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I joined you before you announced it :D
i love you demi. xo
Hi! How are you. :) Love you..:) xo Naveen
Demi, I just love You SO MUCH! You inspire me and I try #StayStrong everyday :) Yours songs and your voice are inside of me. You change my life and help me how be yourself! < 3 THANK YOU DEMI :*
Demi u r what has made me STRONG:) LOVE U<3
OMG!!! i love you so much i'm a braziliam pround lovatic i'm i huge fan but i know you will never see this
OMG Demi im ddlovatoanangel on twitter i love you so much :)
Demi,you have inspired me to Stay Strong and follow my dream and not to care about what people say to me!You have been there for me when nobody else has been!I love you with all my heart and I've always been Lovatic and I'm proud of it!I love you ! <3 :*
demi lovato your the best, i'm so proud of you, you look like a beautiful model. i'm so happy to hear everything is doing better for you love, just always remember hun remember to #staystrong dont let anyone break you down, as a fan you and i can rise from that ground, were all LOVATICS FOR LIFE! love you demi your amazing, i hope one day we can meet cuz that's my dream, xoxo babygirl when you go on the show punk'd i'll be watching it's just a show but i hope nothing brings you down from it bye hun
I love you so much, special for you I made a google + account <3
Omg Demi ur so awesome!.. Pls reply.. Ik ur popular and all.. U don't hv time to reply.. But if u reply... It will make my Day :)
Thnx a lot..
:D I added u in my circles the day I joint google plus :)
I wanna join ur circle! I have G+ activated.
I added you to as well to my circle
+***** haha I'm using my phone I will add you back when I get on to my laptop stupid phone LOL maybe I should change my name to DdlovatoAnAngel on here also :)
+Daniel jeffery lol.. Ik.. I asked Demi to reply.. Ik she won't .. No harm asking :)
Once Tiffany Alvord Replied to me on YouTube :)
did you see her facal expressions ;) <333 sso adorable.
join me on google plus !>>jassi sohal <3
Demi can you add me to your circle? I love you :)
I made iGoogle just for you Demi <3
could I join you?please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(
hello! dem i am fan i love you ♥ :)
thumbs up if you think that she's lifesaver! and if you are real Lovatic!
DEMI you know that wall of us love you so much!
Nina Le
Demi you are a great person
Demi your so cool!!!!! Your a great person!!!! :p

I Love you Demi ♥. StayStrong
Hi demi just wanted 2 say ur an inspiration and u changed my life I lost my mom when I was 8 and my litte sister was 10 days old and I first started taking interest in music becuz of my depression but as I heard ur songs they seemed 2 make me happy and also when I heard what ur going thro or was I just wannna say that u truely r a strong person if u can get through with ur struggles I can get thro mine well not just me but all of us can if we stay strong and have confidence so ty demi ,ty for saving my feelings
Demi,I love're my inspiration...i opened google+ just so i can follow you...i follow you on twitter on facebook...i go everyday on your site and YT channel hoping that there is something new...i sure you won't notice me but I will still love and support you...:DDD
I joined You Demi. ALWAYS! POLAND!
Please add me to the circle of his friends) you are very beautiful here)
hey demi your music is sooooo cool please add me to your circles thanks
hey demi your music is so Perfect please add me to your circles
Niamh Varley She can add the two! It would be perfect but do not think she had read every post. Snif
hey Demi pls check out my message.. i love you and i'll see you in Milan!! bye!
I have you in 2 circles!! Love ya Demi! <3
youre awesome and i love you <3
I love you Demi, you are best of all :)
Dear Demi, you often come on this site?
DEMI!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ NOTICE ME!!!!!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LUV U!!!! UR MY IDOL AND INSPIRATION AND I LOOK UP 2 U SOOO MUCH!!!!!! Follow me on twitter demi!!! DM me!!! REPLY, ANYTHING PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your doing an amazing job with your music and everything
Please notice me and Add me to your circle please!! and follow me on twitter @itskeilespinosa, pleaseeeee
thank you for everything you give us your music and strong and gives us the power of hope thank you. I love you<3 cece
demi sos la mejor y espero algun dia conocerte
demi lovato ever see or hear you feel something deep in the heart that draws me to you and I can not avoid is the feeling I have for ati which I will never forget no matter what will always love you ... you have a concert in Nicaragua and know me well and true that everything I write is true! if you were together ami not separate me from you take care of you until death do us part uqe clear that you always have your free time when you want but we'll take care of every last second of my life! ..... until you observe haiga not view, you would follow to the end of the world if you lose to the day, I find him march would ask god to look after you and you always keep the peligor and when night comes at last to thank you because you are here .. my life, my life .... demi lovato = franklin Chamorro (FJR) please find me on facebook and befriends your self!
