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How did we get from Jesus to this? 

There are more. Right about here:
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Seems like #donniedarko   was a great influence
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This One Trick Beefs Up Your Google+ Bio Instantly

This trick works for just about any bio, really–LinkedIn, Twitter, your resume, your blog About page or a conference speaking bio ...

And this trick boils down to adding credible endorsements (recognizable names and brands) to your G+ profile page.

Nike. Google. Stephen King. Adobe. New York Times. Mashable.

More here:
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+Lena Sinclaire I'm not immune to flattery. :D
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Demian Farnworth

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Until further notice. Celebrate everything. 
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Good plan, that.
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Demian Farnworth

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Please view this image as many times as you like. 
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You've changed, man. It used to be about the copy. :-)

Kidding. Had a good laugh at the Copyblogger animals. 
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Demian Farnworth

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This is the final article in my Damn Good series. I saved the best for the last. 
You might be under the impression that all the syllables have already been made up. That's simply not the case.
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Exactly, that feedback loop can be very powerful +Martin Jul Hammer!
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Have him in circles
9,143 people
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The Brutally Honest Truth about Ghostwriting

Pleased as punch. Look forward to seeing what the number one post is, +Arienne Holland.

You can read it here:
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Demian Farnworth

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How to Choose Arresting Images for Your Blog Posts (And Why You Should)

Naturally I'm going to bring up +Dustin W. Stout's name when I talk about finding great images since, you know ... 

He's the stud that busted out one of my favorite blog posts in a long while. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you will when you listen to the latest episode of the Lede. 

You can do that here (read the transcript, too): 

But in addition, in this episode you'll discover: 

 - The Image lesson I learned from a guy who reads 1,000 blogs a day 
 - The one thing that made one set of photographs of Detroit go viral and not another
 - What types of photos trigger inferiority, back by a recent study
 - How to choose photos without fear of copyright violation

And more. Check it out now:

By the way, you can find the photo below here:
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+Demian Farnworth you are too kind my friend. Made my day! Going to listen on my way home right now. :D
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Demian Farnworth

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Pregnant bunnies and their weird cravings. 
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Demian Farnworth

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This has become the best thing I've ever read.

When you look up "artist" in the dictionary, you should see a picture of Puddles. He does creativity right.

Including scary small children:

Prior to the above article, this article was the best thing I'd ever read:
The reason “Royals ('Sad Clown With the Golden Voice' Version)” was shared by millions on YouTube and so beloved at the end of 2013 — the best cover of the year -- was: Whenever he sang, the ...
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And so hope Dan pings someone when he comes here. And then that person pings another ... and so on. :D
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Demian Farnworth

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I've been saying this for years. 
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+Demian Farnworth prepared to prove you wrong. な there done easy lol. Japanese uses a syllabary not an alphabet. 
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Have him in circles
9,143 people
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I told you I wrote copy for CBM. Look right.
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Belleville, IL
I write for Copyblogger Media. I dig vacuums, dancing, and books. Dancing books that suck up dirt are the best.
Chief Copywriter at Copyblogger Media. Read all my articles here. Get even more writing advice at my personal blog -- The Copybot.

A great place to start is in my Education of a Writer Series -- particularly The Year of Falling Apart.

My main gig is to write web copy that conquers the web's two main problems: obscurity and neglect. 

When I say obscurity, I mean web content is buried beneath billions of web pages. By neglect, I mean if someone actually finds your page, they'll more than likely to ignore or abandon it.

To overcome those two problems I write web content that search engines can easily find and people can't resist.

I also teach writers the secret to going from a good writer to a great writer. Or how to become a pit bull on paper

Some of My Best Stuff on Google+

Want to see my most popular posts on Google Plus? The essential? Here are thirteen. 
Here are two Hangouts I've done. One on writing in general, and the other on direct response copywriting in general: 
By the way, I don't follow someone just because they follow me. I follow someone because I find them interesting, engaging, and positive.  
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Ran two marathons. Both brutalized me. One was during a winter storm. The other was during a heat wave. I've also hiked nearly 150 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Over 2,100 miles to go.
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