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Only a few more days before the premiere of my video for Give Your Heart a Break! Who's excited?? - xo Demi
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I think it will be an awesome video!! We're all eagerly waiting!! :)
i am veryyy exited demi i lovee you hugs and kisses:D
I'm so phsyched! I can't wait!!:)
m waiting so eagerly to watch this video
I can't wait u ARE inspiration and couldn't imagine my life without u in it!!! :D <3 ,] 
OMG, I'm very excited! I can't wait, this song is so amazing and I bet the music video will be even more incredible! Your amazing Demi! <3
looking forward to not see the time to see me please put in your Circolo
Demi Lovato <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333
Zoe P
I am excited, my teenage girls love you. Welcome Back!!
no more holding on to help put right I need to see this entire video
PUMPED!!!! I heart u Demi. yer an amazing singer.
I can't wait!!!!!!!
I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I so excited. Many Many Many \o/ \o/ \o/
I can't wait!!!!!
So excited !!! cant wait to see you in Argentina, love u
I'm so excited for see your music video of GYHAB! This song is fantastic.
i know i am excited to see this music video
demi is a gr8 singer isnt she
demi lovato is such a retard (no offense)
Y'all stop hating on her she is great! 
Abbie S
So excited!:) Haters gonna be haters but #Lovatics will be louder than them and support you 100% for life no matter what!!<3 :)
I can't wait to see :) u have an amazing voice!
How can you write that she's a retard, on HER feed, and then say no offence?.
Good to see you are back at work! Missed seeing you on the tv. Good job young lady. Keep on keeping on!!
Don't judge her cause you hardly know her.
Demetria ♥ Esperamos que con el corazón * - *
it means u have some nice sex....i throught girls dont have sex?
I AM OF COURSE! can't wait! u rock, r u doin any concerts in San Diego any time soon :)
+brendan lee really? ur sayin tht on her post then say no offense, who's the retard cuz definitely she's not. have a good day sir. +Demi Lovato don't bother haters like tht demi, don't listen to them haters. this reminds me of wat Jesus says to us the world will hate u because of me, they hated me first, idk if ur a christian but when Jesus says tht to us it helps me to know there is always goin 2 b haters but it doesn't matter as long as we know JESUS CHRIST as our savoir
yeeaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im too exited
Me me me me me !!!!!! Demi u're sooooo much incredibly♥ love u too much :)
not me...... well, mayb......... we'll see............ if it's good or not.... :/
it's just that u (demi lovato) turned on drugs.. that's wat i h8e about.... who's excited??
OMG I Love that song I can't wait till it comes out
Ahhhhh so excited! I'm peeing everywhereee
yayy im excited. im also going to your concert at the del mar fair this june:)
cant wait for it!i'm so excited!love u demi!!!<3
Well, I am not that of a movie person, so...
But, I feel excited for you, Demi. :)
OhmyLovato, I can NOT wait to finally see it! I'm like, over here literally counting down the days!! iLoveYou, DemiLovato<3 Keep inspiring me, please? :)
Me...i'm so excited..can't wait
I think that the song and the video will be great!Eagerly waiting for it!!(H)
wooow !! demi you look gorgeous ; and the song is really amazing ( it's my ringtone :D ) luv ya <3 <3
waaaw amaiizning demi you are fantastick <3 <3
I am dying of anxiety and very happy for you!!!
This video is going to be epic. Demi is such an inspiration
i think this video will be GOOD!! : B
Why did you wait that long.But it looks good!
i like it and also i like her song skyscraper
I am very excited:)
Demi come to Russia we very much you we wait)
demi your sooooo cool and i saw the premire of your show,stay strong, you are still soo cool and im very sorry that all this happened to you. its not your fault i hope you remember that! your sooo cool demi! thx for still going strong and not givin up! i <3 all ur songs!!!!! - parker :)
I'm VERY excited!!!! i love u so much Demi!!!!
I can’t wait to watch video !!!
i love this song but i dislike u srry now if u were talking selena gomez then i would like u more but ur so, so!!!! but i guess i like u!!!!!
