17 Ways to Go from Insignificant to Significant on Google+

1. Re-share content. 
2. Thank people who re-share your content. As best as you can.  
3. Share content directly with people--and the public. 
4. Jump in the comments--and be meaningful. Meaningful gets noticed. 
5. Share content/links in the comments to make the discussion meaningful. But don't spam.  
6. Follow people you are interested in. And share their content. 
7. Search Tumblr for meme-worthy content. Meme-worthy content gets shared--like this post: http://goo.gl/BJKBY.
8. Publish a list of people you like, but avoid making that name drop a list of who is who on G+. 
9. Write your bio to explain who you are and why you are on G+. In other words, what special contribution can you make to G+?
10. Fill out something off the wall in the Bragging rights section of your bio. 
11. Create/share great G+ guides like +Denis Labelle
12. Join a hangout. With people you don't know.  
13. Create a community (only if you are brave). 
14. Do a daily theme like +AJ Kohn's "I did not wake up in ___."
15. Join a community--and INTERACT. 
16. Bone up on G+ like +Jesse Wojdylo did. 
17. Be lovely. Loveliness spreads. 

What would you add to this list? 
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