displayed.
E.g. “My new marketing campaign for kitchen painting has received thousands of impressions, but I’m not sure if I’ve booked any sales yet.”

. Index > A searchable catalogue of web pages and digital content used by a search engine to provide relevant results.
E.g. “Before my site appeared in the search engine’s index, people couldn’t find my website when they searched for foyer murals.”

. Keyword - A word or a phrase typed into a search engine, which businesses can target as part of their advertising campaigns.

. Landing Page > The first page on a website that a person usually sees—not necessarily the home page of that website.
E.g. “I’m adding a coupon to my landing page so that my website visitors will be encouraged to buy.”

. Link > A text or image that provides a link from one web page or website to another.
E.g. “When a major home decor blog linked to my website, I got a lot more visitors.”

. Mobile Device > A portable device, such as a smartphone or tablet, capable of connecting to the Internet and running applications.
E.g. “Grandma got a tablet and a smartphone for her birthday, so now she’s using mobile devices just like her grandkids.”

. Natural Listings or Organic Listings > Results from a search engine that are not paid adverts.
E.g. “The higher my website ranks in a search engine’s natural listings, the more website traffic I’ll get.”

. Paid Listings > Advertisements that appear on search engines results pages.
E.g. “I’m thinking about paying to have my website appear in the paid listings, so that I can bring more customers to my website.”

. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) - An advertising system in which advertisers pay for users to click on their advertisements.
E.g. “I’m going to use pay-per-click adverts to promote my new faux finishes.”

. Query or Search Term > The keyword or phrase a user types into a search engine in order to find what they’re looking for.
E.g. “When people use the search term ‘hairdresser’ they might be looking for tips on how to do it themselves or a service to do it for them.”

. Ranking > A listing’s position on a search engine results page.
E.g. “With a lot of work, I’m hoping to get my website to the #1 ranking on search engines.”

. Search Engine > A tool that indexes and returns relevant digital content in response to users’ keywords. Popular Internet search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, Yandex and more.
E.g. “I use search engines to look for trends in home decor.”

. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) > The practice of making changes to web pages, content, and the promotion of that content to improve visibility in the organic—or unpaid—search engine results.
E.g. “Investing in SEO helped my website get a higher ranking in search engine results.”

. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) > A form of advertising that allows you to bid for your advertisement to show along with search results for keywords that people are typing in. This lets businesses be seen by people at the very moment they’re searching for the things a business offers.
E.g. “SEO is a long process, but using SEM helped me get a lot more website traffic really quickly.”

. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) > A list of results appearing in a search engine in response to a user’s search query.
E.g. “After I searched for ‘buy high-gloss paint in bulk’ I noticed that the SERP had both natural listings and paid listings.”

. Session or Visit - A group of interactions that take place on your website within a given time frame. For example a single session can contain multiple page views and e-commerce transactions.
E.g. “My website got 2,000 visits last month, but what I really care about is whether those visits resulted in sales.”

. Social Media > Content such as text, images, or videos, created by individuals and shared across the Internet.
E.g. “Social media changes all the time, so I hired my niece to help me create a social media strategy.”

. Social Network > A community of individuals creating and sharing content.
E.g. “Social networks could be a good place for me to showcase my beautiful foyer murals and maybe get new customers.”

. Traffic Acquisition > The process of attracting visitors - often referred to as traffic - to websites, mobile apps and other digital assets.
E.g. “My acquisition strategy focuses on targeting people who have recently bought old houses.”

. Unique Visitor > A single visitor to a website during a specific period of time.
E.g. “No matter how many times Uncle Bob visits my website, he’s still just one unique visitor.”

. URL or Uniform Resource Locator > The unique address of a page or piece of digital content on the Internet.
E.g. “Aunt Sue, you can access my website by typing the URL into your browser."

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Denis Labelle's influential work on Google is recognised worldwide for its pioneering approach, continuing to define and lead the industry. He's an entrepreneur passionate about coaching/applying Google solutions/products to new markets and works with world class companies and some of the world’s largest brands. His mission: to organize Google’s products/solutions/services and make it universally accessible and useful.

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+ Selected as an official Google(+) Ambassador by Google.
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+ Google for Business, Work, Entrepreneurs, Digital Networks & Marketplaces, The Internet of Things & Machine Learning, High Performance Coaching

+ Graduated in High Performance Coaching (Sport) - Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC), World Level.

+ Co-founder of the International Triathlon Union (
+ Head Coach, Team Triathlon Canada (Top 3 in the world)
+ Co-designer of an Olympic Medal
+ International expert in sport development (
+ Honorary citizen (2015)

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+ (Montreal, CANADA & Tokyo, JAPAN)