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Going on American Idol to perform Give Your Heart a Break on tonight’s results show. Tune in at 8 on Fox! - Stay Strong, Demi
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No fair! I want to see that! They don't show it here.... :(
everyone douse lol i love your song skie sraper is just like me lol
no because she is making all all the diney shows off the air shake it up the episode off the air and she cut herself
What was the point in saying that you don't like her? No one really cares whether you do or not. You don't have to go out of your way to tell her. envy is green.
@Mckie,cool story bro. You got your needed attention. :D
good luck demi i hope u win this is brandon
OMG SO WATCHING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everybody on this post needs to add me
why would you want people you don't even know to add you?
well, why would you want to talk to people you don't know?
Because I like to talk to people and talk thats what I do. And know body that I know has a google+
I understand that nobody has a google+, but...still...
Yes it is i know what Google+ is and what it's for.
you didn't get my point for that, but whatever
omgomgomgomg!!!!!!! thats SO exciting!!! have fun!!! XD
I don't get what you're typing about but... I might add you
NVM mined just drop it I want people to add me. Okay.
Okay, but which Brandon Bunch are you? There's a lot
the one that lives in Las Vegas Nevada.
so that is what brando bunch I am but people call me BUNCH
I can't find the Las Vegas Nevada one
I still can't find you. Do you have a picture?
I added you, just tell me this: how old are you?
OMG you were great tonight I loved it<3<3<3<3<3 :D
I watched it!!!! It was absolutely amazing!!!!! Can't get it out of my head!!!!!!
I love how you're always so strong, Demi!!! <3 xo.
Loved the performance! You did great! :)
Did I just...? Yeah I did.. but Give Your <3 A Break is cool! If only we could hear a remix pack to the track with remixes from Andy Moor, Alex MORPH, Above & Beyond, MRZO, Maor Levi & Bluestone as well as +Armin van Buuren
i missed the performance even tho i do watch it missed it
Good job last night Demi Lovato! Loved your performance :)
DEMI is more beautiful then SELENA GOMEZ!
no ways !!!selena gomez is sooooooo pretty!!!!:)
I saw that; you did great :)
U are awsome maybe i will sing it on the voice kids i kinda have your voice i'm 12 and i loooooooveeee you
Hey !!!!!! totally luved ur song ! Keep it up !!!!!!!
i loved it u did soo good stay strong demi love you
The best performance so far of GYHAB, well done.
Roszy M
stunning performance xx you rocked the stage as you always do.. :D
You did great! Loved it bought song next day. Love american idol! Xo
Please, become a better person. For the fans:-(
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! <<<333
are you selena and taylor actually for real bffs?
Knt wait 2 watch =) I also have depression & I wish I were in Ur footsteps, stay strong always<3 Thanks Demi*.*
Hi Karen I also had, will have, & still have depression.... It's a battle that is won time a time again & again. But If u have a strong support system the battles become easier to win. U ever need that support system I'm here to listen sometimes thats all it take is someone to listen. U stay strong!!!!!
Whats live ? Live is love. Whats love ? Love is kissing. Whats kissing ? Come here and I show you!
passion for the pursuit of your ambition demi
demi best of luck
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Hello i am Colombian, I admire you only want to tell you one thing acts with naturalness ,which people say that you don't mind in your life you've only things as you seem we are human beings and we were wrong kisses,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,att Stefani Areiza
cool i hope that they love u :)
You are very fanny in the show Random!(The movie)!
U ARE SINGER*************
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