Extremely excited about the debut of music video, which should be one of the best this year. I Love You Demi.
Cool and btw my brother hates u
I am a big fan of you and my biggest wish is for you to come to Sweden.
I am a big fan of you and my biggest wish is for you to come to Sweden.
I am a big fan of you and my biggest wish is for you to come to Sweden.
I am a big fan of you and my biggest wish is for you to come to Sweden.
I am a big fan of you and my biggest wish is for you to come to Sweden.
I am a big fan of you and my biggest wish is for you to come to Sweden.
I am a big fan of you and my biggest wish is for you to come to Sweden.
I loved you since 2007 and I'm your biggest fan and i would die if you come to Laredo,Texas and preformed there. =)
Te amo te amo Demi !!!! Chile Loves you :) I love u so much ♥
i bet it is gonna b an awesome, terrific video/song CAN'T WAIT
i cant wait 4 ur video premiere and u inspire me so much :)
<3 u
ahhhhhh!!!! 2 more days till Give Your Heart A Break music video!!!
i'm pulling for u Demi wat went wrong with u and Joe Jonas I really didn't here bout it I'm late
love love love love perfect i love demi
speak in spanish and english true?
u are not demi lovato
are you demi or not because that means ashley tisdale and nick joanas andd joe joanas is not them omg!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH i so cnt wait demi you are the best :-D xx
THANKSSS!!!!!!!!!!! demi you going to PARAGUAY, but i dont go XD
Good luck Demi I'll miss you text me my number is 364-0898 I live in millville new jersey 08332
oh my god I can not wait to see the video
hey demi i can't wait until ur music video for give your heart a break premires so excited
I'm Super Excited Waiting for Your Video'm from Venezuela and one of your biggest fans are the best! I Love Your Music. You're the best !!
Demi, I just love You SO MUCH! You inspire me and I try #StayStrong everyday :) Yours songs and your voice are inside of me. You change my life and help me how be yourself! < 3 THANK YOU DEMI :*
You are my role model. When I feel bad, I always turn on your songs and I feel You inside me :) Demi, You are part of me. I Stay Strong thanks to You! Thank You so much for everything < 33 I will support You forever :*
If You read one of my post, I will be the happiest person on the whole world! < 3
You are the best, the funniest, the most beautiful, the cutest, the most stunning, the most unbroken and strongest person on the whole world! < 3 I just in love with You :) I want have sister like You :**
You are very important for me, because You saved my life many times. ;** You are my SmartDemi ;) xo
i love this song.. and you are my inspiration Demi.. you are a greats singer, and I am glad you are ok ( you know from rehad last year... ya kinda weird) but ya <333 yaa
I saw your GYHAB Music Video. I don't know what to say! You and Alex are just incredible!!! And You look awesome, our beautiful Demi :)
Every moment from GYHAB Music Video is awesome, awesome & awesome!!! I am in love with your new music video ;**
I love this part of GYHAB Music Video when You have ponytail! ;* You look cute, sweet and happy :)) xo I enjoy YOUR SMILE :) It's good day start ;**
Demi's Glitter Smile < 3 :)


Demi Is Stunning And Shining :*
Demi, I really need your hug!!! _
Remember! Polish Lovatics love You so much! < 3 muah!
OK, it's my 13th comment under your post, so I say You one more time : You are my inspiration!!! YOU SAVE MY LIFE EVERYDAY AND I STAY STRONG WITH YOU < 33 ;* I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DEMI! :* POLAND NEEDS YOU! :) Stay Strong my beautiful Demi xo
Lara F
hi demi!!
i was wondering if you could answer me two questions! :)
the fiisrt one is : which is your real youtube channel?? cause lots of people have other channels pretending that they are you, but i know that youre not
the second one is: could you answer this??
please! that would mean the world to me! i am your best fan! i really love you!!! youre my role model!! thanks for everything you do to us! :)
so, please answer!! i would be the happiest girl in the world if you do! i love you since you first appeared on tv!
