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Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?
I've used Blogger for 3 years, but now everyone tells me that WordPress is superior for SEO. After scouring many sites, I've been unable to find the SEO advantages to using Blogger - are there any?
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Blogger is also good as far as SEO is concerned. All you have to do is to take care of few things like:
-- Blogger sitemap submission to Google.
-- Try to integrate your blogger with your keywords domain or EMD.
-- Customise your permalinks as per your posts.
-- Work on search description.
-- Work on search preference settings and enable robots settings.
This things actually work with blogger.
blogger sucks for seo
... no i mean blogger is the best for SEO! i want all my competitors switching to blogger:) (fingers crossed)
wordpress requires hosting to redirect your blog to your fav domain name but blogger makes it free . offers free hosting. I prefer Wordpress because it offers far more attractive themes. As for SEO, I certainly haven't had traffic problems since switching  to Wordpress!
Wordpress, use a good seo plugin with it alongwith google analytics for wordpress plugin and a xml sitemap generator plugin
For me (Wordpress user) it ranks much better than blogger... in fact, much better than any other CMS or custom project
I agree that Wordpress wins when it comes to SEO. It also offers much better customisation options. I'd be surprised to see any big name businesses using Blogger. 
ANY free hosted blog sucks. Self-hosted WP is the only way to do it right. 
+Lara Kulpa  there are no free hosted blogs but often you will need to redirect your blog to your favourite domain .... thats what comes free with blogger unlike wordpress where you will need to purchase hosting for that. When you are on blogger the only expense you have is to register your favourite domain name. Also Blogger receives better social traction than wordpress in Gplus i think !
It certainly helps having your own domain and good that Blogger lets you do that for free. Beginners love both platforms but a paid system like self-hosted WordPress gives you more freedom that allows you to expand and do more with themes and plugins.

A plugin like Yoasts SEO for WordPress is a powerful too in helping make readers and search engines happy:
+Kevin R Kosar for SEO? They suck. I wasn't referring to content, as that's not the topic. 
+zeefu de king what are you talking about? IS a free-hosted blog platform, as is blogger, because you dont pay for hosting. That's what free-hosted means. And with either, you can point a domain that you pay for. However a self-hosted wordpress blog will always do better than a free-hosted blog of any kind. Hands-down, every time. 
+Lara Kulpa sorry for the confusion. Let me explain. Say you own a  wordpress blog .-> Now you want it to redirect to -> . Then you need to purchase hosting either with wordpress or other third party web hosting services. Then only you can perform the redirect.  Now when it comes to blogger. You can redirect to for free. thats the advantage i am talking about. Try Blogger and study Google plus . This is an awesome combination and great beginning to your blog. 
Like them both, but hard to beat Blogger's integration with other Google apps.
+Lara Kulpa Do you have any data/evidence to support your assertion?  I think it depends on the content. The example I cited above does just fine on SEO.
+WordPress Tribe  when you begin to blog and you dont have to worry about the cost ... i think its a great confidence booster and really urges me to post more 
Blogger + Google Plus like -> single omlette and double bulls eye! lol
+zeefu de king and +Kevin R Kosar I've got 12 years experience in SEO and 18 in web design and development. I worked for two SEO companies before starting my own, and then had Darren Rowse of ProBlogger fame as a client for over 6 years.

I'm not being opinionated here, I'm speaking from experience, and I've worked with literally thousands of websites and blogs. If you choose to believe your statements based on only your own experiences, as with anything in life, you're probably wrong. I gave my advice as a professional in the industry with miles of success behind me. Take it or leave it, and I say that with a smile. 
+Kevin R Kosar "does just fine on SEO"? For what terms, the author's name or titles? Big deal, there's no competition for that. What about core subjects people search for outside of the obvious? 
+Lara Kulpa Impressive experience. So, in statistical terms, your n is bigger than ours!  o.k., can you explain WHY self-hosted always generates better SEO?  What are the actual mechanics?
+Kevin R Kosar +Lara Kulpa oh dear somebodys getting bummers! dear lara cmon ! i just pointed out one advantage blogger has over wordpress. Dint mean to hurt you at all !
+zeefu de king Ha! You flatter yourself, my dear. You haven't hurt a thing on my end, trust me. The question was about SEO, not domain forwarding. I answered, and you came at me like you thought I was ignorant, so I clarified, that's all. Don't give yourself credit for something that didn't happen. 
+Kevin R Kosar I'd have to be a dozen people at Google rolled into one in order to do that, because not even at Google does one person know everything, however industry experience of many trusted SEOs says it has to do with a number of things.

