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Dell is a member of BSA, which recently expressed concerns about portions of the legislation and pledged to work with Congress to resolve those issues.

Here’s more perspective from the BSA. #SOPA
When House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith and his bipartisan cosponsors last month introduced the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), I said in a press statement
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1.- I don't know any single person that buy software from a pirate online.
2.- I do know people had downloaded pirated software from sites dedicated to this, free of charge. Sites have ads, no cc needed.
3.- Some pay for a service where they can get 0 day releases (can't remember the name of that network). Is located in USA.
4.- The bill is purposefully written in vague language and extremely wide application.

What SOPA do is blackout any information they don't want/like the people read. This can be used to censor any information regarding human rights violations, illegal activities worldwide (performed by the USA government), etc.-

If Mr Holleyman really believe that most of the piracy is done for profit, then he should be fired immediately. Even a little kid knows that you can find any software for free. And please, don't insult my intelligence.

All the problem can be resumed in one little sentence: is too expensive
Every piece of software ends on a pirate site because of it excessive cost. Reduce the cost and everyone will buy it. Favour free software in your products and everyone will buy it, it cost less. Don't force people to use some hand selected software but suggest. Let the people choose. Don't make software with backdoors to spy on them, and no one will crack it. Easy steps.

There is no need to make a law that ends censoring anything someone in power don't like to stop piracy.
Dell should stand and down entirely on the issue of SOPA or suffer the consequenses and lets just be clear there are no offenders information is free if you put it out there then its ours for the taking one day I hope open source takes over and crushes all you corporate SOB'S and last but not least where not pirates , where not offenders or criminals . where creators, innovators, writers photographers we want to share and create what we want and where we want and not be censored , so +Dell pick your side but pick it carefully. you don't want to be on the wrong side of a REVOLUTION
Dell is a hardware and services company, neither of which are easy to pirate, so I have to wonder why Dell is promoting anti-piracy legislation. Sure, software piracy is a bad thing, but business wise, it is not really Dell’s problem. I went to the BSA web site ( and looked at the list of members and noticed Dell’s competitors (HP, Acer, Asus, IBM, Accenture) are conspicuously absent. I suspect Microsoft told all the OEMs to participate and Dell was the only one to heed the call. Purely business wise, this is a waste of Dell’s resources and time. Dell should be neutral or, if they feel they must take a stance, against this legislation. Dell should be careful not to be on the wrong side.
Dell could just come out and say clear as day if they are for or against instead of hiding behind some faceless agency. For, against, neutral? Which is it?
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