Requesting TWRP for unsupported devices

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about what devices we support and why we choose to support certain devices over others. Official support for a device usually comes about in one of two ways:
1) We somehow get our hands on the device either through someone or a company donating the device to us or occasionally we save up enough money to purchase a device ourselves.
2) Another developer who actually owns the device steps up and ports TWRP to their device, then they work with us to get their device added to our official distribution.

Occasionally there's a third method where we work with a remote tester who owns the device to get the device working in TWRP. This third method is not used very often because most remote testers are a waste of time. Remote testers often need tons of hand holding and line-by-line directions. Remote testers often fail to know how to get things like adb and fastboot working. Remote testers often fail to make themselves available when we need them and they disappear before we're able to finish verifying a completely working build. At this point, we usually only work with remote testers that we already know and have a relationship with so that we can ensure that we're not wasting our valuable time working with someone who doesn't know what they're doing and will disappear before the job is done.

Sure, you can offer files and to be a tester and offer to provide everything we need, but most likely you'll be ignored because we simply don't have the time.

You can compile TWRP yourself by following this guide:
To put it short, you will need:
-A Linux environment, either virtual or native
-A full Omni build tree, about a 15 or 20GB download
-A copy of the stock recovery and/or kernel source for your device
-A basic knowledge of adb, fastboot, Linux command line, make files, and strong ability to figure things out on your own via searching on Google

If none of the above works for you, feel free to donate the cash or ship us your device and we'll try to work on it when we get a chance.
All of TWRP 2.x source is public. You can compile it on your own. This guide isn't going to be a step-by-step, word-for-word type of guide. If you're not…
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OK I have all of that.
My problem is that fugu (Nexus Player) is not a device with a touch screen... 😊
I bought a Nexus Player a couple weeks ago when it went on sale at Amazon. I have a TWRP build that boots just fine on the Nexus Player and it should support mouse input via USB OTG. The only USB OTG cable I have has a 90 degree angle that points directly into the HDMI cable which makes it impossible to plug in both HDMI and the USB cable. I ordered a straight USB OTG cable that should arrive later this week.
Great news.
And I also have a 90° OTG cable :-(
Could you share your build and also push to omni source the fugu's tree ?

Anyway, thank you for your works, and your answer.
It may be ezy 4 u peeps to do this stuff I had taken me a week to figure out how to unlock the boot loader on my phone even now I'm not exactly shaw what I did but got super s user on my device and recovery but it in Chinese.
And I don't read Chinese.
Need help!!!!!!
TWRP for LG g3 stylys d690 ? !
I can not find anywhere
ola amigo tambem tenho um lg g3 stylus e nao tem uma recovery pra ele se possivel nos ajudemmmmm
What version of twrp would work for zte zmax z970
My version of twrp is showing the wrong the wrong timr
i had the same thing. if you go into settings you should be able to change the time zone. it may still be off by about a minute or two though. 
Samsung Galaxy E5 please make atwrp recovery for this device
Thanks for time, it's very important I don't screw this up..... took me forever to root this Kyocera hydro....just want to get compatible custom from in fly... the again.. CDR
TWRP is the only one that I found for my Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 and works excellent. 
Is it a Ask a TWRP for your device topic ?
K Bell
I would like to be the maintainer for the LG E980 & F240 GPro devices.  I sent you an email via the website.  I have my configs pushed to Git and an active thread on XDA.  Thanks for all the work you all do!
K Bell dont waste time.... go to official twrp channel at freenode and ask bigbiff or dees_troy directly! and good luck :-)
Hi Ethan. Can you build TWRP for Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700H (Snapdragon 615) Thank.
Craig D
Ken Tran = double face palm 😂
was surprised to see there's no Verizon htc desire 612 support. I know it's not a flagship device but still pretty decent phone. Thanks for my past recoveries anyway. 
S4 i337 lollipop stock ocupo twrp
I read what is written above, just want to know if the possibildade for Moto Maxx XT 1225 Quark  codename, sorry the English'm using google translator, thank you.
How do I install android l on my cloudfone excite 504d KitKat version? Please help me... Please????
Hi LG X145 is not in the list:((
hi twrp team....I'm Using Micromax Canvas Xpress A99...[Lollipop  5.0]  i couldn't find my device in supprorted devices list...can u please give a TWRP recovery for my device...
I had 2.8.7 on my last lg90 and it was smooth as a babies ass,but now I need it for my new lg90 and can't remember where I downloaded the .IMG, The guys,great work!!!
How to reprogram my cherry mobile spin3g. Please help po! Tnx
+Ethan Yonker​​ ..please forgive me, if I have taken inappropriate steps to reach TWRP.. I wish to have TWRP built by your team, my device is a Samsung Grand Prime SM-G531M..the big catch is, from what I have been told is the CPU (Marvell PXA19xx)..on LP 5.1.1

I have purchased two of this varient, one for daily driver, the other for test/develpment..

