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One of the biggest reasons why Ayn Rand was wrong: Human Nature.
This is is the kind of crap title 2 fixes. There are anti net neutrality idealists who seem to think the free market should decide everything: in a free market a multibillion dollar company is going to take a piss on the individual consumer due to the lack of organized influence and negotiation power. Knee jerking against any and all regulations is short sighted.

No blocking: Broadband providers can’t block access to “legal content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices.”

Comcast subscribers can't watch HBO Go on PlayStation 4. The app arrived on Sony's console Tuesday — and let me tell you, PlayStation owners had been dreaming of and awaiting that day for months....
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Pre #HouseOfCards S1 we talked to creator Beau Willimon. “[Netflix has] got real heavyweights among the best in the business and I think you’re going to see the gravitation toward this model continue.“
Beau Willimon talked to Ars about how the streaming company is changing TV's rules.
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Demetrius W

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So the M9 is the M8 with a better camera....
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Trying To Hire A Diverse Team Of Engineers? It’s Not Just A Pipeline Issue
Recently, there have been a flurry of articles discussing the lack of diversity in tech. Many reference “pipeline” issues as justification for the low..
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Yes sir! #HouseofCards #Season3 
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My regular.... Just a lunch special
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Hollywood thinks graphic designers are idiots, according to this supercut.
"Hello, can I redesign your logo? Yes that will be 100,000 for a squiggle."
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This is why I love Google! Their new campus makes Apple's new campus look boring!
Nice video about our proposed campus released today!
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RIP Leonard Nimoy.

He was, and always shall be, our friend.
In addition to acting, Mr. Nimoy directed films; published poetry, autobiographies and books of photography; and recorded music.
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Mainly a Graphic Designer... and other things....
Computer Programmer, Graphic Designer
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THE ANCIENT GREEKS: Who Were They? Part 2 (1080p)


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The First World War - E01 - To Arms

THE FIRST WORLD WAR (TV MINI-SERIES 2003) EPISODE 1 OF 10 TO ARMS Television has tended to look at the First World War through a veil of tea At Bat

*** 2014 Opening Day*** At Bat - the #1 source for live baseball, At Bat, is the official app of Major League Baseball.****

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All Is Lost

Academy Award winner Robert Redford stars in All Is Lost, an open-water thriller about one man's battle for survival against the elements af

Amusing video depicts Google as a weary person answering dumb questions

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Hands on with the NVIDIA Tegra K1

The new 192 core Tegra K1 processor is bringing desktop computing power to mobile devices. And, in doing so, solves a serious problem game d

Friendly service people
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The food was good. The menu needed some work, rather bland, nothing I can't get in Atlanta....
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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