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Deep Breath Ahhh - Sacred Study Center of Healing Arts

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Join us Sunday, May 29th as we continue our 1st year celebration. All classes and events are FREE this Sunday.

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Join us this Memorial Weekend, as we acknowledge and celebrate Year ONE of Deep Breath Ahhh.

May of 2015 is when Deep Breath Ahhh was birthed and this weekend we are celebrating by gifting to participants, FREE classes, events and activities!!

Saturday (May 28th) and Sunday (May 29th)

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Are you visiting Las Vegas this Memorial weekend? Stop in for our 20% Sale on all retail merchandise. Beautiful artisian items from Nepal, thanks to Kathmandu Boutique in Santa Monica Ca, Thailand and other wonderful places. Thank you once more to Jody Rael Photography for the amazing photos. ‪#‎meditation‬ ‪#‎memorialweekend‬ ‪#‎crystals‬@kathmandu_boutique @jodyrael

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Join us and build your own Hand Drum on Saturday, Mat 21st. Preregistration is required.

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LAS VEGAS – Saturday, May 21st, 2016

• Day Event (10am to 3:30pm approx)
• Exercises of how to prepare oneself to build a drum
• Guided step by step instructions on building process
• Hands-on support
• How to use the drum as a sacred instrument
• Discuss importance of drumming
• Registration is limited to first 16

• Energy Exchange is $185.00

• Registration closes Monday May 16th

Do you use a drum in your practice?

Individuals who use a drum in their holistic practice(s) and those interested in learning about Native American culture are encouraged to build their own drum. Energy workers, shamanic practitioners, those involved in sound therapy and drum circles, have the opportunity to create a deeper vibratory connection with their drum.

Currently many cultures and groups of society around the world, acknowledge women are the ones to lead us on our next human evolution. This workshop acknowledges and supports this evolution.

Known as ” Shamanic Drum” or “Wood Frame Hand Drum”. The Drum is intended for engaging in Sacred Healing work. Drums will be made of Elk rawhide (also used for the lacing). The hides are stretched over a 16″ diameter maple wood frame.

Why build your own drum?

There are amazing instrument maker in the world, creating some amazing drums and you are one of them. Creating your own drum enables you to set an intention for the crafting of the drum. It is often a profound experience to be in connection with the animal’s Spirit. You find your self in a deeper sense of awareness, often moving in a hypnotic state as you are truly seeing your expression and that of the Animal take shape as a drum.

Register in-person, by phone or online. Register in-person and by phone at Deep Breath Ahhh during normal business hours.
Register online by following the link Register HERE

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Mother's Day Sale - 20% off on Kurta blouses, Wrist Malas, 108 Bead Malas, Pendulums, & Pendants

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Thumbtack is a resource we have employed since 2014, to connect with community residents. Thank you for your support, as it is because of YOU we are able to be of service and support <3
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Join our Meetup group to see the May calendar of classes, events and social gatherings. Or visit our website
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