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Vessyl automatically knows and tracks what you're drinking in real-time.

Vessyl is designed to understand, what you’re drinking on a molecular level, to ensure that you’re hydrated throughout the day as well as aware of your caloric intake.

+Vessyl by Mark One has a LED screen on the side of cup that gives instructions on what liquids your body needs and when. It will tell you if you’ve had too much coffee for the day, or when you need to gulp down a glass of water.

It is packed full of sensors, which can measure the contents of the cup, and can tell the difference between a soda, water, juice, coffee, beer, wine, etc. It also measures your hydration and energy levels throughout the day.

#smartcup #quantifiedself #calorietracking   #yearnandlearn  

Using this at home/office is fine, but carrying it everywhere...naaa. Who carries a cup like a mobile everywhere
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3 years of social reading and sharing, that's a Plus

It's hard to believe it's been three years since Google introduced +Google+ and I hopped onto this for a great journey. It has been a continual learning/development journey for me. Am here, because this is the platform for egalitarian people who elevate each other, inspire intelligently, communicate considerately and differ with dignity.

I never liked Facebook(those who know me, also know why) and twitter was equally not my type either. One was silly to me and other way too brief to actually write/share anything meaningful. I don't like companies that create limits/boundaries around us. So, when I got to know of G+ first time, I got completely excited. Google+ took all the best bits of other social networks, rolled them all into one and then topped it off with some yummy sauce of it's own. +Google+ Photos  editing and auto backup features alone make it a must have service and that is only a fraction of the whole thing. Google+ opened up a world to me that I honestly never thought possible. It it the epitome of a community striving for a global community, encouraging connection, communication, and the building of relationships.

There are many reasons, that bring me here, but the most interesting is Community. G+ communities let people with similar interests come together easily to share thoughts and ideas on subjects that interest them. This is probably the only platform that intrigues me to give more so as to receive more.

Also, I love Google+ because it is Google. If you want a perpetual social system, there is really only one choice. G+ gives you a complete integrated experience so whether you're on +YouTube or +Gmail or +Google Drive or Hangouts, all strings are tightly connected. Google+ is a perfect hybrid platform that allows me to be me and share both my personal and professional sides. All of this customized to my preference, what else a Geek would ask for.

Here's to the social network that changed my life. In the past 3 years I've gained new friendships, new experiences and people to admire and respect. On this platform, I've also found the most amazing audience I could have ever asked for my Project Glass community that now has more than 10000 users.

I am grateful to all the people who make my personal experience here on Google+ second to none. And to all the people who make me smile every time I see their profile picture come up in my stream. That's you my close friends.

But honestly, each one of these people play a major role in why I love this place so much. Only great things happen on the Plus. Happy third Birthday, Google+!

#googleplus3   #happybirthdaygoogleplus   #yearnandlearn  
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Google I/O is today. Among mystery and enigma, here's what may be coming.

It’s going to be the Android Everywhere show.

The Safe Bets:
Android TV - Google is going to make a big deal of Android TV, it’s latest attempt to crack the big screen in your living room.

Android Wear - A wearable version of Android meant for devices like watches. I hope to see some actual devices built on the platform

Google in Your Car - Remember Open Automotive Alliance.

Design will be the theme at I/O this year. - Google is emphasizing three D’s at I/O this year.

Design: Google wants you to think of it as a design-oriented company. Expect to hear the D-word repeated on stage quite a lot.

Develop: Well, that’s the whole conference, isn’t it? But expect lots of looks at what Android makes possible across a range of devices and activities.

Distribute: Google wants to make a case to developers that they can make lots of money by writing applications for its platform. It’s going to trot out lots of evidence of how well the +Google Play store has done, and how much revenue its generated for third parties who have embraced it.

+Android 5.0 Preview - This is, after all, the Android show this year.

Google Up In Your House - They announced the +Nest Developer program this week. It lets your Nest talk to your other existing devices. They will show how Android can work on all sorts of platforms other than phones and tablets.

+Google Glass Consumer Version
I doubt this, but well Google has made it clear that the consumer version of Glass is coming at some point this year. And of course the Explorer version debuted at I/O. So, will be great if this shows up.

Other than these biggies, I would love to see updates in Hangouts, +Google+, Google Keep, and launch of Google Stars.

#googleio2014   #googleandroid   #googlenest   #yearnandlearn  
If you're gearing up for Google's big annual developer event this year, you might be wondering what the company will be doing with its full two-day event,..
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Ok Go is one optical illusion after another, filmed in a single take

The new video from +OK Go "The Writing's On the Wall" is a visual stunner a collection of optical illusions performed in perfect synchronicity.

This is insanely creative, well executed, and might make you a bit dizzy-- but still worth watching!

Am wondering, how would one even begin to think up something like this?

#okgo   #opticalillusion   #yearnandlearn
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Turn any surface into a touchscreen by combining infrared and augmented reality

Computer vision and augmented reality has the potential to change the way in which we interact with digital information. +metaio - Augmented Reality Solutions is experimenting with Thermal Touch, a prototype that explores ways to interact with smartphones and laptops using the residual heat from a finger when a surface is touched.

