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Learn all about SSL and Website Security

What is SSL? Secure Sockets Layer, simply put, is a security technology that is used for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. The link established ensures that all the information and data that is transferred between the server and browser remains confidential and private. Those URLs that contain this security technology usual require the transmission of very sensitive and confidential information.

Typical URLs begin with http:// whereas those with the added SSL start with https://. Whenever you notice an URL sporting the extra ‘s’ (an SSL certificate) you can be sure that your connection to that particular website is secure. Further explained, any information you choose to share with the website bearing an SSL certificate will be encrypted and safely shared with the website only.


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Do you know the benefits of Cross-Promotion?

Cross promotions include a variety of bundled offerings such as joint events, joint media appearances, shared space, co-branding or even co-op advertising. Joining forces with other reputable businesses who share the same target audience as you allows you to reach your customers more credibly and efficiently when using the appropriate offers and services. Anytime a person is offered a new product or service simply because they purchased a similar or related product is what we call a cross promotion campaign.

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