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Now that's a satisfactory selfie!

Thanks for sharing this +Aida Hazlan !
A Cell-fie :)
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A wonderful post by +Biprajit Das !

Happy Republic day fellow Indians! :)

26th January is the Republic Day of the largest democracy in the world- India. 
On this day, in the year 1950, the constitution of India was framed and adopted. Like every year, this year too there was a Republic day parade in the Rjpath of the capital city of New Delhi. 

The parade showcases India's Defense Capability, Cultural and Social Heritage. Nine to twelve different regiments of the Indian Army in addition to the Indian Navy, and the Indian Air Force with their bands march past in all their finery and official decorations. The President of India who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces, takes the salute. The various weapons, missiles, tanks, arms and weapons, new weapons designed by the defense and arsenals of the the army, Navy and the air Force- In short the whole military prowess of the nation is displayed in the parade.
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Thanks Kaw!!
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Madame Scientist is Secret Santa! ;)

Thank you +Rajini Rao for this awesome poem!

May everyone be blessed with what they truly deserve.

May all experiments yield proper results, and may struggling students find inner peace! 

May there be no more deadly outbreaks of new Influenza viruses in the year to come!


Here's wishing all a #merrychristmas  !

Shout out to +Totto Pastime +Prafulla Shede +prashant shinde +vinay murtadak :)
Science Santa and a Cellular Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the lab
Not a creature was stirring, not even a postgrad.
The pipetmen and tip boxes were arranged with care,
In hopes that science elves soon would be there.

The postdocs were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of job offers danced in their heads.
And the PI, at home, took off her many caps
And rested her brains for a well-deserved nap. 

When from the cell culture room there arose such a clatter
The grad student rushed to see what was the matter? 
Away to the culture hood he flew in a flash
Turned off the UV light and raised up the sash.

The neurospheres bobbed merrily in their own private party
Transiently transfected, they proliferated smartly.
The epithelial cells broke free from their tight junctions 
Downregulating e-cadherin and migrating to the function.

The mycoplasma were raising microscopic mayhem
And the opportunistic fungus could barely be stemmed.
But hush! There came silence and the ruckus stalled
For here is Science Santa with presents for all!

Data for the PhD candidate in her fifth year
The replicates have p values <0.005, never fear!
Acceptance without revision from the journal Nature?
The young post-baccalaureate just advanced in stature.  

A tenure-track position, which was his sole goal
Now the senior postdoc won’t be on the dole.
For the PI, her broken budget can finally be mended 
That R01 in the 5th percentile will surely be funded?!

With a wink of an eye and a twitch of his nose
His bounty unloaded, up and away he rose.
Then Science Santa called, as he flew into the New Year
Happy Experimenting to all, and to all Good Cheer!

Donna Stolz (Univ. Pittsburgh) created this festive wreath by assembling images of mammalian cells from more than 25 experiments. 

Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore who wrote the original (and better) poem in 1822:

Suggestions, additions or edits to the bad rhyme? :)
#MerryChristmas   #ScienceEveryday  
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And may they not kill the eggs I inoculate...
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Deeksha Tare

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And it happens to me finally!

#customurl  ! :)
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I'm reading this awesome article by Carl Zimmer on Influenza vaccines! So easy to understand, sans the jargon!
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Deeksha Tare

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Have her in circles
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Deeksha Tare

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Wonderful post +Tatiana Vargas Beirute  :)

via +Harish Kumar 
I enjoy being alone, I love to be with ME...
Not to much, because I miss my husband, my daughters, my mom, and Tucky my dog. 
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Good morning dear G plussers!

Now that's what I call #trulyinspiring  ...

Much needed.
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Dear frnd simple living high thinking so go ahead no cmprovise
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#Santa  arrives in Port Blair! :)

#merrychristmas  all! :) ♥
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Love your Science Santa poem +Rajini Rao ! :-*  
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Just eluded the trolls' grasp!

Awesome graphics! Still exploring! :)

#experience   #middleearth  
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Attention Science lovers

Here is a link to +Sreevalsa Kolathayar 's petition to the prime minister. 

He states that this is only a two line petition:
'Research students need your care, Increase the scholarship amount of Research Scholars'.

Also, attached is his open letter to the prime minister.

I have decided to dedicate my life to science. The letter by Dr. Kolathayar has struck a chord somewhere, and mirrors the truth prevalent in our country. Scientific research is something which just can not be ignored. There is a lot of potential in the youth of India. These young and bright minds, if given an opportunity, can work wonders for the welfare of our society. But the present situation, the lack of funds, and lack of good scientific infrastructure in labs across the country act as deterrents. 

I am sure that if promised a better future, there would be many people turning to this field. They will strengthen the existing research community in India. They would add to the ranks of great Indian scientists like Sir CV Raman, Jagdishchandra Bose, and many more.

I appeal to all those who have me in circles and who care about #science  to click the link below and read what Dr. Kolathayar has to say.

Tagging +ScienceSunday , +Science on Google+ , +STEM Women on G+ and +Google India for their support in spreading this message.

#scienceeveryday   #india   #scientific-research  
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I had got an email too +Rajini Rao .
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Have her in circles
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