Is it possible for me to send to (you/TWRP) my device, to work on this.? I realize this is a bottom dwealer..I have Samsung flagship devices but like the lower end to carry daily..anyhow, enuff about that..

Would you/TWRP be interested.? If so..please advise of the steps to do so..

Haven't found anyone on XDA to attempt..
+Wayne Kent​​ I have released TWRP for 2 other Marvell based Samsung phones recently. They are relatively easy to port. Pretty much just need to extract the kernel and dtb from the stock recovery and replace those items in the device files that I posted. Has to be built in Omni 4.4.
+Ethan Yonker ..Thank you VERY MUCH for your rapid and helpful reply..I will have a couple folks look into your suggestions..I, myself have NO clue..

I'm constantly reminded why I always wait for TWRP recovery, instead of the "other" recovery..and why I continue to support TWRP..
+Wayne Kent​ if you can't get it sorted, let me know. So long as you pay shipping, I don't mind having devices shipped to me. However, it should be a relatively easy port unless this device has some new twist.
+Ethan Yonker​​ Thank you very much, kind Sir..I have someone that will look into it when time allows..

But..I will certainly keep your kind offer in mind..if that falls thru..I know your very busy, So I'll try to work this out with another ones help..but I may get back to you..

I'll give that one about one week, if nothing..then I'll ship my test device to you, just recieved it couple days ago..
Do you guys plan on offering official support for the OnePlus 2? I did read the options you have in order to offer that and there's an unofficial one floating around but official support would be nice. I have a good knowledge of ADB and fastboot and I would be available to beta testing...

EDIT: Never mind, TWRP for the OP2 has been released officially 

Thank you!!
Hi guys! Do you have any plans to create TWRP recovery for LeTV Max X900?  Now i have installed on my phone, it works, but seems to be unstable, the phone freezes when i try to reboot from recovery, sometimes updates did not installs properly. 
+Ethan Yonker​​​​​ ..Kind Sir..I'm ready to send my Samsung Grand Prime (SM-G531M) with the "Marvell" CPU, from what I have been told, the Source Code has been released for this varient a few days ago..I have sent messages to Samsung's page to obtain the Code for myself, but nothing yet, I'm NO Dev. So I have never really tried to obtain Code til now..but someone told me that has been trying TWRP for me on this varient..but he doesnt have time to work with it..

The one that has been trying to compile TWRP for this varient says that he has the Source Code..musta got it from somwhere

Here is where I have attempted to obtain Source Code >>

Can I send my device to you, if your offer still stands.?
Need Official support for lettuce (yu yuphoria)
"This guide isn't going to be a step-by-step" ... WTF
TWRP for Samsung Core Prime lte with kit kat 4.4.4, doesn't work...
+Walter Tejerina​​​​​​ Make sure you are flashing the correct TWRP version for your device (if available)..look for your device (code name) and make sure you are flashing correct variant..doesn't matter which OS version..(for the most part) what is critical, is correct device variant..(for example) S4 T-Mobile SGH-M919 code name is: jfltemo & Note 4 SM-N910C code name is: treltexx

You must have a matching TWRP code name..the CPU type among other factors are critical..TWRP is compiled with these factors..

