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Check out a piano only version of "Skyscraper" :) - xo Demi
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omg i love you soo much i'm a braziliam proud lovatic i looooooooooooooooooovvve you and plese one day come to porto alegre, rio grande do sul, brasil
AWESOME! :) Demi You are too good! God Bless you.. Love you so much :) xo
So beautiful...!! I love it :)
Demi ♥ I love youu!! add me D: please! ♥
hi demi i have added you to my circle!!!
I have no words to describe how wonderful this version is...and yet, there are no words or any expression in this world to describe how beautiful you are, Demi. Stay Strong xoxo
Are very diva in this clip is in all others. Love you
Hi demi i'm so happy that you're going to come here in italy! <3 Love you! #staystrong
you are officially amazing! please reply i love you so much i tried on twitter but you never answer me just hey would make my whole world! <3 xxxx
you are offically amazing! please reply i love you so much i tried on twitter but you never answer me just hey would make my whole world! <3 xxxx
you are offically amazing! please reply i love you so much i tried on twitter but you never answer me just hey would make my whole world! <3 xxxx
you are offically amazing! please reply i love you so much i tried on twitter but you never answer me just hey would make my whole world! <3 xxxx
you are offically amazing! please reply i love you so much i tried on twitter but you never answer me just hey would make my whole world! <3 xxxx
you are offically amazing! please reply i love you so much i tried on twitter but you never answer me just hey would make my whole world! <3 xxxx
you are offically amazing! please reply i love you so much i tried on twitter but you never answer me just hey would make my whole world! <3 xxxx
you are offically amazing! please reply i love you so much i tried on twitter but you never answer me just hey would make my whole world! <3 xxxx
you are offically amazing! please reply i love you so much i tried on twitter but you never answer me just hey would make my whole world! <3 xxxx
sorry about all the posts but i just love you so much tweeted you 200 times in one day:( xx
This video has started my day off on the right side!
Thank u Demi for being my inspiration
Just beautiful Demi only you can sound great with a cold. I would love to see you do another concert acoustically.
you are amazing Demi.
i love this soong. woot stay strong , very inspirational <33
I like to grade music like dancing with the stars and you get for this video a 10.
If you don't care then get the fuck off this page!
WOOT WOOT. ignore all the crap....just keep doing your thing mama
I'm sorry but Demi, get a life you couldn't pull it together with Skyscraper. You went to Rehab. Do you think theat will not influence kids to do drugs and drink underage? I think so. Go into fashion or running a business but not singing.
Madeline Reder is a moron, you know kids are gonna do whatever the fuck they want regardless? 
um....juan....wth? blow of your steam somewhere else...shes making money like hell.....dont hate....infact GO MIND YOU OWN STUFF. have a nice day :)
i can hate all i want, so stick that in your juice box and suck it!!!!
Demi, you're amazing, i love u so much ! <3
Tt Boyd
yes that right don't hate
dont hate you idiots. she is the best person i know:)<3 i love her
so do most people so get a life
You're the best!!!! Love you!
**Demi Lovato is amazing and talented. She has helped turn so many peoples lives around and made it positive. She has inspired so many young people and her songs are very touching. #unbroken
OK demi please !!!!!!!!! COMING TO COLOMBIA !!!!!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!! we want you coming to cali!!!!!!!!!! colombia !!!!! or bogota colombia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please demi please please pelase coming please read this please!
I prefer the music video, but that not bad
Oh so that's how you reply to somebody LMAO Kellie Burk I put a @ by your name 
Jealous much people? Haters don't really hate you. They hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they wish to be. Poor, confused people. Much love Demi!!
Why must people put negative comments on here? Haters just look for damn attention get a life coz Demi has 1... All you doing is sitting in front of your PC sending hate comments to somebody who doesn't give a fuck what you say so shut up before you cyber bully... I'm done now
Demi, I love you so much! You're beautiful inside and out. You're an inspiration to everyone! I'm your BIGGEST fan from Kuwait! Hope you come visit the Middle East someday, we love you here!
The most beautiful perform. i love Your voice♥
Verry beautiful, Demi! I cant wait to see you... again.
This is just Wowwww........Awesome ...:) Good to hear this song...thanks a tan Demi...:)
OK demi please !!!!!!!!! COMING TO COLOMBIA !!!!!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!! we want you coming to cali!!!!!!!!!! colombia !!!!! or bogota colombia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please demi please please pelase coming please read this please!!!
Beautiful song demi -

