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Morning plussers, if you don't drink coffee you might want to start soon. The latest study on coffee consumption, which also happens to be the largest, found coffee drinkers less likely to die than their less caffeinated counterparts. People who drank 6 or more cups a day had 10-15% less mortality rate, but even one cup will give you a 6% benefit, so keep drinking plussers, to your health!
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Hmm, that was a little depressing, but the article itself is actually quite vague and just spreading FUD; e.g., it's main argument seems to be that most coffee drinkers also have other habits that are bad (smoking, drinking, etc) and those people actually have a higher death rate. Well, that's not really surprising, and does not contradict the claim of more coffee being associated with lower death rate (especially if you don't have those bad habits).

Still, I guess we should read the actual paper, and not blindly believe the positive spin either.
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