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I don't know why people kill people for just looking or sow or seen. I think other people are eays and be blame for anything than others that is low low nothing for others. My heart and prayer goes to the family.
It shows just how primitive belive systems are still a very much a part of society, delibrately calculated and circulated into our sub-concscious/concscious minds in-order to keep us segregated as a race of conscious human beings, so we do not realise who is responsible for all these atrocites.
Bullshit. I've been singled out and looked suspiscious because of my skin and I'm caucasian, which means white. Neighborhood and environment will do that. Racism is every where.
It's an opinionated article. He and you don't know my plight or the plights of others. So he's speaking for me like I don't know what it is like to be singled out because of my race. Everyone has been discriminated against because of their race. +Sudeep J
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