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Going Viral !!!
Going Viral !!!
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Happy 66th Republic day to all fellow Indians!


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Follow +Quora on Google+ for some of the most amazing answers posted on Quora!

Join Quora. :)

- Yet another #quoraaddict  

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" If not for a virus, none of us would ever be born "

Yes! You're not misreading anything. 

The story of the 'Human Placental Virus'

There was a virus, happy and thriving inside its host. 
It had DNA, its genome, and a pretty good life to boast!
Now in order to reproduce and to complete the cycle of life,
It made a protein Syncytin inside the host, rife.

Sycytin helped the virus, very well you see,
It fused with the host's membrane so together they'd be!
Multiplying away to glory, viruses- ever so sleazy <_<
Sycytin was rockin' making their 'life' easy!

Around came evolution, waving its magic wand
The virus and the host cell? Immortal became their bond!!
The virus lost its identity now, its genome was one
With the primate host's DNA, they integrated for fun!

When the host bore young ones, placenta was made
Through the one cell thick placenta, nutrients came to its aid!
This happened long long ago, before the world as we know it,
We owe our birth to a Virus, seems ridiculous but have to admit!

Scientists have discovered two forms of the protein Syncytin

Syncytin 1
♦ Helps the zygote fuse with the uterus wall- in the formation of the placenta.
♦ Formation of the syncytiotrophoblast, which is a one cell thick layer, enabling the exchange of nutrients with the mother.

Syncytin 2
♦ Helps the mother's immune system to tolerate the baby and not treat it as a foreign tissue.

This gene bears all the hallmarks of a virus. It is speculated that it got internalized in the early primate ancestors as it is found in Gorillas and Chimpanzees too! The function of this gene was favored along the course of natural selection. 

Information source: This awesome post by
Further reading: (not open access, sadly)

#Viromania  resumes! Also reviving #virtuousvirology

An overdue post for +ScienceSunday co-curated by +Robby Bowles , +Allison Sekuler+Rajini Rao+Chad Haney, +Buddhini Samarasinghe, +Aubrey McIntosh and +Carissa Braun  I apologize for having disappeared from G+ altogether! _
A lot has been going on lately! But I'm glad that I overcame my writer's block finally! O_O

I have been wanting to post about the Human Placental Virus for months, it feels great to have finally shared this with you all! Would keep you posted!

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#fairytale ! Good morning! ☺

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Day 5 of 5 Happy Teachers' Day!!

5th September is celebrated as #teachersday in India.

As the fifth and final post in my #fivedayquest I share with you these pictures of the cards which my mom received from her students! ☺ (super cool isn't it!)

I thank +Biprajit Das for introducing me to this wonderful game.

Today I would like to tag +Siromi Samarasinghe ! Happy Teachers' day to you +Siromi Samarasinghe! Please do share with us your pictures for the #5dayquest if possible.

This was great fun! I'm looking forward to posting here more often. 
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Day 4 of 5 Mundane randomness!

Couldn't post anything yesterday but now making up for it! Here are some random pictures for my fourth day of the #fivedayquest !

The sky, some #labmischief , and around the house! Tracing back my hectic day from evening to morning.

+Biprajit Das had tagged me to play the #5dayquest .
I wish to pass on the five day bug to +Gnotic Pasta, +Rajini Rao, +Kawthar A, +Thomas Kang, +Zee L, +Rahul Joshi, +Jyoti Q Dahiya and +Thex Dar today, if they have not played this game already. Missing you incorrigibles!! 
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