- The ability to have complete control with SEO plugins an tools.

- The fact that there is core code in a free-hosted platform that no amount of domain forwarding or aliasing can change, that looks the same across millions of free-hosted sites, that the search engines tend to give 'negative points' for. Why, or how, is a Google algorhythm mystery to the rest of us.

It's like when people were using a text-link-ads plugin and G banned everyone from the SERPs. They found the code and removed them all. TLA had to revamp their plugin and people had to beg Google for mercy. Yes, this is an extreme example, but people who believe that free-hosted is 'the same as paid' are wrong, on a core code level. Stuff they never see.

- Too many 'free' blog sites go up every day and are never touched again. When you pay for hosting, it shows you're making an investment, and the search engines put more faith in your site from the beginning. I can rank a self-hosted blog light years faster than a free-hosted one.

That enough?
+Lara Kulpa I suppose it will suffice. ;-)  But, content type and competition inevitably play into the issue of whether or not self-hosting is worth the investment. Anyone doing a website on a really weird/little covered topic probably can get away with not self-hosting, esp. if they are not aiming to make moola.  Interestingly, a search for "funny book covers" produces results that include Pinterest pages at the top---but, does not appear in the top 10 results.  Surprising that Pinterest results should come up so high---Pinterest ain't self-hosting!
anyone that is using Wordpress because of SEO is a joke. And most of the time, for most bloggers, they're not even taking advantage of Wordpress's flexibility except to install SEO plugins.

Content and links matter more. Focus more on your writing, less on your SEO plugins. And unless you're really using customized Wordpress (for things other than SEO), you really should be using Blogger. Give this post a read for 10 reasons why Blogger is superior to Wordpress for most websites:
+Blogger Xpertise nice article but not entirely true as an apples to apples comparison. I've had plenty of self hosted wp sites show up in Google within 24 hours. There are also themes that allow for wysiwyg designing if you need that. I've had better than 99.9% uptime on paid, self hosted sites that have been up for almost 20 years.

This isn't to say you're incorrect with that list as it applies to blogger, but you are incorrect in assumptions as they apply to self hosted wordpress. 
+Lara Kulpa how much did you pay for year for your 99.9% uptime? and how many security patches and updates per year did you have to implement? Not saying that there aren't cases for Wordpress, just saying that in the majority of cases they're a poor decision by the owner since they'd get all of the same ability (that they're using) from Blogger plus added advantages (free hosting, etc.)
Exclude neither, for the enemy won't! To the contrary Word Press blogs are crawled a lot more and the have a very high ranking. So This is what I would suggest alternate your blog posting between the two and then embed on the current post to the other page? I Know what happens. Its a great experiment and i learned so much more.
+Lara Kulpa  see first of all your notion that using self hosted paid service like wordpress would give Better SEO benefits is wrong . In that case people doing adwords campaign would receive better organic rankings too in SERP. Wordpress is way better than blogger because of the options you have when it comes to plugins available, theme customization and performance (page load)
I get free wordpress hosting through my host with all the plug ins
Wordpress is by far better. It's infinitely customizable, and the plugins let you outfit and market your site better than any other CMS out there.
+WordPress Tribe does, doesn't it? Though these are details that people choose to overlook when it doesn't suit them. Kinda like politics. ;)
+zeefu de king I'm not wrong. If you choose to believe that so you can save $60/yr, that's your problem. 
+Blogger Xpertise just because that may be true (that they're not blogging to their full potential) doesn't mean we should tell them it's going to make them just as successful. For FIVE BUCKS A MONTH, they can do it right. And make something happen for themselves.