im sorry if have any mistake, but im form argentina and i speak sapanish, but i am learning and i love speaking in english! :)
i cant wait till tomorrow to see your video!! i know that its gonna be awesome like you!
so, i know that maybe you wont see this, but if do, PLEASE ANSWERR!! thanks for everything!
and i cant wait to see you here in argentina on the 28th! i ve got the tickets since like two moths or more i dont know!
so, thanks for everything, and if you see, please answerr!
and remeber to always STAY STRONG! :)
hello Demi!!!!!!!!!! i like your songs!!!!!!!!!! you sing very well!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can`t listen it in Germany, excuse me, i look on an other website :-)
Bye Jörg
I watcheeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its AMAZINGG!!!!!!!! III LO VVE ITT!
demi, you will not believe how much u've been an inspiration to me thank you and stay strong :)
Omg i just cant!! Haa love it <3
I love you endlessly, with you I can breathe, with you I can do anything, without you I can do nothing, and I only have three words to tell you: I love you! My eyes miss you, my feelings are of love, my hand needs you, my soul calls upon you, my hearts is just for you. I'd die without you, because I love you... I love you so much that I can't write in words how much I love you
crazy abot u !!!!!!!!!!!1 ur the best girl ever !!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111
OMG only 15 minutes until full video comes out
the music video 4 Give Your Heart A Break was AWESOME!! i was like man that dude is dum! y the hell would u NOT wanna be with Demi Lovato??!!
Demi the video was GREAT!!!!!!!!! I am the #1 fan i don't care what anybody says!!! My name is Amaris I also commented on your YouTube page. You really inspire me through everything you have been through. How people treat you is ridiculous like Farrah off of Teen Mom. She treated you so poorly. Anyway I really love you can you contact me back. My name is Amaris and I am only 10 years old.
OMG! I have been a huge fan of yours ever since you stared up! I love all of your songs! You really are an inspiration to me! Of course I can only imagine what you went through and what you are still going ( being a pop sensation and all)! But I just wanna say that your fans have your back all the way!!
-Sierra W.
Can't wate i'm an Aussie so i may have to wate a little longer but i don't care i'm so excited i'm a huge fan and you music speaks to me sooo much and helps me love myself so thank you and please follow me on twitter (@Sidrah112lol)
hi demi...i absolutley love your new album unbroken...tonight i just watched your interview on E! About your new album
Demi Lovato: Give your heart a break. I saw your world premiere of give your heart a break.
It was so awesome...i love you and your music.
dear demi my name is Leo, I'm from Argentina, I'm 24 year old, 2 years ago that I follow you for your music, but most of the music will follow you for your beauty as you are as a person, not personally know you, but I've heard a lot about you and good things ... you're very special to me, beyond that you have no idea of who I am or where I am or how I am, but thanks to you I've noticed that life is that this has more problems than you have to move on without looking back ... and face adversity ... I know that you will not want to read but good to know that thanks to you I keep going no matter what and for over 24 years have taught me to value life thanks for being you I love you and hope someday to meet you and able to talk face to face is my dream THANK YOU
sorry but my English is half bad
You're the best and most beautiful in the world
with loveattentively leo
I like the Vevo go show one
Well I went to the hospital last night and now I have crutches for my knee so...
my favourite song from u demi is give your heart a break and fix a heart! xox
Demi i'm soooooo proud of you I had the same thing happen.. but i saw you and got inspired to do right thank you and i love you!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you i saw your concert in hershey a few months ago. i also saw you in 2009. still love your music you are so inspiring to all of us.
I am very exited:-) Your music is inspiring to all of us and I am very proud of you. Be strong!!! When I was 10-11 years, I had almost developed anorexia because I was so unhappy with myself and I found that food did not taste very good. We moved to a place in the country and I started eating little by little. And when I was 13-14 I started to cut me in your arms because I was bullied and had no friends. I cut myself in 6 months before anyone discovered it. Now I am 20 years and mother of 2 girls <3
I saw the music video... It's really perfect ♥
Demi i love you!!!!!!! you inspire mee!!!!!!!<3
sounds like a good song.
