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Chunk Error has seen lots of changes to the way it works today.

Info & Application form -
Admin panel -

Known Bugs & Fixes -
New Commands -

You can now create (up to three) and delete your own worlds 'on the fly' with in-game chat commands.

You can also, with chat commands in-game, toggle animals, monsters, and difficulty (peaceful, easy, medium, hard).
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Now that I have a PC that runs minecraft better, I should check it out again.
Great! Let's see if I can get whitelisted again. Not much time to play later in the week though.
Again? If you were already on the whitelist for CE you won't need to re-apply. We have moved to a new IP though - the old one will redirect you to the main server which has a separate whitelist. The new IP is:
Ah, got it. Check in later today.
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