Hey All,

Just want to give the community an early update on ServiceStack's future:

To ensure its long-term sustainability, ServiceStack will transition to an annually-supported paid product similar to Xamarin's products. Starting from the next major v4.0 release of ServiceStack.* on NuGet, which will be the first commercial-only binary distribution (with an exception for OSS projects and a "free-tier" for small projects).

The next major v4.0 will also be a "breaking-release", with new features protected under an "AGPL/FOSS License Exception" and include a number of breaking changes that have built up over time, including upgrading all projects (to .NET 4+), major code and NuGet package re-factoring, clean-up and removal of deprecated code, better consistency / simplification of some concepts and implementation of some roadmap features I've been wanting to add but never had time for. Fixes and releases will continue to v3.x and be maintained in a separate v3 branch until v4.0 comes out of beta.

After v4.0 is released, to ensure continued free/unrestricted usage, if you have a NuGet dependency on ServiceStack, it should be constrained to the unrestricted v3.x BSD releases. Whilst the core team wont be supporting v3 directly, we'll look for someway to host builds of the v3 branch so pull requests with critical fixes can still be merged and resulting binaries accessible. Any direct support for legacy v3 branches will be available under a support contract.

I'd like to iterate that the ServiceStack community and its wider ecosystem largely benefits from the efforts of a few experienced key members here who've actively donated their spare time helping others, who I'd like to thank by extending a license to the future v4.x product, once released - more details about this shortly.

In summary, whilst the current v3 of ServiceStack is a solid release that continues to power thousands of back-end systems, future development of ServiceStack will continue under an AGPL/commercially-supported framework. Given this, it may be a good time to assess your companies future technology directions and evaluate the value offered by the other great (and free) alternative .NET OSS web frameworks (http://www.asp.net/mvc/open-source) which may provide better value.

Full-time development will begin on ServiceStack v4.0, starting next month.

I've also just deployed the latest v3.9.59 of ServiceStack to NuGet. 


- Demis
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