Utilizing a thermal camera to detect the heat from a touch, along with a standard camera to determine the location of the object being touched, Thermal Touch could enable the use of a wide variety of surfaces as an interactive touch interface.

#augmentedreality #computervision #thermaltouch #yearnandlearn  
I find these more like resistive smartphone screens of previous years, considering the level of pressure they require
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The Surprise Of A Lifetime

An ad that explores the connection between an immigrant son and his mother back home that every immigrant and expat anywhere in the world will identify with.

Dedicated to all of the moms—and the sons and daughters who live far away.

#storytelling #immigrantstory #momsarethebest #yearnandlearn  
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Awww.. That was so emotional :)
I must say, British airways has got great story tellers! 
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To remind reckless motorists about a safety procedure they'd forgotten.

Something so boring, delivered in rather unforgettable fashion to make you smile while waiting on traffic signal, that you've to sit up and watch.

Truly, an out-of-the-box idea of spreading social awareness by sending out a strong message to reckless drivers delivered in fun and entertaining way to reiterate the importance of wearing seatbelts.

#socialawareness   #seatbelts #roadsafety #yearnandlearn  
Nikita Talreja's profile photoDeepak Ravlani's profile photo
+Nikita Talreja Yeah, liked the way it was delivered in their iconic style.
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Whoa...1 Billion monthly active Android users...That take 93 million selfies a day...oops..that's a hell lot. 31 million are duck faces...ROFL

+Android L: All new UI with Material Design, New notifications, Battery saver, Do not disturb mode, and many more nifty features.
Seamless design everywhere on your watch, phone, tablet, laptop and TV.

Android Wear: All your Music, maps, notifications, pedometer, heart rate, Google Now, etc on your watch. Just love the Moto 360. Order a pizza or a car service in less than 20 secs from your wearable watch.

Android Auto: Fully voice enabled, +Google Maps navigation, Google Music, Hangout Messages.

Android TV: Everything on your Android phone goes to your TV. Boom..Google Now Search on TV, did I tell you this is what I've always wanted.

Chromecast: Live phone screen mirroring on TV...Yay.

Google Fit: All your health data from applications visible in one app to give you a complete overview.

#androidl   #androidwear   #androidtv   #chromecast   #googlefit
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Using Google Now, a homeowner will be able to talk to Nest, allowing all Android users to command their thermostats from anywhere.

With “Works with +Nest” certification program, gadgets, cars and universal remotes will all work with the Thermostat, providing automated actions agnostic of the brand.

With enough sensors to make the move logical, think of a thermostat as the central hub of a smart home. The thermostat has a motion detector, Wi-Fi, the goods to learn user behavior and currently untapped wireless protocols of +ZigBee. In theory a true smart home shouldn’t need a control panel requiring constant user interaction, but rather actions that are carried out serendipitously.

#googlenest   #smarthome   #internetofthings   #yearnandlearn  
[tc_dropcap]“Okay Google, turn down the heat.”[/tc_dropcap] Using Google Now, a homeowner can soon talk to a Nest Learning Thermostat and complain..
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Share My Dabba: How Mumbai dabbawallahs helped feed street kids

One of the most disturbing dichotomies of metro Mumbai is the unequal distribution of wealth, privileges and civic amenities.

An inequality like that doesn't seem to even lend itself to solutions thought up by personal enterprises. However, the +The Happy Life Welfare Society decided to give it a shot and that's how the Share My Dabba initiative took off.

An initiative that highlights the virtue of sharing, and is an attempt to get uneaten food in dabbas to hungry street children with the help of a share sticker and the vast dabbawala network of Mumbai.

A coin sized paper sticker, saving lives & bringing smiles.

#sharemydabba #virtueofsharing #mumbaidabbawalla #yearnandlearn  
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Isn't it time we celebrate dads?

They teach you how to ride your first bike, sneak you the last cookie when no one’s looking, and they make sure there are no monsters under your bed. What more can I say? Dads make the world go round.

Sometimes, the best part of being a Dad is just being able to be a Dad.

#happyfathersday   #realdadmoments   #yearnandlearn  

A brand surveyed Dads and found 75% say they are responsible for their child’s emotional well-being, but only 20% see this role reflected in media. It is high time, someone had to do this and show the real picture.
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Imagine a house, where the sprinklers take orders from moisture sensors. Coffeepots that talk to alarm clocks. Thermostats that talk to motion sensors.

You spend a lot of time in your home. Isn’t it about time it got to know you better? Welcome to the Future.

Imagine a hotel room where lights, stereo, and the window shade are not just controlled from a central station but adjust to your preferences before you even walk in.

Think of a gym where the machines know your workout as soon as you arrive.

Consider a hybrid car that can maximize energy efficiency by drawing down the battery as it nears a charging station.

What, we're seeing is the dawn of an era when the most mundane items in our lives can talk wirelessly among themselves, performing tasks on command, giving us data we’ve never had before.

Read more:

#internetofthings   #ubiquitousconnectivity   #programmabledevices   #yearnandlearn  

This is the something I've been "dreaming" about since I got to learn about technology. Where my house would know when I'm home or I'm gone. When I go to sleep, when I wake up and adjust itself accordingly
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