v4.0.20 bug fix release.

There were a few bugs identified in OrmLite resulting from different behavior between ADO.NET RDBMS Providers that I preferred had fixes available sooner than having to wait for the next feature release:

  - SqlServer / PostgreSql ADO.NET providers don't understand ADO.NET DbTypes for signed bytes (DbType.SByte) and Unsigned ints (DbType.UInt16/32/64), they're now sent with Db.Byte and normal signed ints versions for these providers. 
 - MySql has a different behavior for '\' character to escape wildcard searches using LIKE. A different safer escape character is used instead.
 - PostgreSql were saving Enum Values as ints in parameterized queries. There's now explicit behavior, consistent across all DB providers, i.e. defaults to strings and can config to use ints with [Flags] enum attribute or JsConfig.TreatEnumAsInteger.
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