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Here are images from Dell's new XPS One 27 all-in-one Ivy Bridge desktop introduced on May 29, 2012. More details here:
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Almost as nice as my 6 year old G5.
Beautiful. I use the XPS One A2420, still very happy with it.
Much faster too.

wow, this is cool. i gotta get me one of this, are they released yet?
-screen size and resolution?
-can it handle mid-high end gaming?
Please update the actual Dell website to include these computers. I went there and discovered that it was nowhere to be found, which is annoying. Are any of the USB ports 3.0? Screen resolution? HDMI out, but will there be a separate matching monitor if I choose that kind of set-up?
I think they just updated coz i can see the all in one inspiron...just a matter of time and we'll get the xps :D
+Scott Tooley These new machines are not yet available for order in the US... they will be soon though. This machine is Ivy Bridge from the ground up. Yes, it has four USB 3.0 ports. Resolution = 2560x1440... beautiful. Yes... HDMI out and one HDMI input too.

More details on my Direct2Dell blog post here:
+Lionel Menchaca , thanks for clearing that up! As an iMac user for the past 4 years, I'm looking forward to a Windows AIO that packs the goods, but doesn't ape the iMac design directly. This XPS One 27 may be that computer.
Why is it that when someone other than apple uses a existing form factor it is a ripoff its ugly/less valuable than anything apple makes. Yet when apple does it, its revolutionary. I own a mix of macs and Dells and I see the value in both, and I do not feel the need to compare macs to pcs just to have a voice in the conversation. Comments like that show a special level of ignorance that makes a single statement, the commenter just wants to be a part of the conversation and has no real grasp on how this industry works.
+Robert Martinez , exactly! I've stared at an aluminum iMac for the past 4 (maybe 5?) years, and this XPS One 27 doesn't look like it at all! Apple does not own a patent on rectangles, aluminum, or slim. They simply managed to get there first. But to say that this XPS One 27 is an Apple rip-off? That is just ignorant.
The first thing i see is the awesome screen, once again you managed to do what we wanted!
+Scott Tooley Awesome... glad to hear you like what you see in the XPS One 27. Will be available to customers in the United States over the next several weeks. The display is awesome, and that 2560x1440 resolution looks great on it.

Let me know if you have more questions and thanks again for the interest!
This all in one looks really nice but, I prefer a separate tower from the monitor.

P.S.... I LOVE my Inspiron 560 (have had it for about a year and a half now).
Interesting comment +Elvira Gallegos. Why do you prefer a separate tower over having it all in one? I work for Dell by the way but had nothing to do with this product (or any of the products for that matter)...I'm just curious why you prefer a traditional desktop computer over the space saving all in one computers.
+David Whitworth... I guess that's what I'm used to but, then I have worked with all in ones (Macs at school for graphic & web design) for quite a few years while earning both my Computerized Graphic Design and Web Site Design degrees.

Thing is, I have heard, that if something goes out with an all in one, the whole system has to go out to get repaired. So, if something needs to be fixed with the tower, I still have my monitor. In the meantime, I can hook up another tower/laptop to my monitor until I would get back my own PC/tower back. LOL

P.S... I had a Sony Vaio (which I LOVED and still do... LOL) before I got my Inspiron 560 and, I LOVE my Dell too!! LOL