Sorry for the delay users, I have been held up with my real work, personal life and rarely had a chance to use Flow or Reddit :( 

I am slowly getting back to starting development again.  Just finished adding multi-account support and fixed some of the issues that have been reported in the past month.

I hope to release an Alpha this weekend :) 

The hiatus also enforced my belief in keeping Reddit Flow free and ad-free forever.

 I will never be able to offer the level of support a paid app should offer. 

Open sourcing the entire app is also in my mind.  I do not have any set dates for that to happen, I need to remove and rewrite some parts of code, for various reasons.  When it does happen (hopefully in the next few months), I will be looking forward to working with expert android developers to make Flow the best app ever. 

Thank you and Sorry once again for the delay.
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