After over a decade, it’s time for me to leave +CNET and CBS.

It’s been a good run: I left my job as Wired's Washington, D.C. bureau chief to make the switch, and had a merry old time chronicling the misdeeds of innumerable bureaucrats and congresscritters for CNET and CBS It’s been a decade of domestic surveillance expansion, copyright law hijinks, data retention trial balloons, and truly brilliant proposals like Internet kill switches — presumably large and red and in the White House basement! I also met my now-wife at a privacy confab I attended for CNET. We’ve since moved to the San Francisco bay area; some of you reading this were at our wedding in Carmel.

But now my time at CBS is coming to an end.

I’ve wanted for years to make it easier for people to find relevant news online, and now I’m starting a company to do just that. It’s a simple concept: automatically personalized news based on your own interests, with zero configuration. The company will be called Recent Media, and you can sign up to be notified of the beta iOS and Android release at It’s on Twitter as and on Google+ here: +Recent mobile news app 

I don’t know if people will use this. I don’t know whether this company will succeed in a marketplace with worthy, well-funded competitors. I don’t know if I can overcome some significant technical hurdles. But I do know I want to try.

I’ll miss my colleagues, especially my esteemed editor +Charles Cooper, who is wrong about most things political but right about everything else. CBS is fortunate to have him. And CNET will be hiring! Contact Charles if you’re interested; you’ll get a beautiful downtown view of San Francisco:

Today is my last day at CNET. My email address remains the same, and please stop by and say hello if you happen to find yourself near Palo Alto. And please do sign up for the beta release!
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