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Walimex 12mm

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What a Killer of a lens... Expecting the weekend to test it during daylight..

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Dears, I am looking for a 30/35 mm prime lens for my a6000. Currently I am comparing the new sigma 1.4 lens and the sel 1.8. I have red many opinions that the sigma has issues at f2.0 up to 2.8 , in fact that the pictures aren't sharp as they should be.

I would like to read your opinion about the lenses. Maybe one of you owe both .


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321 meins

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True words

After 24 hours of coming to terms with the news from Google - I need to put my thoughts into writing. I am not expecting anyone +Google​ or +Nexus​ to read or even care, nor do I believe this will get their attention.

However, given many of us criticize them for not communicating properly, we should rise to the occasion and at least give them the opportunity to understand why many of us are not ecstatic right now. In the spirit of open social media and communicating.

Why are we not 100% on board with the Google Pixel and other directions Google is taking
We are not just simple users. Most of us are somewhat connected to Android and either developers, themers, app designers or the like. Means we are sort of invested in Android and Nexus. I have been way deeper into this that I ever thought or hoped.
For me, this is the first time since the Nexus one I am not going to buy one. The only one I skipped was the Nexus 10.
Normally, I would expect a company that has this sort of loyal following to cherish having us. Or at least not to put a lot of efforts into making sure we are left hanging.

As a European I actually could not even buy one in my country of residency even if I wanted to. Now this is nothing new given I had to jump through hoops since the Google Nexus One (including, but not limited to travelling to the UK for one a product launch of one them, asking people in the US/UK to buy one for me, setting up parcel services etc, being stuck in limbo mode for orders on the Google store). You could say I have had my decent share of 'Google experiences' for Nexus launches. I suffered through all of them. I remember when after the launch event my wife looked at me - and for the first time after these events she looked relieved.
When I told her "This year, enough is enough."

Over the years - I have probably paid in excess of 5k for all Nexus devices. Call me a fanboy then. Call me invested. Does this qualify me to be able to vent and rant - knowing I am probably entitled to nothing? Not sure but I believe in life working in a #Quidproquo sort of way.

The Pixel
I get what Google is doing. Doesn't take a genius to do that once they see a data transfer cable, primarily targeted at previous iOS users, is included in every box.
A design that - really - is the least "offensive" in the eyes of their target group given it looks almost identical to their previous phones.
That is their target group. And I applaud them for it. Business-wise, that makes sense. A lot of sense given we Nexus users urged Google to make a super-device nobody could pass on. Nevertheless, what I will not understand it why, to target these groups, Google apparently quite happily does this at the cost of its most loyal advocates - and that could have been easily avoided. Let me explain.

Ignore the price. Price isn't why most of us are upset. Many of us, especially me, proved in the last 6 years they are ready to pay whatever they need if they are invested as we are.
Design? I could probably live with it.
But given that this year, we Europeans are especially put at a disadvantage again.
- Preorders only for UK/Germany/US/Canada/Australia
- No vouchers included for the Daydream View compared to the US, which reduced the price by 50* USD realistically. Now all of this may still trigger me to buy one (if I could)

So why not buy one?
Not because of price. Not because of design. Not because of the extra penalties of not being in the US.

For years, one thing was for certain: If you are a Nexus user, and your device is not older than the previous generation, you could skip the current generation if you had reasons to do that, and still get the latest software including all the bells and whistles, which, for many of us, was THE reason for being a Nexus user.

Now? 7.1 on Pixel only, your previous devices that you may have bought just 2 months ago, will get a developer preview sometime this year, but without some of the main features, these will be 'pixel exclusives'. Mind you, I own a Pixel C also, but I expect that despite the name, I will also not get any pixel exclusive features as otherwise they would not give the Pixel C users a developer preview only but the same SW as the Pixel and Pixel XL have. And no we cannot even use Google VR headset on the 5x/6p. Because it is not compatible for whatever reason.

Big deal, why you mad bro
Here is the fundamental change nobody seems to address, and the primary reason we are losing it.
The once 'prime' users as Nexus owners are now reduced to second class, for the first time since the Nexus One.
People that bought a 6p/5x in the last 12 months have had the expectation, looking at the track record of Google since the Nexus One, that for a solid 24 months they would get updates first and maintain the 'prime' status. Now, less than 12 months later, Google is literally telling us to get lost or jump on their new pixel train.
Developer preview before year end when the SW is ready? Why, given it apparently is mature enough for their new golden boy - the Pixel?
Pixel exclusive features? Meaning their 'prime' users' are left hanging? If this was HW-related, we would get it and understand. But given we are invested and Google and all things Android, we see their apks inside and out, we know that is not the truth and that most of Google Assistant is already in the current betas of Google App and hence - the only reason these are exclusive - is to force people to jump onto the pixel train.

When you are that invested in Android and Nexus, that is not an easy pill to swallow and - surprise surprise - we don't like being shown the middle finger.

Everyone who knows me knows that I strongly dislike Apple. But at least one thing is for sure - they don't leave their hardcore users hanging after less than 12 months.

That leaves me very disappointed. And yes I feel cheated and dumb having sung praises for years and now am reduced to 'thank you for your service, we will get to you when we get to you'.

Or - to quote what Google Nexus said in their recent G+ post
"As Nexus users, you’ve played an integral role in this journey for Google. We’re excited about Pixel, and also want you to know that we’ll continue to support your Nexus devices (with customer support, software updates, etc.) and the Nexus G+ page will continue to be a place for Nexus convos."

Now this is what they said - but given we Nexus users don't get the SW - as in the previous years - directly but delayed and without the 'exclusive features" - how we received that message

'Thank you for your years of helping us on Nexus, Android and paving the way for the pixels so we can target the iOS people. We don't really need you any more, thanks for all the fish'

And that - is why we are not happy kittens!

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