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Deena White

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LOL I"ve done alll of these... and some more recently than others >_>
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Deena White

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Wow, bitter much?

This author has had some run-ins with shitty women in his life, but that doesn't mean that all women behave like this. Men get all huffy when women make sweeping generalizations like, "all men are pigs"; who gives him the right to lambast and stereotype all women? O_o

Is it just me? I don't think of the things he describes as "typical American women behavior" as being just that. Maybe it's just the women around him, or the women he chooses to to notice. There are good women out there who want a good man, so who is he to say we're all full of shit, desperate, and deceptive??

Or maybe I'm just an outlier? :/

Either way, he's still a douchebag... and that is no sweeping generalization, either.

gets off soapbox
Most Women Don’t Deserve A Good Man
Like many women, she would frequently demand to know where the “good guys” were, because in her mind, she really believed she deserved better than what she had.
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+Tosca Johnson it's bitterness when you make blanket statements that start out as "most women", then you sneakily say "all women do...." 

People are entitled to their opinions, but don't get butthurt when people of your own gender go against that you're saying--deservedly so..  Also, don't state your opinions as fact. Just saying.
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SO. I tried my hand at using gel and came up with these crazy 3D nails!

Thanks to hours of watching YouTube tuts, I got it! It took HOURS to do, and it isn't the best, but I think they came out rather well for my first time. I put a gel overlay on my existing nails, and did extensions on my thumbs, as they were the shortest.

I used glitter, fimo cane slices and some acrylic bows and rhinestones. No two fingers (save the ring fingers) look exactly the same. Since the fimo had to be anchored into the gel, those nails are noticeably thicker than my ring finger nails (I used glitter builder gel for those). I plan on changing these in a couple of weeks when I finally get my e-file in, so NBD. I love working with gel.... I plan to make it my specialty when I become a certified nail tech :D

Ahh, I missed having nail enhancements so bad. 

#NOTD   #gelnaildesigns  
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+Tamika B. Thanks :D
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Deena White

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My fave technique right now is either the fishtail or a gradient with jelly polish XD
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This is the mani where I popped my stamping cherry! XD

I got the Mash 51-75 set and was so overwhelmed with all the lovely stamps, I didn't know where to start! I chose the single image stamps, because my nail beds are too long for most of the full image stamps... is there a way around that, or do I need to buy the XXL stamps? Or do I say eff it and use 'em anyway? O_o (calling experts +Magali Neuville-Bisceglia +Fabiana N +Sarah Short etc for advice...)

Anywho, I used the following polishes (from thumb):

Nicole by OPI Look at Me, Look at Me topped with WnW's Kaleidoscope
Nicole by OPI's Believe it, Do it topped with Sinful Colors' Forget Now
Brucci's Plain Black stamped with Nicole by OPI's Light a Candle
Brucci's Wired in stamped with Kleancolor's Black

I practiced on my old mani until I was comfortable enough to do it on a fresh mani, and even still I couldn't stamp my right hand properly...and these came out a bit crooked, but I am still pleased with it overall. 

#nailart   #nailstamping  
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Cute :)
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ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait for this to come out. I used to love Boy Meets World on TGIF :D

#90sthrowback   #girlmeetsworld  
Get ready for some nostalgia, because Cory and Topanga are back in the first Girl Meets World trailer
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I watched it a lot back in the day. 
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Deena White

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What is the name of this song?? I love it, but I can't find it on Soundhound :/

Also, great tutorial XD
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+Patrick Lyddy LMAO! I am so blind. Thanks hon :D
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I finally managed to stretch my lobes to 0g! It only took a couple of weeks of jojoba oil massages, gently easing the taper in a little every day, and a realllly hot shower last night to get the taper in XD 

Id been at 2g for a few years now, and wanted to go up to 0. Most of the really nice jewelry starts at 0 so, motivation XD

(I did it +Annamarya Scaccia! Woo! XD) 

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+Casey L interesting... If I go up in size, I know what to do now! Thanks hon! :3 
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Well, that's one mitt down, and one to go :D

I love this pattern. If I can make both mitts with one skein (it's looking that way!), then I can prolly get away with using one skein of Malabrigo Silky to make another pair :D

Pattern for those interested:

#WIPWednesday   #knitting  
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Thanks guys!! :D

+Deb Brady I'm really pleased with the pooling! It's designing itself almost XD 
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Progress on my Printer Possessed Mitts.

I am almost done with the first one. I'm making it shorter than called for, as I dislike gloves/mitts that are longer than an inch or so past my wrist. Looks like I won't need much (if any) of the second skein. at this rate XD

Pattern for those interested:

I'm using Louisa Harding Grace Hand Dyed in Sweet Pea. I love the way the colors have pooled :D

#WIPwhenever   #knitting  
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Have her in circles
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I just go thru life with my glasses blurred.
I'm a devoted girlfriend who's training to be a nail technician in NYC. I mostly get into crafty -mis- adventures and laugh at the politicos on here. I'm a writer who should write more (and update my various blogs more often...). 

I'm a self professed lover of body mods and unnatural hair colors. I have a potty mouth. I love boobs... I love bright, colorful and/or eye-bleaching color combinations. I'm a grown ass woman who plays with and collects dolls. I love art, technology, food, good books (OK, OK, and trashy urban fantasy series, sheesh), my Nintendo DS (PINK!!! XD), and lurking on the interwebs. I love kittehs. I collect pens and Hello Kitty merchandise. 

I quit smoking analog cigarettes and started vaping full time.. I'm obsessed. June 18th is my quittiversay. Creeping up on one year soon! :D

I'm a crochet heretic and a knitting apostle. 

Music is my lifeline.

I believe in an inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.

Oh yeah..... I'm obsessed with sock yarn, nail polish, and (did I mention??) Hello Kitty.

Welcome to my madness.

If you've just added me, read this post:

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I make beautiful things out of string.
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okay, so the good things: I liked the world/mythology/etc, and was amused by the Anne Rice reference! And I also liked the subtle pro-gay ma

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Looking for a new yarn shop to check out? Whether you're a novice knitter, or a Knitting Diva like moi, Argyle is an excellent LYS (local yarn shop) to patronize. The owners (Esther and David) are very helpful and sweet and the shop just oozes _welcome_. They have a decent selection of yarns (Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, Shibui, and Rowan amongst others...). They wind your yarn for free when you buy it, and I have even seen Esther helping out someone with a pattern a few times! I've been there a few times and they remember me---very touching, since I live out-of-the-way and make it out there sporadically at best. They have a room in the back where they host trunk shows and local knitting groups, as well as a table and chairs in the main part of the store. The space is well lighted and modern looking; yarns and accouterments are neat and tastefully displayed. The only minus I can think of is their distance from me :/
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