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I am enrolled for Data and Visual Analytics and Machine Learning in Fall 2016. I might drop one of them in a moment of panic as a lot of people suggest taking Machine Learning as a lone course. Given its legendary status, can someone give some pointers on how to do well in the course, a sort of survival guide. How can I use the summer to do really well in the course?
PS: I also saw somewhere a link to a github repo where someone had written the bootstrapping code for a few projects. Apparently, a good amount of time goes in that. Also, how important is Tom Mitchell's book for the course? Is it required to get a good grade for the course?

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I hear that there is an optional hardware project for "AI for Robotics". Is there any description available for this project? I want to check what hardware I will need for this.

Has anyone suffered an in-test proctor-track failure? It happened with me today. The proctoring software just got frozen and would not respond with the testing application complaining that it could not connect to the proctoring software. I was forced to give the test in unproctored mode. I mailed the instructors after the test about what happened but I am really panicking that this happened. Just wanted to know if someone has faced a similar issue and what was the resolution? It sucks for this to happen at the end of the semester.

I mailed Guy Lebanon (Instructor for Data and Visual Analytics Fall 2016) asking for syllabus as well as prerequisites if any. Here is his reply:

The syllabus will be available a bit later. Pre-reqs are: linear algebra, calculus, and programming experience.

Hope this helps everyone enrolled!

The question about how to complete the requirements for machine learning specialisation is often asked. I think we have enough number of electives now. Based on the current availability in Fall 2016, here is the path:

Core Courses (Must do both for now)
CS 6505 Computability, Algorithms, and Complexity
CS 7641 Machine Learning

Electives (Pick 3 or more!)
CS 7646 Machine Learning for Trading
CSE 6242 Data and Visual Analytics
CS 8803-O03 Special Topics: Reinforcement Learning (Not listed officially)
CSE 8803 Special Topics: Big Data for Health Informatics (Not listed officially)

I am really excited about Data and Visual analytics and have registered for it in the Fall.
What do you guys think?

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The "computing systems" specialisation ( has an amazing mix of core courses but the range of subjects in electives is quite limited. It seems more like a specialisation in "software engineering" than systems. Would have loved to see courses on distributed systems,  advanced concepts in database implementation on the systems side and compilers, programming language design courses on software side. Not that I am complaining, its amazing that OMSCS exists, but one can wish!

Is it safe to store course related code on By safe I mean will I have access to it as long as I am enrolled? Also, do I need to connect via VPN for ssh key based access to the repo? Right now I am using https and its annoying to type the password every time. 

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Hi Everyone. I was finally able to register for Computer Vision, my preferred choice for the coming semester. Although I am also registered for HPC, I will be dropping it. As this is my first semester, I will only take a single course. To those of you who have taken CV, is there a proctored exam in this course? Not very clear from the course reviews. 
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