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The world depicted in Fahrenheit 451 is closer than you think.
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It's funny how different our countries can be. I don't think Finns ever want to ban a book. Not in this century. I've never heard of such thing in Finland. So funny.

Though people talked when Lordi won Eurovision song contest.

And earlier this year when we almost got an openly gay president.

Oh well.
There should be no such thing as a "banned book." When will all these angry dictators learn that you can not watch a movie, not read a book, or not listen to a song. But no one has the authority to tell another person that they don't have the right to view those materials. +Amoena O. I wish it was funny, but since I live in America it's infuriating.
I'm a huge fan of "If you don't like something, don't do it." That includes all sorts of things, reading, sex, birth control, etc.
We still have this strange double standard regarding sex in America. First, we allow more violence than sex to be portrayed in media, AND it's more ok for males to have a sexual drive than it is for females.
Women, whether we like to admit it or not are still subconsciously viewed as property. I honestly did not realize how much so until this year's birth control controversies took so much media time.

This particular series I have not read, because I am a word snob and too much internet lingo drives me bonkers. However, I can see that it could be empowering for girls who are going through that stage of life and need to know they are perfectly within the realm of 'normal'. Also, this world is not the one I grew up in. I don't see kids saying 'gnarly', 'totally rad', or 'like a mug', which irritated the crap out of my grandmother. It's only fitting they'd have something that irritates the crap out of me with the text chat. ;)
OHHH, I started writing my response 2/3 through the article and finished reading it after. THE BEST QUOTE EVER, and one I wholeheartedly agree with was at the end: "As a mom, I want my kids to read any fucking book they want! I want them to read."

Alright, now I love her. :)
Even when I was a pearl-clutching conservative Christian, the only censorship I did to my kids was to pre-read the more "adult" books and say, "this might scare you / that might gross you out."
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