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It's time for another experiment!
This time we'll be checking if Google can learn about a new term through a selectively shared post.

Google+ is based on selective sharing principle and only public posts should be indexable. If you share something with only 1, 2 or 100 other people it should still remain inaccessible within Google's index.

What you need to do.
Share this message to a limited number of people (not to public, only those you think would participate in the experiment) and in the custom part (your message) add an imaginary term that you cannot find in Google. (e.g. I just found disaquivalated). Don't mention that phrase anywhere.

And then?
Set up a Google Alert (http://goo.gl/LPF77) for that term and report back here if you get an email.

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I've seen limited shares in the index - I suspect that it's personalized results, so testing for the presence of the phrase should be when signed out of your account? Or are you  interested in what appears whatever our status?
Thanks guys! I found something new already: 
"This post was not reshared publicly: Ripples only displays public reshares."
Oh interesting +Maggie Tattersall can you think of a search term or show us the URL? I'm interested in both personalised and incognito mode results.
I've seen several examples, and been quite surprised. Offhand, I can't remember what the topics were, but there was a very limited circulation. I've shared my odd word with only two people, so we'll see what happens there :)

BTW, I've made my share from the main site, not this Community. I imagine that may well have a bearing, too.
Interesting, it never occurred to me that there could a difference considering the community is public.
Ah, yes, you're right, this one is public - I was thinking of private communities.
Genius.. I'm very curious about my obscure term now. What's your guess? 
My guess: Not for public. Personalised: Yes.
+Dan Petrovic your word is in this post, which is public. Doesn't that break the experiment?

I found my own post searching on my own private word within my account, but not when logged out.
that word is just an e.g. I have a different one that I shared.
Why is Google suddenly showing these results? Is somebody messing with me? lol
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