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Take a look at the headlines and videos that provide a recap of Dell's second Annual Industry Analyst Conference 2012 held on April 24th - 25th in Austin, Texas here:

IT industry analysts from around the world gathered to learn about and discuss Dell's transformation as a leading end-to-end IT solutions provider.

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@michaeldell from the side of a customer the service which i got during the servicing is worst

@michaeldell i wanna tell that the service providers were totally f**ked my laptop badly, they make me to cry

@michaeldell guys i have a request that never believe on dell's warranty shit... because its false

@michaeldell i m suffering with my laptop and the service providers are making me afraid by saying that i wont be able to do anything

@michaeldell it becomes worse when one of a employee called me and said that the company was going to close my warranty period

@michaeldell sorry to tell u but ur company is losing its faith from their customers and i m one of them

@michaeldell one of ur employee called me told me that even i went to the consumer court, i wan't able to do anything

@michaeldell at first the technical service providers promise me to give me the replacement but now they are annoying with their words

@michaeldell the employees were telling me that they won't provide me any service relating to the problems

@michaeldell even they didn't recorded my case id which i had complained as i m facing through my laptop

@michaeldell don't know what to do... going through a hard face..