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Sorry for the delay users, I have been held up with my real work, personal life and rarely had a chance to use Flow or Reddit :( 

I am slowly getting back to starting development again.  Just finished adding multi-account support and fixed some of the issues that have been reported in the past month.

I hope to release an Alpha this weekend :) 

The hiatus also enforced my belief in keeping Reddit Flow free and ad-free forever.

 I will never be able to offer the level of support a paid app should offer. 

Open sourcing the entire app is also in my mind.  I do not have any set dates for that to happen, I need to remove and rewrite some parts of code, for various reasons.  When it does happen (hopefully in the next few months), I will be looking forward to working with expert android developers to make Flow the best app ever. 

Thank you and Sorry once again for the delay.
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Honestly, I'm just happy to hear from you.....and even if you don't have plans for a paid version, some kind of donation setup could also work. Your app is still my Go-To reddit app and wouldn't mind throwing a buck or 2 your way.
Thank you +chaniel mays.  I still have plans on having a donate link to my favorite charity in the app.  I will let you know when that happens.
Sounds good, man. Also, Good luck with your personal things
Things happen man, you're only one person. Sure the hiatus sucked, but I'm just glad to hear something from you again.
Glad to see you back, tried using another app, and it was painful 
I think most of us were just concerned that you'd abandoned such an excellent app.  I hope that you do go the open-source route to ensure ongoing support, but work and family come first.
And here we were thinking you may be dead! Glad to hear from you, hopefully everything is going well in life! 
I'm going just to point out that your app is so good people would pay for it well enough to turn support and enhancement of it your full time job. 
I would certainly pay 5-10 bucks easily for a final version of Flow.
Great news! I'll definitely try to help with the app once it gets open sourced
+Deepak Manoharan We're all super happy to see you back. You have the best Reddit app by far. Even at the state it's in I'd be happy to buy it or donate. 
+Deepak Manoharan Thank you for the work you've done on the app. It's been flawless so far, (until yesterday, of course) and I'm looking forward to using it again. 
Great to see you and your app are back! 
Awesome, so glad to hear you are still looking at Flow. I've tried too many other apps to be disappointed in some way or another. Flow solves every niggling thing. Take care of business. 
Every time I would open flow I would check the sub for an update. Not an update for the app, an update from you. We were wondering where you were and if something happened. Maybe the development got to much and you just dropped it. I am glad you are back and also happy you are going to throw some of your time at your absolutely amazing app again. Keep up the hard work! You have a lot of truly loyal fans
Has anybody got a fix for imgur albums not appearing?
Good to have you back. I spent money on Reddit sync Dev a couple of days ago when it this stopped working. Nothing comes close. Scary to think this isn't your real work. 
Having to use Bacon Reader was killing me. Glad to have you back. 
I am a bit behind schedule.  I had some issues that I found in my testing last night.  Will have an alpha out tonight.
I'm new to flow and so fast I'm loving it, only to find out development is a bit slow right now. Would love to see it open sourced. 
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