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Hey Dee here..

I would like to let you know that KaizenGifts
Version II is about to launch on Thursday,
August 25, 2011 at 12 PM EST/9 AM PST.

This time it will be MUCH more powerful than
the last version. Well, we spent tens of
thousands of dollars as well as TWO more months
to develop the second version. ;-)

Here are some features we have added:
A) JV referral System. -- This is CRITICAL,
especially for those of you who would like
to get more subscribers WITHOUT all the
hard work involved.

B) Members referral System. -- This was the REAL
reason HOW we got a little over 15,000 new
subscribers on our past campaign. Right now,
members can refer others as well as make
money with

C) JV Contest System. -- Well, this is something
that a lot of marketers have been aiming for.
It is all set and READY to go. NOW, we are NOT
sure if we will do a JV contest yet as we are
about to do SOMETHING more powerful than JV
contest alone. What is it? You will find out!

D) Follow-Up System. -- Upsell method to customers.
Instead of depending on One-time-Offer alone,
We will use a follow-up system where we will
educate the members and PURCHASE the one-time-offer
with your cookies in it. This allows you to
maximize your affiliate commission. NOTE: We
had an average of 1% sales rate on our past
offer. :-)

E) And much, much more. -- Of course, there are MORE
features that we have NOT discussed in the public
yet. WHY? Well, we would rather use ACTIONS to
show you each feature we have in the back office.

NOW, as you are READY, here are some benefits you will
receive from Version II:

1) Enjoy up to 15,000 unique visitors from solo ads
that we are going to send to KaizenGifts. -- We
REINVEST all our profit from the last campaign to
this campaign. Based on our last campaign, we are
very confident that 15,000 unique visitors could
TRANSLATE to about 6,000 NEW members.

What does it tell you? It means that aside from the
hardwork from our partners, you may ENJOY an extra
2,000 - 3,000 new subscribers by referring ONLY 80
new members to

2) Enjoy the EXPOSURE of over 12,000 new members on Version II. -- Even though in reality
we do NOT know the numbers of subscribers we will
receive on Version II, The TRUTH is... We do anticipate
to receive a minimum of 12,000 new members. Well for
me, I am aiming for 23,000 subscribers.

What does it tell you? When you become the 1st 20
contributors who referred at least 200 members to, you will AUTOMATICALLY receive two
benefits from us:

(A) We will INCLUDE your product to the auto-responder
letters. It means that IF we receive 23,000 fresh
& new leads, each member will receive email from
us about your gift. -- Trust us, ok? Since those
leads are BRAND new to the system, they will be
MORE than willing to open up your email.

(B) We will do a product review of your product on
our blog. Well, the last time we did it for our
partners, we received an average of 10% opening
rate. -- Imagine to have 2,300 people looking
at your offer on our blog, how many subscribers
will you receive from that?

Well, all you need to do is become one of our 1st 20 partners
who sent us a minimum of 200 members. It is that simple. :-)

3) Enjoy higher than usual affiliate commission with
our proven and tested conversion. -- Not only do we focus
on HIGHER commission rate ($48.50), we also have
the highest affiliate payout in the giveaway industry.

Instead of struggling with $5 or $10 affiliate commission,
your 1st affiliate commission starts from $48.50. On top
of that, we will use auto-responder letters to educate
our buyers for a minimum of 7 TIMES. This allows you to
maximize your affiliate commission WITHOUT any hard work
on your part.

Go ahead and create your account at

If you need any help, please email us at:

(Make sure to include your Name, JV ID#, Phone#,
questions, and best 4-hour time frame to reach you)

We will try our best to get back to you because we want
to make sure that you get the most out from this campaign.

Success is yours,
Dee Ferdinand
Henry Gold
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