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Real Estate Agents: Last Chance to Get AgentPress at $995

At 5 PM PST today the price for AgentPress jumps to $1,495.

Register today for incredible savings on two full days of extraordinary speakers and sessions, stellar networking, and everything you need to build a website that helps you dominate your local real estate market.

This is a steal, people.

And oh yeah, did I mention I'll be speaking? Sho nuff. A pretty stout line up with people like +Brian Clark , +Sonia Simone+Chris Garrett+Ricardo Bueno+Erika Napoletano and +Greg Boser.

See the full list of speakers, session topics, tools included here:
Not your typical real estate conference. Step-by-step live training in sunny Marina del Ray, CA that shows you exactly how to build, promote, and accelerate a highly profitable local website. Plus, am...
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The RE-sphere is TOUGH. Glad to know you're helping those folks out!
That's awesome, I started my adventure into SEO at Advanced Access as a humble customer support rep so I cut my teeth on that curious mix of devils and angels in the RE industry.
Nice...I kind of did the same thing (cut my teeth on SEO, direct response copywriting) with a company called Proquest Technologies (which is where I worked with +Ben Cook). Know Ben? 
Yea, I know +Ben Cook He showed me how to lose money quickly at the Craps table at Pubcon :)
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