I was the person dancing with my friend while you were riding a ride at the Austin Rodeo! I love you so much, I'm going to get a Stay Strong tattoo!!!!!!
i create a acount for you dems - <3
go to your twitter and
RT please #9daysGYHABmusicvideo let's make it tt worldwide
Hi, demi hope all of us add to your circle! :) thank you!
Demi, please feel free to add me to your circle of friends), you are very beautiful here: *
Hello anyone home?????????hi my name is carly I just got gmail this morning on Sunday march 25 when did u?????? Did u like being a performer in the lamest movie ever a.k.a. That's camp rock 1and 2! 
U r so amazing... Super awesome Stay Strong MTV. I really loved.
hi demi ,im from spain ,i love u so much ,you are perfect good luck!
demi lovato i love you! add me to your circles please! ii love you
Demi my sister loves you i mean my sister could cut off her own leg to get a autograf
i luv ur music it is AWSOME THE BEST
Demi,u inspre me so much. i dont have a dad he left mom and my story is in ur son.. i get bullied plz join my circle.. love u
Hey Demi Lovato i need help and advice how do i get big with my singing?
Well, firstly, I Know a little while, and I fell in love with her. I started in 2011, was a time that I was already well with low self-esteem, because I had some problems that plagued my mind. Until one day I walked into the tumblr "maravilhanaervilha" and saw that she was super fan and spoke very highly of it. So I decided to find out more, listen to music and literally fell in love with her, I cried when I saw Stay Strong, moved me and smiled, I realized that Demi was not just a girl who was bullied *, was a strong woman who overcame their problems and disorders with FAITH, FOCUS AND STRENGTH! This year, I wanted to know why it will not be able to go on your show, but my town is far from Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Rio Like Brenda Anna I always hear: "Stop dreaming, you will never know it! It's Impossible ", and really hurts, because I really love, I am Lovatic truth. Never give up you know it, the more you want to help me achieve this dream * - * I know, there are many girls who dream of: Demi, plus I really believe in me, because I have faith, I have FOCUS and STRENGTH! Okay.até today I'm not believing that she will come to Brazil, Demetria is my inspiration, my strength, because it was she who helped me in difficult moments, I know we do not know, but with its history, its music, its interviews, phrases, smiles, it somehow helped me, gave me strength enough to continue going strong, it's as if she spoke: "Stay Strong, Stay Strong," and in the midst of strife, deceit, and I excelled, and I'm here, strong enough to not EVER give up one of the most important people in my life. It may seem silly to say that your smile keeps me, your music makes me stronger, for a true LOVATIC it happens. I am here today to ask your help, as I said. I hope I can! E. .. LOVATIC NEVER A REAL, BUT NEVER QUIT!
hi i am adil khan veow my pic and
Demi I love you ,and hope you stay true to urself.
Hi Demi!! I hope you follow me back someday in twitter or here, I really love you and love your music, it´s so inspiring, when i hear your voice, I really get up and feel a strenght wave on my heart!! You make me smile when I´m down and I´m so thankul with life for put you on my way. much love dear! xo- Mari
I lovvvve you so much I was wondering me and my friend doing a show we are only 11we would like you to come on the show for free this is not a scam if you want to ring me her is my num07999015245
i love you demi so much ♥♥♥
Zoe P
demi... i have already put you in my circle. love ya! xo zoe
me and my cousins think you are the best!!!! you should do a concert in Nampa, Idaho and have a meet and greet! WE <3 you!!!
