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Got a Question about Brand Pages Authority I Can't Answer

So a reader on my article "Seven Ways Writers Can Build Online Authority with Google+" left this comment: 

Do you think I should always operate as myself, not as my website’s page, to build my author rank? But, if I have multiple interests and website what happens? I can’t be narrowed. For example, my website is about photography, but with my personal account I am taking part in a couple of communities about startups and digital nomads. So I would think that connecting and interacting as a page should be better. Will the “authority” of brand pages contribute the authority of the author?

It's that last question I don't know how to answer. Got any advice? 

Here's the article if you want context:
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Hi +Demian Farnworth, I can't help with the question, but I've really enjoyed your articles so far. I am looking forward to the rest of the series!
I use different profiles for different websites.

That way, if you use one Profile for specifically linking to your photography site anyone visiting your Profile from your site will be more interested in what you are posting and you can build up circles of like minded people.

I also have multiple Google+ Pages to suit different websites so effectively it builds up the 3 way connections without mixing in with other content/products/services you can write about in other Profiles.
Re. Will the “authority” of brand pages contribute [to] the authority of the author?

Short answer: Nobody knows. 
Long answer: Probably, some day.
Now that the question has been answered I'm removing this post because it was posted to "Authorship 101" instead of "Ask a Question." We're trying to keep Authorship 101 for posts that explain the basic "how tos" of Authorship. Thanks!
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