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Spirituality is not a contrived mood or behavior but a simple unaffected humanity.
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+André Silva Hi Andre - you seem to simply be defined the word "Human" as "something we have not yet achieved". That is fine, except that it is not how people use the word, so it does not accomplish anything.
Also, it is my experience that we are already everything that we need to be - but we simply have not realized this - hence the term "Self Realization" and also the "Doctrine of Recognition" that we merely need to recognize that the Self and Brahman are one and the same.
a few weeks ago while at work i saw a book that someone was reading; (paraphraised title) something like, 365 ways to increase your vibration. When after a look, it was only 365 ways to inhance your mood. Not the same thing!!
DEEP ak! I <3 OWN!!!!! You did beautiful. But then God's work always is!
NAMASTE MASTER CHOPRA, el encuentro con el tiempo sin tiempo y el espacio sin espacio... algun dia romperemos esas barreras, cuando logremos alterar la sustancia densa
Great work on Oprah's show on gratitude. What a phenomenal panel! Much gratitude for your insight and comments. I learned a great deal from these offerings that Oprah presents. No Dr. Chopra show on OWN? I think the Big O needs some Dee----peace, love and much gratitude! ~ raj
+Lisa Hogan Autry I am not sure which you are referring to as "it" (simply because of ambiguity as to who you are replying to) - thanks.
+Noelle Dodge I've met several enlightened beings, and even they had to ask people to clarify their statements. In this case, I am not sure which comment that +Lisa Hogan Autry is replying to - Deepak's original post (in which case "It" is probably "spirituality") or one of the comments - if it was Raj's comment, then "It" is "gratitude".
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