hahaha!! I LIKE HOW YOU ALWAYS DO A LITTLE VIDEOS LIKE THAT!! I MEAN IT Always take like 10 second :P I LOVE YOU <3
I love you so much DEMI!!!! you´re amazing :D
latinos unidos denle +1 si quieren que Demi Lovato lance "Give Your Heart a Break" en español por favor
latinos unidos denle +1 si quieren que Demi Lovato lance "Give Your Heart a Break" en español por favor
latinos unidos denle +1 si quieren que Demi Lovato lance "Give Your Heart a Break" en español por favor
latinos unidos denle +1 si quieren que Demi Lovato lance "Give Your Heart a Break" en español por favor
Demi, add me to your circles too. Please? Stay strong our inspiration! ♥
i LOVE DEMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i joined Google Plus becoz of herrrr !!!!!!!!!!!! Who's love Demi please add me !! hahaha i dont know how to play it yet !! but yeah it's kinda like Facebook+twitter !! haha
pleeeeeeeeeasssssseeeee joooooiiiinnnn myyyyyy ciiiiiirrrrrccccclllllleeee
Hi Demi I really wanna have you as a friend and meet you in person
Hi Demi i must say that you where awesome in Sonny Chan's and i really want to meet you in the real.
omg i cant belive your gone off of sunny with a chance
you where great!
I want to be your permanents address.
Demi i a huge fan of you you the best
people are sometime mean to me can you help me?
I'm already in your circle♥
Now I must visit Google+ everyday :D\
Demi me gusto mucho tu Cansion versión para piano Rascacielos waooooo cantas Muy biennnnnnn corazon jjjjj siiiiiiiiiii
I love you and your music so much you are so pretty add me please<3
Please add me! You have a great voice great music, it must feel amazing to be you!
I am a big fan of you and my biggest wish is for you to come to Sweden.
I am a big fan of you and my biggest wish is for you to come to Sweden.
You're already in my circles! Just miss you add me in your circles! =D
same you are so talnted and pretty i wishb i was you
Lara F
i was wondering if you could answer me two questions! :)
the fiisrt one is : which is your real youtube channel?? cause lots of people have other channels pretending that they are you, but i know that youre not
the second one is: could you answer this??
please! that would mean the world to me! i am your best fan! i really love you!!! youre my role model!! thanks for everything you do to us! :)
so, please answer!! i would be the happiest girl in the world if you do! i love you since you first appeared on tv!
im sorry if have any mistake, but im form argentina and i speak sapanish, but i am learning and i love speaking in english! :)
i cant wait till tomorrow to see your video!! i know that its gonna be awesome like you!
so, i know that maybe you wont see this, but if do, PLEASE ANSWERR!! thanks for everything!
and i cant wait to see you here in argentina on the 28th! i ve got the tickets since like two moths or more i dont know!
so, thanks for everything, and if you see, please answerr!
and remeber to always STAY STRONG! :)
When I was this video I made my Google+ account :) ...Love You Demi 
i love that song really awsome feel i got it
I absolutely love your music Skyscraper is my fave
love your music you're amazing!!!;-)
<<<<<<<<Follow me guys!!!
Just did! :) I LOVE you Demi!! U r my idol! :))
wow your music is not bad you still got it demi
u r awesome demi i <3 u..... -- i luv 2 sing!!!

thanks for entertaining us with ur fab music...!!!
I love your music its so inspiring to me !! <3
I loooove your song "Skyscraper." I feel like I can relate to it!!! I love you Demi!!
I heard Demi lovato got put in the funny farm for somthing thats totaly comon
yeah ur amazing and im singing skyscraper on may 18 at woodstock georgia at me school
Excuse me but are you the real Demi lovato ?
please join my circle and be my friend
Please Join My Circle And Be My Friend :)
please accept me in ur circle
i love you
Hi Demi lavoto I'm a huge fan please write back oh and I like skyscraper and camp rock is also awesome
hi im a big fan i watch u since i was little from barney i really hope you can listen to my music i wrote it call here i come by diana nguyen the viedo isnt good cause you will c tree only but here the song if you like it please comment me or email me love diana nguyen u are awsome, preety, and stay strong.
Loved your piano version of "Give Your Heart A Break". Demi, you're a real inspiration to people in the world, and you should be proud of your voice and who you are. Keep being strong. <3
N Amin
thats so cool i think you are so insperational 
N Amin
in a good way
hi demi i never thaught id be chating with a celebrity ;love the songgive your heart a break
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