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Like Music? with your Servers? Dell does!

Check out the Direct2Dell blog post An acoustical approach to the Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers

We are proud of the acoustical progress in 12th generation, and look forward to your continued feedback, as we innovate solutions for your evolving acoustical needs. The video below captures some of the history and our acoustical strategy.

Check it out:

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Kudos for attempting to reduce the noise.  Does Dell publish any acoustic numbers on tech specs pages for its servers?
That violin is absolutely annoying. Made me stop watching after just 45 Seconds. 
+Matthias Anhalt That is actually a "fiddle" which has a higher pitch to it. So your not a fan of those? :)
+Alex Gerulaitis (DV411) That's a terrific question. I will forward that to our server team. They're onsite at #DellSF12  event this week, so hoping we can get a response later this week for you.
Seems that I'm not. Maybe because it is a fiddle and not a violin. On second thought: Was it annoying on purpose? Matching the topic? Does it stop before the end of the video?
The difference between violins and fiddles: violins have strings, fiddles have strangs.
+Matthias Anhalt Definitely not meant to be annoying. Yes, the fiddle is played throughout the video.
+Matthias Anhalt I am not a fiddle fan either. I played the violin, viola and cello and really prefer the mellow sound of the cello over them all.
+Alex Gerulaitis (DV411) Per your request, we've researched your question and here's our answer regarding publishing specs on server acoustics - “We have detailed acoustics information in the server technical guides, which are available for pdf download on every server page. We don’t include acoustics in the spec sheets or online tech specs, however.”
+Dell - thank you!  I'll check the tech guides.  As far as inclusion of basic acoustic numbers in the tech specs - perhaps something to ponder?  Clearly Dell is serious about acoustics and making it into a marketing message - however if the acoustic numbers aren't easy to find, or compare from server to server or competition - then the message may lose some of its impact... Just an idea.
Hi +Alex Gerulaitis (DV411) - thanks for your feedback and request for acoustics info in the tech specs. I can't make any promises (space is limited on the tech specs), but I will certainly relay your request to the engineers and the technical writing team. Please let me know if you have any other questions!
thank you Dell! :)  The only question I have (since I am too lazy today to dig into respective tech guides) - have any Gen 12 tower servers becomes quieter vs. Gen 11 ones?  (E.g. T620 vs. respective Gen 11 model)?  Thanks again.
Hi Alex - the short answer is yes. The longer answer is, I will get you the exact comparisons early next week. :)