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We're very excited to announce that our new responsive website has just gone live. The site features awesome imagery and is soooooo much better on mobile! And to celebrate, we're giving away a free tee for the first new order on the site. 

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Apologies! We've been quiet on G+ for a while, but that's because we've been mega busy designing new bags, new accessories and some insane sh*t that's going to be coming down the pipe in the next few weeks. And we've also been working on some new videos showing just what you can fit in some of our bags, especially our Verbockel Wax Canvas Rolltop Backback. More videos coming soon.

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If you're in Chicago and fancy stopping by the DEFY workshop between 4:00-7:30pm, we're having a pop-up Trunk Show & Sample Sale, complete with music, drinks, eats and tons of cool DEFY stuff for sale. We hope to see you there.

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Our new fully responsive website is now live. Check it out on mobile and let us know what you think?

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DEFY 28 - Last Few Hours of Our Latest Sale

Just a quick reminder that our 28% SALE is ending soon. Please enter 'DEFY28' @ Checkout. Oxblood Horween Leather, Martexin Wax Canvas & AustriAlpin Cobra buckles. And all Hand-Crafted in Chicago. That time to buy is now!

Have a fantastically DEFIANT weekend & thanks for being the most amazingly creative, and supportive community. You're the best!

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It's that time again! We're just catching our breath from some serious crazy busyness, so we thought it would be nice to have another DEFY SALE — especially now that the sun is actually shining and the season's finally changing. Yaaaaay, DEFY FULL PRICE!!!!

And have you noticed that we're having less sales, less often? You have? That's because we are! We've added a number of new stores following our last trade show (we still need to add them to our stockist page, sorry) and we're doing more corporate collabs', and so we've decided not to do as many sales. So please, if you're considering buying, NOW IS THE TIME! Just enter 'DEFY28' @ checkout.

Have fun with the sale, we've added a bunch of new designs that we hope you love! And as always, thank you all for your incredible support.

One last thing: sorry, but we DO NOT DO PRICE ADJUSTMENTS. Ever.

We know that it really sucks when you learn that the bag you just bought is now on sale for less than you paid for it. We hate it when it happens to us, so we understand your frustration when it happens to you. But we're asking nicely, please don't send emails asking us to adjust the price, we're just going to have to say no. We're not staffed to even respond; all our time is taken up designing, perfecting and shipping. After all, that's what makes our hand-crafted, U.S. made goods worth every penny.

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DEFY 28%
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Courier Strap Pack

Here’s a quick peek at our new courier strap pack. It fits an iPhone 6 and comes with: MIL SPEC MOLLE webbing, 2 D Rings, an additional storage pocket, adjustable 2” velcro straps on the back and a separate pen or tool holder on the side for quick access.

But you know what it doesn’t have? A name! Got any ideas? If you do, send them on over to us. The winner will have their name announced and receive a free…whatever it’s called.

Pre-Order now | Ships in 3 weeks.

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DEFY Courier Strap Pack
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Vicious 'Sabbath'

Lets face it, some bike bags just f’n rock; they fit your life and just become a part of you. At times you don’t even notice they’re slung around your back as you ride.

Meet the 3rd generation of our Vicious Series: the Sabbath Edition. Why did we call it Sabbath? You tell us. But with 3 imported AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles, this bag is better equipped than any cycling messenger we can think of on the freakin’ planet and nothing rocks harder — except maybe Sabbath.

With 1,000 Denier Cordura, 18 wheel truck tarpaulin lining and solid steel components & MIL-SPEC Webbing, this isn’t your average overseas mass produced messenger: DEFY hand-crafts each and every Vicious in Chicago using blood, sweat and tears and some badass industrial sewing machines! 

Pre-order | Ships in 3 weeks

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DEFY Vicious Sabbath
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DEFY ' Hangover Horween Leather Gear Pouch

Hangovers are usually a bad thing, right? We fear and loath them; we hope to avoid them at all costs. Sure, we might enjoy the journey of getting there, but oh the pain!

Can you imagine a world where hangovers are a good thing? We can: meet 'The Hangover' Horween Leather Gear Pouch (Congrats on winning the name contest on FB, Peter Mosney!) The Hangover's perfect for hanging over the handlebars, or perfect over the bike frame. The Hangover is hand-crafted in Chicago from Horween Rio Latigo Leather. (Pre-order now | Ships in 3 weeks.)
DEFY Hangover Bike Bag
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If You’re Going to Bet on Someone, Bet on Yourself

You might ask why in the hell is DEFY having a big sale just because they’re going to a trade show?

Reason #1: It’s all about shelf space! We’re headed to the Capsule Show at The Venetian this weekend to show the world what DEFY is all about! That involves showing a ton of never-been-seen designs, special editions and more. We’re buying new shelves for the workshop just to house all these new products, so something’s gotta go!

Reason #2: Think of this sale as our very own Kickstarter that pays for: flying out to rock the booth; shipping out half of our showroom (and shipping it back); drinks; hotel; and possibly even a little gambling $ and a bail payment or two!

This sale represents a chance for you to help support a true American Dream in the making. We’ve worked very hard over the past few years to even get DEFY to this level where we can finally share it on the world stage.

But regardless of whether you buy anything in this sale, this is a HUGE week for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support!

If you do want to buy something and send us on our way, please enter ‘VEGAS30' @ checkout to receive 30% off everything but the Limited Edition and Sale page items. And pretty please, with sugar on top, please read the note below:

We DO NOT do price adjustments. Ever.

We know that it really sucks when you find something you’ve just bought is now on sale for less than you paid for it. We hate it when it happens to us, so we understand your frustration when it happens to you. But we’re asking nicely, please don’t send emails asking us to adjust the price, we’re just going to have to say no. We don’t even have enough staff to respond, everyone is flat out designing, perfecting & shipping. It takes a lot to hand-crafted in the USA, but we know you all appreciate it!

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