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How your futuristic life could be in a world full of VR and AR

The overnight success of Pokémon Go has left many wondering whether the smash-hit mobile game is merely another passing fad or the harbinger of something much more momentous – the beginning of a widespread integration of augmented and virtual reality technologies into our daily lives.

If you wonder about the ways in which these technologies are shaping the world to come, ‘Hyper-Reality’ is about to blow your mind.

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Have you been in similar situation, where you couldn't resist from buying Google Home, after seeing it?

#googlehome #smarthome #googleassistant #connectedhome
I had no plans of purchasing this today, but saw it sitting there looking great.

I'm so sorry Amazon Dot you'll be a late birthday gift for my brother. Tap you go everywhere with me.

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Voice orders with Google Home

During the promo period you'll see no service fees when ordering with Google Home. The promo period ends on April 30, 2017. If you place an order for a Costco item without a Costco membership, you won’t see Costco access fees during this time either.

#googlehome #smarthome #googleassistant #googleexpress
Similar to the Amazon Echo, Google Home now has the ability to shop, order, and purchase with just your voice. The feature began rolling out last night and allows users to order home essentials through Google Express and its over 50 national and local…

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A notification with player controls anytime a Cast session is active

Notifications with player controls were added to complement the just-released Google Home. After all, if you begin casting something with a voice command, it's not always ideal to have to use voice commands to control everything from that point on.

#googlehome   #smarthome   #chromecast   #connectedhome  

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Come experience Google Play Music and Google Home yourself. We’re throwing a block party and you’re invited.
- Los Angeles (February 11-12) 10 a.m. to 7 p.m
- New York City (February 24-26) 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

We’ve built a tiny neighborhood with three mini homes and invited Wong Fu Productions, MyCupcakeAddiction, and Us the Duo to show how they use Google Play Music with Google Home. Both events are designed to show demo to people how “Google Play Music and Google Home work together seamlessly to provide an amazing in-home music experience”.

#googlehome #googleplaymusic #googleassistant #smarthome #homeautomation

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Google Home gets fantastic iFixit score

#googlehome #smarthome #googleassistant #homeautomation #ifixit

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The NFL football championship between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots will have Google Home connected speaker as part of the huge TV commercial festivities.

#googlehome #smarthome #googleassistant #superbowl

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There is no better engine of answering any question that you have

Unlike today’s search box, this assistant will learn about you from your behavior. It will know you’re a vegetarian, so won’t recommend steakhouses for dinner. It will understand context: If you’ve just bought Golden State Warriors tickets, the next time you mention Curry, it will know you’re talking about Steph and not Thai curry.

#googlehome #smarthome #googleassistant #voicesearch

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How are your kids playing with Google Home?

#googlehome   #smarthome   #googleassistant   #homeautomation   #connectedhome  
I want to post a quick demo of Google Home being used by the kids and integrated with Hue lights. We've been impressed with how well it typically understands the kid's commands. Not perfect, but pretty good.
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