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My Philosophical Answer to "What Makes Great Content?"

Maybe I just avoided the question. Or maybe I was trying to channel my inner Ludwig Wittgenstein.

But I don't think so. It's not an entirely easy question to answer. Especially in a round up sort of manner.  

Anyway, Mauro D'Andrea asked me (and supposedly 101 other "experts"). Here was my reply: 

"That’s a tough question because there is not one single key–but a thousand. Hard work, imagination, feedback, patience and perseverance rise to the top. You have to have natural talent (there is such a thing), too. And luck. You’re masterpiece is worthless if the right eyeballs–the influencers and thought leaders–don’t see it. But what is outstanding content to begin with? You’ll never know unless you have an audience (of one or a million) to validate it. But then again, a million people CAN be wrong. Just look at Shades of Grey. Or are they wrong? Let’s add ignore the critics to that list while we’re at it. Didn’t expect such a philosophical answer, did you?"

You can read the FULL post here. It is FULL (read: long), let me warn you:

What do you think is the key/s to great content? Share your thoughts in the comments. 
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I think this is a brilliant answer.
Just like you said, this is a tricky question, since you can't measure the content by itself, the feedback states if it's good or not. But then again, we always try to come with a sort of formula to create great content. Quite a paradox
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