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My personal notes on setting up Eclipse for Java development.
I use Eclipse almost every day at work for Java development. It isn't the best piece of software out there but it mostly works, has a plethora of features and you can't beat the price! I do have to ma...
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Ian Ren
I've become an IntelliJ convert over the past year :P
There was a 100% probability that an IntelliJ user will chime in :-p
Ian Ren
Hahaha, come to the dark.., wait I'm not even sure who is the dark side in this case here. Anyway, we have a less randomly hanging IDE... and cookies!
You don't enable On-Save actions? I find those incredibly useful for removing unnecessary imports, adding finals, etc.
I am wary of on-save actions. They work well if your team has strict guidelines which are followed by everyone. If not, you just end up with huge diffs on each checkin which just makes things worse.
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