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So I just posted a CNET article about the FBI's views on the IPv6 transition. One of the organizations I talked to was Yahoo, which co-authored RFC6302 ( that recommends what Web sites should log about visitors. Note this is different from whether Internet providers are logging port numbers as well. And if you're the FBI you need both ends to piece together a trail...

Anyway, below is what Yahoo told me. It's an interesting look at the work involved here, which is not trivial:


For a web site such as, it is no longer going to be adequate to
log just the IP address and the time stamp.  That could represent any of
1000 customers.  We have updated our applications to include the "source
port" (each internet connection between hosts will have a source port,
source address, destination port, destination address).   Only with the
combination of time, address, and source port, will any Internet
Service Provider have any chance of checking their logs, and associating
that information back to a specific subscriber.

This is a heavy burden for the ISPs, one they will be forced to take, as
they start deploying customers behind NATs.    One that most ISPs are
putting off as long as possible, except on a trial basis.

I don't think there is a big difference between NAT64/DNS64, versus
NAT44.  Either way, way too many unrelated strangers are hang to share a
single address.  Either way, the time and port have to be trackable to a
distinct subscriber; whether that is logging every single session, or
assigning port ranges to users and logging the port range (like a DHCP
lease).   This overhead is similar in all of these NAT cases.

We treat IPv6 addresses with the same privacy controls as IPv4 addresses.
Specifically, both are treated as PII.

[Re: IPv4-in-IPv6 tunneling issues (DS-Lite)]

For logging (and identification), I expect this to be the same as any
other NAT.   Only, the subscriber identify would need to be recorded
instead of the private IPv4 address, since all DS-Lite users each have
their own instance of the same IPv4.  The burden should be about the
same, though obviously the records format will likely be different.

For actual legal intercept, I conjecture that this could be a real issue.
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Government "assets" paid hundreds thousands of dollars to frame and entrap activists as terrorists. They seem yo be about $300,000 short of having any scruples in their integrity., In one instance, alone. And the kids were convicted and sentenced to 25 years, each
In reference:
Radio interview with the Co-founder of Food Not Bombs +Keith McHenry  May 25, 2012 about activists being framed as terrorists is linked in with a MEGA verified and vetted "Info Dump" of other stories and "situations" discussed durring the program,  at
"Outsourced Agent Provocateurs", COINTELPRO Entrapping Activists As Terrorists
(Be sure to click "Expand this post" for the reference material, "Info Dump")


Reference material of subjects discussed during the show:

Government "assets" aka "Outsourced Agent Provocateurs" - COINTELPRO agents make hundreds of thousands of dollars framing people as a terrorist for the united states government
And the kids were convicted and sentenced to 25 years, each


People framed as terrorists for money (rewards) by government "Outsourced Agent Provocateurs" - COINTELPRO - Mother Jones magazine reference

Terrorists for the FBI, a series of Mother Jones magazine articles
Almost all of the high-profile domestic terror plots of the last decade were actually FBI stings. The story details "how informants are recruited and used and how and why agents are pursuing these aggressive sting operations."

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August 17, 2012 with Keith McHenry and La Mesha, about three hours
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the Bohemian Grove with other issues of police abuse and surveillance.

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Defense lawyers say the charges are scare tactics to deter protesters.
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How Bankster Have Been Beaten Before aka The Fountain Of Evil
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Start of June 1, 2012 reference update:

Note: that Brian Holland is the "Outsourced Agent Provocateurs", COINTELPRO "asset" that took over the Neo-Nazi Movement and operated it for the government 38 minute audio at

Brian Holland & George Knapp
Inside the Neo-Nazi Movement
Coast To Coast AM Talk Radio February 26, 2012
With regard to accuracy, Brian Holland's mention of
Timothy McVEigh DID NOT
include evidence of how Timothy McVEigh was framed and entrapped
See "Stop Covert War" - Timothy McVEigh

Brian Holland new page address


Newly Released FBI “Domestic Terrorism” Training on Anarchists, Environmentalists, Show COINTELPRO Tactics
by Will Potter Green Is The New Red May 29, 2012
Partial quote: The domestic terrorism training materials were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by the ACLU. They offer additional insight into a disturbing pattern of FBI activity misrepresenting political activists as “terrorists” and manufacturing “domestic terrorism threats” where none exist, akin to the notorious COINTELPRO program of J. Edgar Hoover.


Inside the FBI Entrapment Strategy
Posted 18 hours ago on May 31, 2012, noon EST by OccupyWallSt


Revealed: US Spy Operation That Manipulates Social Media
Exclusive: Military 'sock puppet' software creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda
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Internet Privacy: Information Dump January 2012
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Occupy Bohemian Grove July 14, 2012 requested
Singleness of Purpose
by advocate that has protested the Grove for 30 years

Occupy the Bohemian Grove - Dispelling Rumors
Main page is


Inside the FBI Entrapment Strategy
Posted 18 hours ago on May 31, 2012, noon EST by Occupy Wall St
+Declan McCullagh , FBI's problems with the IPv6 transition has a) nothing to do with IPv6 itself, and b) nothing at all to do with the upcoming World IPv6 launch.
The june 6 launch is the permanent establishment of IPv6 reachability of services. These services are are still reachable on IPv4 and thus not a problem for the FBI.
The problem is Carrier Grade NAT (which in itself is a work-around for a work-around).
I fear your articles serve more to spread fud about IPv6 in these final days before 6/6 than to describe what the real problems are: CGN, and that FBI has had - what - years to address their lawful intercept concerns.
C'mon, you are better than this!
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