Write a Google+ Bio People Can't Resist with This Formula

This isn't the least bit scientific, but the more people write in their Google+ profile bio, the more likely I'm going to follow them. A long profile bio tells a lot about a person.

 You tend to learn something interesting ... and if they are interesting in their bio, then they will hopefully fill your stream with interesting posts.

A short bio, however, is not so compelling. It's the difference between a quick brush with a stranger on the street versus an hour chat over shiraz ...

I'll follow someone after nursing a shiraz for an hour. Not so much after bumping into them on Main.

See, unless you are a web stud like Sergy (do I need to mention his last name?) or Kevin Rose, you need a compelling story if you want people to follow you.

It's not enough to write:

"I write for Copyblogger Media. Useless outside that. I dig vacuums, running, and books. Running books that suck up dirt are the best. Live fast. Die young."

That works for a Twitter bio, which it is, and a Google+ Tagline, which it is also. But you need something more. You need to show people why they should follow you.

You need to tell a story (as +Jesse Wojdylo pointed out, this is your opportunity to shine (http://goo.gl/pyk6K).

The best way to tell a story is to use this formula:

 - Identify a pain. Something wrong with the world. Something that's plagued mankind for centuries (or decades).

 - Agitate that pain. Next, pour salt in that wound. Describe what it's like to let that pain continue. The harm and damage that can occur if someone lets that pain fester.

 - Cure that pain. Now, tell your reader how you plan to fix that problem. It could be the way you do yoga or your donkey-milk cure.

This is exactly the formula I used in my own bio. Check it out: http://goo.gl/3l9R1.

I also added some credentials (who I work for .. by the way, you can instantly beef up your Google+ profile with this little trick: http://goo.gl/npnxa), and a list of my best content on Google+ (including the number of comments and shares -- more social proof you can trust me -- when they were significant).

You don't have to be rigid in using this formula. You can do it through telling a story. The key is creating conflict, and then resolving that conflict.

Just think about your favorite suspense story.

Once you rewrite that bio, share it with me. I'll put together a list in a post, and then share that.

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