If you are not sure of your device code the this app. >> "Samsung Phone Info" the app. first page (General)..forth line down.."Product Name:" is your device "code name"..
I am interested in developing twrp recovery..
But has lots of of the main is below...
Is there any safe way to check your own kernel or recovery safely on emulator?
If yes please provide some start off
+Michael Di​ first, thanks for reply.
But how i will know that (my own made) recovery will work on my target device(e.g Moto g)?
Will i have to risk my device for testing? Or is there any other way to safely test it?
That is what i want to ask you?
Test at the emulator... And if that works test on your device... Worst thing that can happen is you must reflash stockrom
I wish my low end Lg Lucky would get twrp
I wish there's an twrp recovery file on my cloudfone excite 504d KitKat version... 😑
Would you be able to support the cricket lg stylo h634? I've finally got a root to work on the phone without any side effects. 
Can you create twrp for Lenovo a316i and other lenovo devices 
Support Xperia TX please. Thank you very much
+Thiên Trần you obviously can speak English. If you are able to read, then please READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE POSTING!!!
+Dirk Bodschard
Yes, i read it but it's very complicated for me to build my own TWRP, because it's seem no one use TX anymore, only T and V.
+Thiên Trần the article - if you really read it - tells you all the circumstances to happen for TWRP on a certain device. Is this valid for your phone? I guess not. If you don't have the skills to port it for your device (i don't have either), then just swallow the truth and buy a supported device next time. Just begging here doesn't change anything. 
Mario S
I find it extremely entertaining that people think that they should comment on this post asking for TWRP for their device, ironically a post that includes the only 3 scenarios that will ever result in support (none of them say "comment your device here and we'll make it with magic"). No one is commenting " I'd love to be a remote tester" but instead just listing their device, begging for support, and 50% adding a thank you. God bless the internet.
Gostaria de saber se tem recovery twrp para o galax s4 mini GT I9192??? 
Mario S
+Inafysom Souza and this somehow seems like the place to ask that question? Go to the TWRP website and check for yourself.
Alan H
After reading your post, I understand your reluctance to use third parties for testing.  That being said, I am happy to help test for the Pixel C, if need be.  I am familiar with fastboot flashing and commands and I am perfectly comfortable with restoring my device via fastboot if it gets borked.  I already have ADB and fastboot setup for my Pixel C, have the bootloader unlocked, and I have already done a full restore using a factory image via fastboot.  If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
what the difference between Chainfire - and TWRP systemless ? plz and Chainfire support systemless cuz on TWRP
i can't find any root for my tab its Samsung Sm-P601 Exynos ( lt033gxx ) andriod 5.1.1

I need the last TWRP for Nubia Z5 mini (NX402)
+Alberto Guzman​ that's great. What else do you need? I am here at your service for whatever wishes you command.

For the start, I recommend that you learn reading. Because obviously, you didn't read the opening post. Maybe you like to read it first and then reconsider your post again?
I already use TWRP on my Android 6.0.1 device
Marco P
I Hope so much for a Official TWRP for ZUK Z1 :(
I mean will the instructions to compile twrp be updated. They were written in 2012. 
Mario S
+Marco P this isn't the place to ask, and if it isn't a fairly popular phone, don't hold your breath.
I just need one compatible with the studio x plus by blu
Mario S
Smdh.. Why do people keep asking for TWRP on this post? What's wrong with you people??
+Ethan Yonker I am willing to send in my device. Can I get the info I will send it as soon as I can or if I can find one for cheap I will send it as a donation.
I have donated money in the past I don't mind donating again but this time a device.
+Tito Gomez I sent you a message via Hangouts. If Hangouts don't work for you, let me know and I'll see if I can send you a private message via G+.
You might brick a lot of expensive s@#$ but if you don't give up sooner or later become THE TECHNOLOGY VATO! And everyone around you is like wow that's neat!
Hey guyz I have flashed TWRP recovery it show the confirmed popup but when I go for TWRP recovery mode my screen get black and no response plz help me where is problem and how to solve this problem
I want to remove twrp from my s 6 edge g925f
Esta actualización ya esta disponible para galaxy s5 g900m esta asta la versión
plz devloper sir make twrp for samsung galaxy j2 sm-j200h 3g variant
I flashed TWRP released for Grand Prime VE unfortunately it got mount problem due to my bootloader updated to a newer version..plz release a update to Grand Prime VE
How can i get twrp 3.0.0 or (another build) on my cherry mobile flareX 1.3hz octa running 5.1. Already rooted. Cant get custom recovery. I have manager this on a couple other devices but pretty much a noob. Thnx ......... Update...... Sorted it got it done eventually not 3.0.0 but thnx
Developer sir plz detail recovery my z3 d6616 lolipop
+Ethan Yonker​ Will there be support for twrp 3 for moto x 2013 (ghost)? I saw it on the builds page a few weeks back, now its not there.
Cantate fonds twrp for Xperia e1
True and straight talk....cheers and big thanks for everything.