I'm sick and tired of people claiming that the path to riches is starting a blog, and especially when they claim you can do it for free. 'Just go to blogger and start writing, throw up adsense and you'll be rich!' is, and always will be, the biggest loa of bullshit anyone ever let themselves believe. 
+zeefu de king  My problem with Blogger is that the themes are not nearly as attractive as Wordpress themes. Maybe this will change over time, but sheesh---so many Blogger themes have a 2002 look to them.
+zeefu de king As I said, I've got experience. Honey.

I also don't take crap from people. Honey.

I've been an SEO and Content Strategist for years now, and when I look at the page ranks, keyword, xml sitemap, analytics, and meta descriptions on most Blogger sites, they don't have them. At all.

If your goal is to publish a lot of content easily for free, Blogger or Tumblr  or a will suffice just fine, but most of those sites are all on the same IP address, which hurts SEO tremendously.

If you're a business or trying to attract a lot of traffic and a regular readership, Wordpress (.org) is easily the best tool out there.
+Dejan SEO Good news is, once you get your own domain and server, you can import your blog right into your Wordpress site without missing a beat, and go back with awesome plugins like Yoast SEO and  optimize your posts from the past 3 years :)
+Kevin R Kosar I completely agree with you wordpress offers a lot of kickass plugins and themes than blogger. Even responsive themes :) but what i dont agree is the crap fact by +Lara Kulpa  that self-hosting paid service like wordpress gets more SEO benefits because they are self-hosting paid service and to the rest of you please stop mentioning your experience as if you people are crafting the Google Search Algorithm . It would be very easy for us if you could provide evidence to whatever facts you are saying for eg when i say blogger can redirect <blogname> to <blogname>.com i can show it to you how its done like this
+zeefu de king You clearly aren't aware of the fact that the Google SERP algo is a closely guarded secret, and no two people at Google even know everything. So how do you expect anyone to TELL you specifics? It's tried and true experience, and having tested over and over again that any SEO pro goes by. I'm not going to explain this to you further, because you've turned disrespectful simply because you're being told that you're wrong by people who've done it far more than you have, and what we're saying goes against YOUR business model.

What has your experience and knowledge done for your bank account? Because Darren Rowse makes 7 figures a year with his two blogs. They're not free, and he DID start that way, but didn't make his money until he switched to self hosting WordPress. There, there's your proof. He's one of MANY in my client list. 
+Lara Kulpa  dear i dont know from where you picked this "disrespectful" part out of me. One thing for sure i dont respect age or experience but attitude. I am data-driven and thats the way i work and thats why i dont believe your argument. Also it encourages spam. Leave it dear thats simply my view. Also you mentioned -> " when people were using a text-link-ads plugin and G banned everyone from the SERPs. They found the code and removed them all." Did you forget to  mention "penguin update" here ?
+zeefu de king i gave you a real life example. If that's not enough, then you've already convinced yourself that no one can be right but you.

You say you respect attitude over experience. In more ways than one, that statement combine with your attitude speaks volumes about you. Which is why you will cease to get further attention from me. Good day. 
Fyi all - I blocked Zeefu and he is now harassing me via email, despite me telling him to stop. First it was him not realizing he was blocked, so his only message was 'laughing' at me, saying that my comments were deleted because they were stupid.

His next email asked if I have a boyfriend.

He's now been told if he messages me again, the authorities will be brought in.

And this guy is guiding people on using blogger? LOL SMH
+Lara Kulpa  Sorry to hear that! I found your input on the subject of SEO educational. 
+Kevin R Kosar Thank you, very much! That's why I post, because I am passionate about helping people. To get harassed like this by someone with no respect for me, or women in general, is just annoying. So archaic, you know?

I'm not a uber-feminist or anything, but me thinks certain parts of this world has lots to learn about how to treat people. From the beginning, he was rude and negative.

I should've never engaged him here in the first place, but I was trying to help. Oh well, his loss. I just wish he would leave me alone. Blocking him wasn't enough? 
Oh yeah, that's him ^^^ too.
He will not stop. 
A whole lot of flexing in this thread and meh on value. If you incite emotion you will receive emotion. SEO is dead anyways, long live content and branding. 
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