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Deepali Jain (Lemon in Ginger)
Food Writer. Food Photographer. Fashion Buyer.
Food Writer. Food Photographer. Fashion Buyer.

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Strawberry Jam

An easy recipe to make preservative-free jam from fruit of your choice. No pectin jam which stays fresh in refrigerator for few weeks.

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M&M Piñata Cake

A beautiful cake to look at and an absolute delight for the kids to enjoy. The bounty of M&Ms toppling down and children squealing makes up for all the effort going in.

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Healthy Granola

Healthy granola - made easy and super simple to maintain your new year resolution!

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Christmas Fruit Cake

This super simple cake is must if you are craving that festive taste. It’s still not too late to enjoy a slice or two of Xmas cake.

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Ombre Tiramisu Cake with Ganache

An utterly moist and delicious cake touching all the right chords of chocolate and coffee craving.

I prefer my cakes to be more moist so generously soak them in syrup and that is what makes them rich and moist when finally served. Go make this cake and satisfy that chocolate and coffee craving.

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Butterfly Inside Cake

When people around you start demanding what they want from you next is gratifying and scary at the same time. You need to live up to their expectations and not fail them. And when that expectation is from a 4 year old, it’s doubly tough.

An easy cake to surprise kids and guests alike. Options and your creativity is limitless here.

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Choco Chip Cookies

The cookies are soft and chewy with just a little hint of garam masala for the flavour. The recipe uses oil instead of butter.

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Vegetable Soup

The comfort of holding onto a steaming hot bowl of vegetable goodness and nourishing soup is unbeatable especially in this weather. It is very close to a minestrone without tomato sauce or puree but you can add that as well.

Simplicity is the strength - flavour of whole spices with richness of vegetables describes this soup best.

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Choco Walnut Cake

A perfect chocolate cake with melt in mouth taste, decadence, and loads of chocolate. Sprinkling chopped walnuts on top is the real icing on the cake and really compliments the flavour.

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Instant Okra Pickle

My mother shared my grandmother’s recipe. She told my grandmother would make instant pickles from many seasonal veggies as well as legumes like chole, chana, etc. I was so intrigued with the concept of making an easy instant pickle without the least amount of effort.

All you need to cleaned veggies in bite sized pieces and little bit of that old pickle you already have in your pantry and in less than two-three days, this amazing pickle is ready.
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