Side * JDCTeam (S4 Samsung team)
+Anil Stark​ Then maybe you should read it,
as the OP states the only 3 scenarios in which a device will ever receive support, leaving the details of your device in the comments is not one of them.
Rob P
This is why having a nexus is great twrp has great support
Sj Feng
HI,different phones has different configuration, and other than their own configuration, there a lot of TWRP proper build flags. But, I can not find the detailed, full-scale about this , is there any summary about this,pls? 
+LoverBoy 2415 Replys like this are a good way to get ignored.
Maybe if you actuality read the pinned post, you would see there are only 3 scenarios that a device will every get Official Twrp support.
I know about fastboot and adb and i have basic info about porting twrp
I pormise i won't leave project in mid hope you guys will build one for me 
But there is very less development for spreadtrum users many spreadtrum developers ported recovery but they got bug like backup restore so we hav to use temporary cwm for it
If there will be offcial twrp it will help spreadtrum community alot
sory for bad english
+Jason Pasch as in my post i already told we ported twrp ver 2.8 but unable to fix backup restore bug if coz we dont hav pro dev. That y i m here if someone will fix bug and update twrp for our device it will help a lot. Thx
Hello :) I Install TWRP On My Device (Xperia Z3). Now I Want To Update It To I Downloaded TWRP Manager But My Smartphone Is Not Listed. How Can I Update It Or Is Z3c And Z3 TWRP Recovery Same? Because In Device List Is Only Z3c And Z3c Tablet.
Thanks, I'm glad I read the bit about 15-20gb.  Why does a little bios like tool need so much just to compile!
So if my device is not on the list then the recovery won't work i have an LG k7??
Opps sorry 4 that last post i see there is only 3 ways to get it work if device is not on list!!
no huawei honor 6p drive so sad hahaha
What is md5 for twrp-3.0.2-0-angler.img
Craig D
Wow their some dense people out there whom still flood this thread asking for support for their devices... Read the sticky and dont be thicky 😂
I am trying to compile TWRP for Lenovo Vibe X3 X3c50. Everything seems Ok but touchscreen doesn't want to work.Volume button also don't work.Do I have anything more in Boardconfig?please help...
Could it be if I use twrp of android 5.1 for 6.0. I mean, i've updated my J700H firmware. I'm not sure if it works on new ver.
+Ndz Mzo please reread the post. They don't build for a device just because you ask. They need to have the device first.
how to get this for Spreadtrum SC7731chipset
Do u have any recommendations for unofficial sites i have a few random devices and adhd so i dnt mind digging thru trash to find something that might work

Aku Lar
dear sir can u make twrp for this device,i hope ...tq sir....
Huawei EC6108V8 IPTV Box technical specs

OS: Android 4.4.2 Android Huawei Edition
CPU: dual core CPU @1.2GHz SoC: bigfish (Cortex A9 - ARMv7)
GPU: ARM Mali-400 MP
OpenGL API: OpenGL ES 2.0 Mali-400 MP
Memory: 0.6 GB
Storage: 1.9 GB
Can you make some for Asus Zenfone Go ZB452KG (4.5). I can test, i know how to use adb fastboot. I just don't know how to build a recovery and i didn't try to learn because of limited internet connection.

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.19 Ghz
Android Version: 5.1.1
Resolution: 480x854
Ron G
Just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your hard work on this recovery and it's subsequent updates. I've been rooting for a few years now and always used TWRP and I've yet to have any type of problem installing, updating, or using it. I would also like to thank you for the inclusion of the concise, easy to read and understand directions in the OP. They are still there even though they are so frequently overlooked. I only came here to say thanks but I read them anyways. Suffice it to say that folks who can't do something that simple are probably best off WITHOUT access to the inner squeezins of their device.
Please help me and give working twrp for samsung galaxy grand prime sm-g531f
I have a Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)  {SM-J210F}... There is a predecessor for this model Samsung Galaxy J2 {SM-J200}, for which TWRP is avaliable.. Can you create TWRP for the new model using the old one...?
Alguém tem para o Lenovo Vibe A7010 versão do Brasil
I have the Note3 Neo SM-N7506V If you could help me I am sure you would make a lot of people happy. 
Please add Lenovo P70-A I really need this D: 
hi teamwin
thank you for your work.
I just got a new cell phone and and I hope you support it
it is Tecno j8
it is a new brand i think

Thanks sir for the info. . I know you do not much time . . Sorry for the inconvenience 
Plz. Twrp for xperia xa ultra singal sim

Pls add for Alcate pop4..😊

Tem como vocês fazer uma compilação..
DO TWRP para o LG G3 D690N STYLUS?
Qual é a última versão pra Xperia m2 aqua 
Send me please link for galaxy grand 2 and method too please 
xperia m2 have already installed but want to upgrade TWRP of which device was used in it?
Make please a TWRP Build for the HTC Desire 820! 😣
+Jason Pasch
I had read it, but I don't have enough time bcz I am at work in 6 days at the Week and I have a family, so I don't think I can't make this. And my know how is not enough for Linux Coding for the HTC Desire... That's the Problem bro
+The zSLxMZ the problem is also that they don't own that phone and therefore cannot make the recovery for it. Read the whole post before you start telling people what the problem is.