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Are you good at finding treasure? We sure hope so.

To our customers in the U.S., consider this your invitation to join us for a Treasure Hunt! Beginning March 13, look for 7 clues posted throughout You could win a fully loaded Dell XPS 15Z laptop or a $499 coupon! (For U.S. only).

Check the Dell website starting March 13 for your daily clues. Good luck!

Official promotion rules can be found here:
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Already got a 15z. Why wouldn't Dell give away the new xps 13 to promote the new ultrabook? Makes no sense, the 15z has been out for awhile now. It's by far the best laptop I've ever had and is beautiful as well but why not promote something new? Goes to figure, only Dell.
Wow you must have gotten lucky. I bought a dell for my son and we have had a horrible experience. Pray that you don't have any issues with it and have to work with their tech support. Working with them has been the most frustrating consumer experience I have ever dealt with.
Believe me I've been through hell with Dell before getting the xps I went through 3 Inspiron 15R laptops in six months having to talk to Dell customer service reps for hours and hours each time a new one would break before finally being sent another replacement part then laptops. The last Inspiron 15R I had lasted two Weeks before shitting the bed and I stayed on the phone with Dell for 11 hours one night into the next day trying to fix it. I earned my xps the hard way and still got ripped off on the specs and software. Dell is the worst company out there. Hands down.
Hi, Travis and Joshua. My name is Devyani and I work with Dell. I'm very sorry to hear about the issues you faced. I would like to work with you by forwarding details about the issues you are facing to somebody at tech support who can help. Joshua, I've already added you to my circles and have been in touch before. Travis, I'll add you to my circles as well, if that's ok. If you both could send me a message through G+ with service tag numbers and more details about the issues, we could take it from there. Thanks!
Hope you can help. I was promised a manager callback last Wednesday. I called to follow up on Friday when I didn't get a Wednesday call and they told me that someone had tried to call my secondary number earlier on Friday, but they had the wrong number. I updated the number and told them to call at either, they promised an immediate callback. I waited two hours and then called again, they said they couldn't transfer, but someone would call me back within 10 minutes. It's 3 days later and I still haven't gotten a call back. I finally filed a complaint with the BBB. So sad that when a customer escalates an issue that Dell cuts off all communication with them. My son does not have a laptop for school and will have to drop a class that requires it. All because I put my consumer trust in Dell. Meanwhile my HP I got for myself is still working great.
Dell is the worst company of all time the only point I was trying to get across is the xps line of computers is amazing nothing but quality everything else is trash including customer support and corporate. They never called me back either and when I finally did get ahold of a corporate executive they told me there was nothing they were willing to do to help me and to file a law suit if I liked. Nice Dell. I finally got ahold of a many named Jesse Leonard at Dell on google plus that helped me out but I still canceled my Dell card and will never have anything to do with the company again. Dell was the worst consumer experience I've ever had, anywhere. I do love my new xps 15z though. It's top of the line everything and is built to perform and look amazing doing it.