Brazil Iove you
Beautiful song Demi-

Italy love U
I love you Demi, you really have no idea how much I do. I'm your biggest fan from Kuwait! I met Joyce Bonelli in Dubai, she tweeted a picture. Did she tell you about me?
Thank u for be our role model! we are your Fans Club in Chile much love xox <3
Demi, your voice is like heaven in my ears. OMG. also, your killin it! ilubjew xo -JAIME
If you don't like Demi than why are you wasting your time on her site Madeline.
Just finished replaying this for the 5th time... uh oh addiction is setting in, great version!!
i love it 2 thumbs up i love demi i have 21 posters of you
So all you haters on here if you don't like Demi than why are you on her page? Find something else constructive cuz nobody cares what you think especially Demi.
your song is beautiful. i love you. thank you Demi.
this is my FAVORITE song!! <33 u Demi!!
Spending time on someone's site who you don't like is a waste of time, I don't like some people so I don't waste my time on their site. It doesn't make sense.
oh yeah i've seen it on facebook..:D<3it's wonderful!__
arent you anorexic demi?
was that u singing on american idol. i saw u and i cried cuz u looked so different and so pretty and u r like my role model. i love u. xoxo. Wait r u demi lavoto. if so can u friend me my name is hayley berry but dont put my name out 2 the whole world cuz my mom wood kill me if she noo that i had a gmail and facebook. kk got it anyways. i love u.
LOVE U!! that was amazing!!!!!!!! <3 best singer ever!!! 
love it your amazing :) I can sing but, not as good as you
This is the first I've heard of this person, a nice performance!
Dem i created an account Just for U !!!
Hey demi I really love this version, i think you show your talent again and just seeing it for the first time like in a piano only version left me speachless seein' it xo for you to hope you follow me x3
سلام چرا اینکلپ ارور میده
One one of the BEST songs you have ever sang;)))
Demi Lovato is MY inspiration and Role-Model for years now..... I LOVE YOU DEMI!!!!!!!! You can tweet now coz we all missing you DdlovatoAnAngel xo
Beautiful, love you Dem! Can't wait to see you here in Brazil, we love you baby <3
+sharna Nichols she hardly does that on twitter either at least a lot anymore I'm sure she has her reasons for being off twitter right now.
I got to admit I miss her on twitter too but like I said I'm sure she has a good reason.
Amazingly talented without even trying :) <3
+Kellie Burk how the heck did you do that it doesn't work with me LOL... I wonder if Demi even comes on here or if its just her team... I hope it is her!! I miss Demi so much on twitter she is like tweeting less and less on there :/ 
sounds like the real version but more relaxed.
whooo you are the best girl!! luv u!
OMD... I just saw the teaser for YOUR GYHAB music video........ CANT WAIT AAAHHHHHH :D
plz add me I'm a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!
Demi doesn't even care what you ignorant people got to say stop wasting your time on here and go find a full time job to support your ignorant ass... GTFO!! Xoxo by a FULL time Lovatic :)
i love you so much demi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
add me please
so beautiful I love you so mutch!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!! 26 dias tan solo 26 al fin te podre ver y quedarme totalmente afonica :D TE AMOOOO!
I don't have words to describe how proud I am, Demi Lovato I LOVE YOU ♥
Te amo, eres un increíble cantante y pianista mantener el fantástico trabajo realizado <3
OMG i just love that song by Demi Lovato
your voice.... is different here, what happened? IS NOT BAD I LOVE YOUR VOICE ANYWAY
You cant explain how Demi sings she to outstanding for words :)
Leo wu
This is typical pop schlock. 95% of the people commenting here will not even remember this artist or song in 18 months. I wish Google would stop suggesting such superficial and derivative content.
Emily W
I just luv luv ur voice ur sooooooo awesome!! I'm a big fan of u!! :D :)
Xavi J
from camp rock 1, to camp rock 2, to sonny wit a chance, to singing career....Demi has never looks more beautiful
+Ruama Gomes its because when she filmed this she had a bad cold that's why she sounds different, she was congested and you can hear it. Iher cold seemed to work real well with this though probably cuz it's the acoustic version.
Da Mars
love this version :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i love so much ! C: <3
demi is really pretty and she's a really good singer this IS a good version
Follow me or what ever its called on Google Plus
you're increible , inspiration for me <3 love u ♥
I Hate Demi Lovato.... I hate to admit it but Justin Biener is Better than her
I love you demi. your my inspiration and i always look up to you. your beautiful and amazing. <3 stay strong
Ur mean and nice it's pretty
Demi, you are awesome. You have the voice of an angel. Keep doing what you do. :)
woooooow! i love you! YOU'RE PERFECT!

