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Oh look, even the Omate TrueSmart can run TWRP! Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on one of these nifty little devices, but for those of you that already have one, head on over to http://teamw.in/project/twrp2/214 to get TWRP for the smallest full blown Android device I know of to be able to run TWRP.

Special thanks to +Daniel Ortiz for testing the builds and working on the new 240x240 theme to help make this possible.

It also seems like the recovery.fstab in the stock recovery that is being shipped with the device (or maybe just the recovery image that's been included in the files they've sent out to restore the device to stock) may be incorrect. If you would like a fixed stock recovery for the device, download it here:
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Frackin' cool! Now, if only +Omate TrueSmart would make good on their promises and ship out the devices they said they would to myself and +TK Bay... Its pretty crappy of them to get us excited like that and market for them, them then never send a device. 
+Dees Troy YAY! Now I can talk about this project publicly! The img I sent you is was pulled from the firmware Le Pen sent me so the errors are "official".  Was fun working with you and +Daniel Ortiz on this.

There also seems to be a new firmware out which none of us devs have and am going to try to get a copy, one way or another, to make sure everything still works.
I'd rather donations go to Dees, to be honest. I'm a busy guy but he's probably the best coder in the Midwest.
Good work. Though as someone who has like 5 smart watches.... I still cannot see myself getting one of these. Too bulky and generally, I need a big screen too. They really should have thought about something with 3g + BT where it is connected to your phone when in close proximity and independent otherwise. That's an extra $15-30 a month to add to your wireless bills guys! 
Awesome job! Now the real fun begins... just as soon as I get my October dev edition!
+Stacy Devino I probably won't use the watch as a primary device long term, though I am sure that I will probably pop my SIM in for at least a day or two. I suspect that developers will work on ways to make it work well in tandem with a traditional phone or tablet. An extra line on T-Mobile will only cost me $10.
Awesome! Thanks guys :)
+Dees Troy with an extended battery and tethering, it will let you use any device as your primary device by just picking it up. 
+Dees Troy +Daniel Ortiz  We made Android Police. Only thing I feel bad about is we didn't have it ready in time for XMas or New Years. I know it's not Dees or my first time but could this be Daniels first time in Android news? If so, congrats man!
+Lucas Baran
This is a recovery not a ROM. It is used to make backups and restores and as a tool to install ROMs.
+Lucas Baran If you use the Android App Install Method and once I make the ROM TWRP flashable and upload it, you can use the GooManager app to download and install the ROM.

I'll update the install guide for the ROM once I'm done so folks don't miss anything.
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