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i loved u on the radio last night
I honestly think it'd sound better without the back-up singers, but excellent nonetheless.
I love that song, I am so glad that you came up with it.
WOW DEMI, YOU'RE GORGEOUS!! Love the song!!!(: <3
Your awesome!!!!!!! I <3 your voice! It's so beautiful!!!
I didn't have heard any false note. It is really beautiful, just like your make-up!
Best Song Ever....jk.....but still a great song
This even sounds better than the one on the CD! I thought that wasn't possible...You're incredible! ♥♥♥
Awesome love it.Keep the good work we love you. :-)
I love ur music video fo Give Your Heart A Break. I LUV U DEMI!!
I love you're music... And hoe you are always amazing:D Lol( even though u will be) hahaha
OH. MY. OD. I MEANT HOPE!!!!!! I swear!!!!
demi u r so talented!!!!!!!!!!!! this song is so awesome!!!!
could not have done better love u !!!!
luv the song but demi lovato has become a bad persona
OMG! U R such an amazing singer! U're my biggest inspiration!!! I LOVE U!!! U R THE BEST ON EVERYTHING!!!
Follow me on Twitter Lovatics!!!! @MMSimonetta
me encanta la cancion y el artista como canta
I luv u Demi I always have and I always will it was awsome
pie h.
although u sounded like u're having a common cold but still sounds great!...Gorgeous!-LuvUDemi.=^-^=
Demi, please send us a short mp3 saying hi to all of my radio listeners on Ritmo24/7 on spreaker-dot-com. You can email it to Thanks a million!!!
wawooooooo am really touched by dis song so nice n i luv it
She is so beautiful and has a good voice!
cooooool and to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
is the best girl i n the word i love you .... i fack you........
AMAZING you're the best love ya
rreally demi your good but need more make up and i will tell the world records to ut you in the book since my dad takes pictures and helps makes the book
Awwwww, I love it Demi ! See yo soon in Argentina on April 28. I'm very excited !
i love her to she rocks with her play the piano and sinmgin
hi i loved the movies u did like camprock but so sad u had to stop them
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(boy) no
(girl) do you want to be with me forever?
(boy) no
... (girl) would you cry if i walked away?
... ..... .....(boy) no
she walked away tears ran down her face. the boy grabbed her arm.
....(boy) your not pretty your beautiful
(boy) and i wouldn't cry if you walked away i would die!!
(boy whispers) please stay with me
(girl whispers) of course
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If you dont post this to 5 pages you eill have relationship problems for the next 10 years. Srry

Hi. How old are you?
Hey demi I'm a big fan nd I jus luv your songs
Yo también soi tu fan mmm ... Im your fan
Demi! Youre vioce is AMAZING and VERY beautiful! I'm your fan from Russia and I hope that you will visit our country soon) We ♥YOU and we are waiting for YOU!
hey demi i dont know if you can because i know your soooo busy, but would you email me? plaese my email is : .
i love you sooo much and would love to get some advice from you as im trying to get into the music industry :-) i love you, keep strong :-)
oh and you should so come to new zealand :-D !!!!! xox
ممكن نتعرف
good thing is that whatever you do this well
I love you demi!
that was so great! i <3 u demi
demi i swear! you are my ROLE MODEL! my dream is to be like you !
hahahahahahhahahahahah i got free tickets to her next concert from her and ill give tickets to you if you post on my wall i got 7 tickets lucky seven get them
hi i love demi lavato plese i listen to her every day im 10 and i love her plese
I love your music,
I'm your fan and are you. Still friend with selena gomez
OMG to megan I'm 10 too andyou spell please wrong
you need to put this version on itunes!!!!!! please!!!!! who agrees???
Hey what is your name. And I like that song to
hello I love your music I love to go to your concert in london but I can not I love you
i love you so much you are an inspiration to me and so many others
I know you probably won't be able to read this but i hope you know that your my inspiration. To keep going when things are bad. I'm going to say one thing and you don't have to feel sorry for me at all. Because your probably very busy but my mom died this year of breast cancer I couldn't keep the battle still I just wanted to surrender and you made me think if she can do it so can I.
woow!! you are amazing!! I love you Demi <3 Please come to Spain!
ur my role model i so want to meet u if u r a friend demi u could come down to texas
Today's the day everything changed .... One person I admire about 1000000% more ... Hats off .... I looked at the document which says that it was totally on the day but got up Due to the music and the fans who have supported and continue to support .... She remained strong and sent testimony to the world that is always some way .... and always is there any possibility how to get it .... she completely opened the door to her private life .... As soon as he started the paper I started to cry like a baby and I cry even until now ... I give a great admiration for the young, talented and beautiful woman for me ... ... many people say that is thick and I do not know what ... but one thing you say ... GOT TO IT .... I thank her for the documentary ... Stay Strong that person is called DEMI LOVATO I ♥ # LOVATICS full ..... I love you Demi Lovato ♥ ♥ ♥ STAY STRONG
youre are soooo beautiful!! singing realy realy realy goood!!! xo
l LOVE your music and i am going to see you at the revenna in IL on August 4
I heard this song on the radio and I'm in love with it!!! Beautiful song!