You amaze me!!!!!!!!!!
is a lovely one... you just can't stop hear it...
Demi Lovato
░░░░▀▀▀██▀▀▀██▀▀▀ LIKE if you is my PILOT!!!!!
░░█▄█░░▀██▄██▀░░█▄█ I give you my soul!!!!!!
I love you so much demi forever!!! give your heart a break demi I love you!!!'' :)
I am!!! My number: (614)905-1827 Call me please!! I love you!!!! xox
excited to see your back.
wow Demi Lovato all of your songs are awsome:P
idk y everyone forgot u but wen i heard this song i strted bieng your 1 fan i luv you!!
you have very great voice,and i love you too.You are №1!))
Demi!!!!! I have loved you since the beginning! I am ur biggest fan!!!!
oh Demi you so perfect I love you !!!!!!!! ♥
me...even i'm not to keen on give your heart a break...Althought i Loved Lightweight,Unbroken,Together and ofcourse Scyscraper...
very good film and song i LOVE IT and ITS VERY CATCHY:)
Its so cool i luv your song. You remind me to stay strong against anything
i love all your songs!!!! true inspiration!! thanks :)
what is your new video adout demi i've never heard it.
i love this video and demi is the cooliest person:)
Jared C
please add me in your circle! I absolutely love you and your voice
i LOVE your new video demi!! it is amzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE YOU!!!!
stay strong :-D xoxox
u r soooo pretty and i luv ur voice dont let anyone tell u different! luv u demi
i luv that fricken song
your music inspires me to
do amazing things
thank you soo much
for making the music u make
OMG i love you soooooooo
If u r by any chance going to come to Asia on tour can u PLEASE come to Sri Lanka. We love u. Keep on rockin!!!
its so dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDN'T KNOW U WERE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dear Demi lavato i went to seek help and go tov treatment becase you you rock for that lov e katie
im very excited with youre video,,,
i wish i can see you in personal..
and just stay strong...
<<<<<<<<Follow me guys!!!
music is life but yours is deffrint
demi you've been such a inspiration for me... thank you so much. your my role model. just know your completely amazing, cus you are. <3
recently i've been drawn to your music, mainly me myself and time and give your heart a break, i found myself singing over and over...i enjoy your singing, its different from other singers, makes me want to hear it all day
Hi Demi!
OMG i am and will always be your biggest fan!! You inspire me in every way imaginable and are a fantastic role model!! I have posters of u all over my room :)) I love your music and acting, too!
It would mean so much to me if you responded to this, or even +1d me :))
luv u demi!!!!!!! :D
Demi, you probably get posts like this all the time but you are just a brilliant singer. You are such a down to earth person and one day I want to be like you. You are a skyscraper and I want to be just like you. I want to be singer but don't know how to start my career. XXXXXX Tanx Demi I love you and always will.XXXXXXXOOOOOOO: )
i love that video ,I send you greetings from Ecuador
demi i loved your "GIVE YOUR HEART A BREAK'' video, that guy is hot. You are such and inspiration in my life, you helped with alot of problems that i went through. i love u demi :)
you are a inspiration to me and everyone who is going through the same thing
I loved the video <3 Can u please add me?
Why did i add her to my circles i dont even really like her... Sorry Demi!
i <3 you demi lavato i listen to your songs nearly every day
Man I love this song and im super psyched to c this vid.
u have capability to break anyone heart
my heart is alrady break ohhhhhhhhh.
i can't live in the world without listen your songs
i LOVE you demi and great song!
ehhhh ur ok but not the best maybe....... the worst wait scratch that u r the worst are amazing and the music video is so great! :D
One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my life what a beautiful (the lot of the artists I love you) (I want you to come to Turkey)
i luv this song soooooo much demi!!! x ly
This clip awesome....
last comment!!!!! i <3 give ur heart a break!!! sincerely, ur most loyal lovatic!!!
I love this clip)
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