YOU'RE MY IDOL!! i love you
Omg it's amazing guys get over it
Get over it and I'm her sister 
This is great!!! and Alex Sandoval get a life! she does NOT stink, she is the best thing that has ever happened to us she is AMAZING! Now don't ever say about her.
Nice, very heartful and powerful.
Love it!!!!....The panio version is more intimate.
shes only pretty with cakes of make-up on! sorry but sometimes the truth really hurts......
Wait. This isn't Demi, is it. Well. I don't like it when people pose as someone else. that is stealing. stealing someone's name isn't good. so if it is really demi, than, sorry; if it isn't, don't steal.
Respect to all amateur musicians and other artists! Without you we are just "workrobots" with "stonefaces". {Argonty}
You are a great singer, Demi! I love you and how you're so down to earth! I hope you read this :)
Gi Gi
I just love her hair.
Gi Gi
She's so pretty.
you're a great singer and i love your my only shorty
you are amazing Demi you inspired to me <3 ¡
Demi lovato is my idol I luv how she got up to her feet.
This song is so awesome!i hope one day I can sing like this!
if u hate her then got off her damn page!!! I LOVE U DEMI!!!!! 
I don't mean to ruin everyones comments...but i thought she was still in rehab???
Your voice is ** amazing <3 Thank you Demi :D
I love that song thanks for singing that demi

Nice .... refreshing like river water.
three letters OMG , love it! Demi u are so amaizing, I learned how to play skyscraper and give your heart a breack on guitar because I'M A BIG FAN, Stay Strong with your wonderful voice. (hey come to Portugl one day)
hai demi .. pls add me to ur circle .. :) luvyahh ..
man ur really good at making horrible songs worst
Perfet :') Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Hey Demi Lovato remember me Ashley Rodriguez with my mom who took me to meet you in person at the mall of North Point.
uve gotten me through EVERY tough time in life. Thank you :) <3
you are so beautiful, and you're perfect for me ... just wanna see you smiling, always! I'll be on your show on 19/04 here in Brazil, and I'm going crazy because I do not know if I can stand stand in line because I did knee surgery, and I'm afraid you can not go, but ... DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO SEE YOU!
I love you Demi Lovato !
Do you have the flu? Estás resfriada? but you have the best voice're amazing...tenes la mejor voz...sos genial!!!
i love u i have all ur cds and know all ur songs keep up the fantastic work with songs
That was awesome amd you are amazing
Awesome, but ll' be much better to see you in live :C But i can't u.u 'cuz i don't have money for ur concert in Venezuela, Caracas :(

Calificación general
this a very nice song yow
How dare you hate it it was awsome
превью, если вы думаете, что она спаситель! и если ты настоящий Lovatic!
hey demi. i love your song skycrapper.
Demi you rock for trying to over come your struggles!
She's a bitch Demi is a anorexic bitch gain some weight and then let's see if I like her

this is my favorite song in the world ♥♥
i love demi lavato! shez got an amazing voice!
one of my favourite demi lovato's friends
This is like, my favorite song of all time. Next to 'Far Away' by Nickelback. 
I like her singing. She would be on So Random with the other people. But she made bad decisions and ruined her chances. But I really love her songs. Some of my top faves are world of chances, lightweight, for the love of a daughter, and unbroken. I can't remember the rest.
Roszy M
Amazing version.. your a true inspiration and a role model.. LOVE YOU <3
why were you in rehab demi??????????????
roszy did you fav me??????????????????
Great song I hope it inspires a whole bunch of young people. 
You are so awesome Demi Lovato. Thank you for making music!
Congratulations to get ahead .... I want God protect you and give you strength to always keep shining with its own light .... You are a child of God and He loves you and always guide you to make you happy. I'm sending a hug from Colombia, we hope you return soon to visit. ......Felicitaciones por salir adelante.... Deseo que Dios te proteja y te de fuerzas siempre para seguir brillando con luz propia.... Tu eres una hija de Dios y el te ama y siempre te guiara para que seas feliz...
Is Demi saying she's still under construction.
Skyscraper, really? Not a very good comparison. It literally takes years to raise one. Check out new twin towers.
High maintenance too...
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
Just like to say that you are pretty cool and i think you are a good role model for young girls. Stay true to yourself and just have fun. Love your music btw.
If this really is demi l. I really didn't like u cuase I thought u were fake but wen u changed your hair ur were so upbeat and play now I just luv I!
love you demi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
et et
do you something feeling?
its stupid-my brother said it mike you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''tutu..................................................................................................hermella..................................................................''!!!!!!!!!biruk.............................................................................biruk
I Love this song too <3 Demi Lovato Really Changed Me :)
amazing, true talent. i love you demi! your voice and songs inspires me so much, your so strong. 
i <3 this song!!! listen to cimorelli sing it! on youtube
Demi, my daughter is a big fan you.the Clip is so beautiful. She love your song. I´m Brasilian.
Last comment! Love u Dems! <333333333333333 Most loyal Lovatic! ;)
no i am last comment you snooze you lose
 luv you demi
500th comment!!!! <33333333 Love u Demi!
that is my favorite song ever!!!
you should share with public TV and everything I love this song
my fav song and iv also bihearted the lyrics
this is such an amazing song, with such deep lyrics, truly inspiring, and the amazing vocals are icing on the cake
This was such a raw performance great vocals
OMG, this is so beautiful, Demi. You don't know how much I love you <3 So proud of being a Lovatic :)
i love you demi , your the best 
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