I'm in love with this song. When I got your CD for Christmas and this song was on the soundtrack I jumped in the air screaming And I love to sing along to it. ♥ Love ya Demi.
Demi you are amazing and such a beautiful person and singer! Don't you ever let anyone bring you down! Lovatic Forever <3
Hey Demi! Ur no.1 fan!!!!!!!!!! I love ur 'everytime u lie'
how beautiful can u be?! love u.
I love it, but her strong voice and the light feel of the piano kind of clash. but I don't care- it is beautiful!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx your really good teach me please
love the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thers juc one lyf to live and thers no time to waste!! luv that part!!awsum song!!! much luv!!
I love you desde México Df
Your so talented I love you and your music
You are so talented and strong and beautiful. I love this song and you.
the truth is I do not like but you could haver better cast
Your are the best
Can you please add me to your Circles???????????
thank you
I love you, Demi! You're so amazing!
U are amazing demi!!!!!! Such an inspiration! Im going to junior high soon and im scared of bullies because i am not very skinny but with you here i feel confident and if i do get buliied then i will stand up for myself and stay strong
Love this song the first time i heard it...and i rushed to see who sings it and i ended up here...good job Demi
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Amazing... Demi in Portugal?? think about it ;)
it sounds so pretty wit piano only!
Can we buy this version somewhere? It's really beautiful
Awesome video you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry about your eat disorder must be hard!
hi. mucho gusto..o lo siento.
thank you very much dear for opening my eyes and helping me see all the good thats starring me blatantly in the eye. you are blessed to have the faith to stand strong every day and give others hope . may your path to success always be clear and filled with all that you desire . many ppl may say ( i idolize you / i love you /i am your biggest fan ) but you no what ................ i am going to say THANK YOU . you helped me alot
Another nice performance from Demi, but again I can't help wondering why she didn't play the piano herself. Somehow I can't imagine Elton John or Billy Joel letting someone else play the piano.
On a somewhat different note, who is playing the piano?
WOW you are amazing that is so inspiring.
I want 2 join ur circle 2. You r a amazing artist
amazing i love it
your e very good singer
me encanta este tema demi sos lo mejor
I love you Demi I have since the start!! <3 <3 <3
Ahhhhhhh I <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Give your Heart a break and U
you are e amezing zinger
its e good song<3
@viona13th, mention for follback :)
i love this song and i love demi lovato she is my hero I AM A PROUD LOVATIC AND ALWAYS WILL BE -STAY STRONG
omg i LOVE u demi i think that ur an amazing singer and ur hardships have really made u stronger and i think ur really inspirational. ur one of the stongest ppl i know and I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!
I almost now the words
YOUR COOL<3<3<3<3
sent me a lot of pictures of u in like bikinis and stuff
Just thinking bout you makes me excited! Your gorgeous, talented, and Strong! Love u so much Demi<3
aww love herrrr and her music she's so inspiring
Its beautiful .......just like you.!!!!!
you are just so beautiful! And your voice is, and your songs are:) I love you so much!:*
LOVE YOU DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING TALENTED PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!
what is combination of beuty and talent
i impreess on uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
it is just wonderful like all your vidoes have ever been
hey I love ur songs wanna hang out??
I like your songs April 23 2012 I heard your song ( Give Your Heart a Break)
lidi cx
i just love your great song,you always should give your heart a break
yah that was totally
It's So Cute... I Love You Demii You're The Best
Greeaat performance!!.
I just saw this and fell in love with the version:)
hi demi u were awsome
Your words speak your heart. It was a very beautiful song. Thank you for having the voice of an angel and sharing.
you are damn sexy, i love you
u r looking so sweet lov u baby
Demi it's amazing ur voice is so good i don't have :X :X :X
demi i love how you are performing with your little sister by your side she's so cute i love your voice
p.s. when do you come to the netherlands
My favourite song............... <3 #let me give your heart a break, there's just so much you can take, let me give your heart a break...#
Demi, please, come to Spain!!!
We need you here, Demi!
We love you!!!
please can you follow me because it's my birthday in 11 days and I love your music
OMG! Your coming near my town for one of your concerts!!!! AAAA XD!!!!
you're great........still my favorite <3 Love YOU <3 Lovatics <3
you are amazing, i love your music!!! We love you in chile Demi!!!!
I have always loved you Demi. I know all your songs from camp rock.
i luv yur voice and luv yu cuz u are my role model yu are soo awesome again I LOVE YU
OMG Demi if you add me on in your circles..I'll be the happiest girl in the world because I love your music so,so much and also how you inspire me to keep matter what I have to do to reach my goals.
demi porque no me elijes en tus circulo?
Best version of this song.LOVE  IT. and it.
Beautiful and Nice Voice ! i adore you s0 much Demi
I love this song, wish to sing like you someday? How do I start.
really end yes last comment!!!!!!!!
is your hair red or is that just the lights against it also you r so awesome
N Amin
this is the best song ever
Ur so amazing, when i hear u sing i get goose bumps :) ♡♥♡ 
Last Comment :) Follow Me Demi :)
omg demi your so awsome hope one day i can be like you a great singer !:)
so beautiful. demi, your amazing
Love your song give your heart a break
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